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TF YOU WANT A SUMMER HAT, JF YOU WANT A STYLISH HAT, TF YOU WANT The Hat of the Season, JF YOU WANT A "Hat as is a Hat," JP YOU WANT Hats Cheap- for Cash. JF YOU WANT A Straw, Palm or Panama, O-O TO i. A.. TEEEY'8; 15 South Main Street. Whoro you will alo flnd a full lina of Gent'ü Furninliing Goodp. nn Arbor, May, 1870. 1249jl PÜMIAXS' PRESGBIPtlOSSï ACCURATELY AND CARBFÜLLY PREPABED BY R. W. ELL1S & CO., DRUOOIS7S. DfiTROlïADVERTIsEMENTS Th Cardx ixjkis column art all rf bgiiimatt rnterpei. cs. Nont of a quettionabU characttr accrjücd. GSc R. McMILIiEN, IMfOKTEHS d.1 WHOLESALE GROCERS! Havo in Sterk a f uil ;is.rlnient of Tka, Cofpkes, UiABH, STBCT8 Ukd MoI.ASBKtl. AgcntH for BüSUIMTB CSUBBBATSS IlxTnACïfk Croare & yiackweil'x I'lckles for lal. Pliysiciana aml Dmggitta cnn alwaya be anppltad with gaaolnfl Wuhh, Hrandies, Ghampagnea eootoli Alrsan-l Loiulun l'ortcr. TO TIIOSI3 BUILDING. : Fronch aad American House Glass. Thtbwl aneortment, the beat brand, and tha baat k In til 6 State. Stained, Knnmeled, White and liuhij ("ut QlaM lor Front, Vestibules, O!H.-i-.i, ste Aleo Qláuá Saéh got up in tJie nsatest style, warranted safe homo Rny distanco, at very lov Bgors. áll deaoripttona of Door and Blinda, and a puro aloek of l'uinta and üil. Senil fui J'rioe Lint witb iiamp. E. P. EARL,43 h 30 JeBerson Afc, Detroit. nrj ((f Arnu or Vnlunble Plnc aixl jUUW Fnrmlng ï.uikIk on , At 1'ricpsrantinR from $2to $10 Por Aero. Wiikke Locatkd.- n,383 acrca of these Ma Lands are located on the Wlncousin Klver, 7,230 acres on the Chsboygan RItTi Mich., leading to CheboTcnn or Puncah. 4,730 acres on the Ausres . rivtT. 3,0(Ktacre8 on Thunder Bar waters leatlinp ' to Alpona. 1,220 aerpü on the Manintpe River. 850 acres on the Titibawnssee river. 2t'J0O aert's in Qladwia Cuiinty, Mich., for farm and timbtir. 1,279 acres cholee Mineral añil Har! Timber lands near Untonagon. lffl00 icr PnUru Landsln N!r:isk;i, nar Ilin rni'Hl Pacific Railroad. 2,E00 acras ohoioQ Vliit1 Pino in Schoolcraft County, L. s., Mic-li. 400 acres on the Au Sauble. Fr full desci'ii: tiun, priem and terms, send fur Circular, UAVID PHE3TON i CO., Banker.i, Detroit, M!eh. TKY GOOPS, WHOLESALE. ALBERT D. PIKRCE & Co., AVholesale Drv Goods 35 Woodward Avenue, DETROIT, - - MICHIGAN. QEIÏLY'S Exlracts and Toilet Anieles, For Sale by all firstclass Dealen. MAXUFACTCRED 2G5 & 267 Woodward Ave., Detroit. ■jñ kaymosü&so.v, Wholealennl Rctail BOOKSELLERS M STATIOSEBS, BOOKBIXPERS AND BLA.NK BOOK MANUFACTURERS, No. 7 Fort Stroet West, Oppnsito the new City Hall, DETROIX Ijl R. 8UITHCo , llnaniUlRWonflwurd Avonnp, Um Detroit, in tht-ir ntw and elrgant cttnblithment wül more tlian r-vf-r deerve the cncoiirBjifment of tU lovers of bnoke in thoir vicinity , anO ftiendt Of liten turo throagbout Uio country will be glad to ■ t paüatitü bffakitote$i Ukfl fha 6oun of em p] .-. wefltwkfd tftke their way.- F kil Eñquirtr. Detroit can now tap prido ín its new Rookstorp, mie of the Urget, and I thlnk the most beautifulin th ■ whole country. - ïlotton Transcript. most elegant Booksíore iu the country. - Advertiser and 7'rthuuc. Ad ornUment to Uie city.