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Early-cut Hay

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-A ton of early-out hay, whon just gettiiig nto bloom, or a little earlier, is wortri mora thau twice the amount of ripe hay, or just ripe if I you please. It is worlh it, not because it has more nutritivo ínatttr, bul beoause it has (his in a íorra and distributtd so as to mnke it available - so as to get lbo benefit of the weight - and because it has a sanitary effect, which snoüier hay has uot. You are gotting up tho oondition of bummer - lively, vigorous, full of digestivo as well as muscular energy - in jour stock. You appropriate all that is to bo appropriated ; you get tho full, free eöect, tho work of your outlay, and you are satisfied. You are not saüsüed willi the old syBtem. Taken altogether, then, euch hay is wurth twioo the value of ripe hay. We piafer it to doublo the quantity, and would pay that diiFerence in market. And yet peojile feed dead, dry hay - hay that requircs grain to makeitdo. lu the other case no grain is thought of, and stock continúes its courso the year round, improviag in winter during the rccess in milking. -


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