- Free Press. IJEMOVATj. E. Ijkiikkman, inanufjcturer of ClothII inir, Importer and Jobber of Ooods lor Meii'a Wt-iir h:i.s removed to the spacious premiso?, 71 & 73 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Mich., And U nnmainifaeturing a very laree and handsomft itottk of CfotblDg saltAble fot the Western Irade.- Ifiis ftiways on hand a Urge and FfiRhiüoable Assortnifiit of, and ïailors' Trinimings, and a full line of Gents' Furntftuing Goods. !pAKltIAÜLS! CARRIACESI JOHN PATTEN & SON. ESTABLISIIED IN 1842. Havini bousrht a largo stock of material since the decline Ín gold, we are preparcd tö fumish BvgflM and Oarrlage at les rates than can be bought for eliiewhere. We. excel in (inish and durabïlity, wliich hu Ie our work the best in the country. Manufuciory and üllice, oor. Woüdbridgo and Dnuh Sta nEMOVAL! HENRY WF.BER, Wholenale anJ Retail Dealer, and Manufaeturer of Fumiture, Pianos and Billiard Tablea, i as now removl to his a fix story, free stone front, Maramoth Furnlture KHtablishraent. 141, 143 & 145 Wooflward Ave., Detroit. And has adopted the One Price Sritem. Keeps ín ndler's asportinent to puit all, and with unaurpassed facilitiea, the latest and moat approved machinery, ■ ii Aia All competition. Cali and jadge for yourselves. I ETS01T MACHINERY DErOT. JAMESJENKS, DEALER IN MACI11WERY No. 29 Atwater Street East, DETROIT, - - MICHIGAN. Imwiries ï'komptey Attended to. TTACUIXESIIOP AND BIUSS FOUNMIY. ill Do you want flrst class BRASS WORK OR BBABB CASTINGS Trun Pipe and Fittinïs for Ga,Steam or Water, Iliiili er Low I'ressureSteam Eu!tineand Bo)ler, lirewhouo and Diptillery ïïachinery,&c. Send for Circular and J'rice List. JAMKS FLOWKK & BK08., 69 Brush St., Detroit. N, B. - All kinds of Steam Hcating don. ■ ■ ___- - - IOANS NEG0T1ATED 1 fob Countiea, Citiep, Towns, and School Dietricts. t5& County and Town Officers, who may havo LOXKS TO S'KfiO'lIATK.are invitedto confer Mith us. Special attention Kiven to the NtGOTlATIO.N' OF SCHOOL mHTKIOT I.OANS. WILKINS & Co., Detroit. BII.MARD TABLES 1 C. Schdikxbvbo, Btlliard, l'iseon Hole, Bagatelle and Jenny Lind ïable Manobsturar. Satmfaction euaraateed. Bilüard Goods of all kinds always on hand. Detroit, JIich.,andSt.Joseph,lIo. MAN'TI.ES & GUATES, r. A. UllilKO, dealer In Mantles and Gratei, 80 Woodbridge Street, West. S nd for Clieular. M0NÜMENT8 AN.T MANTI.ES. Sciulthkib' Mar bleand BrownRtone Works, corner Bates Street and M icliitinn Avenue. 3ml2G3. TVB. KELLOGG'S LIVER INVIGORATOR, Will strengthen the appetite,cleanse tbestomach, a n il re ü o vat f the blood, no that (me need have no (Var ol" AGÜE, B1LIOUS FEVER, SUMMEtt COMPLAINT, orauy IfALABXOUB DI8BA8B. during the bot months of Summer.if employed during the ear l warm nuy.-, of Spring. Remumber an ounce of preventitive is worth a jiuuinl oí cure, One bottle ma y savea heavy bill of exponse. rll. KELLÜGGS Indian Remedy, Can be employel as a Linament. and ia pqually Ifood for man or I will warrant it to cure HniNS.scAI.DS.CL'ÏS, BBDISEB,J all kind ol1 fn-sh iroands, trlUl [n■■ and cortíiiniy. AKO, 8CKATCHKS, UALL8,wound,fto.,on horseu. HjHE CATIIARTIO PROPERTIES OF Dr. KELI.OGG'3 FAMILY CATHARTIC PILLS, Are extracte-I f rom simple artieles of fond, by novei anti sciontiiic proöttfl. They neíther gripe constípate, or eickoD but Wave difsiion vigorous, the ftppetfto good, ainl tbebowell fre; and regular, They sbonld be empioycd In eaafl of BUUovaooM, Fovér , Aftuc, Costivi-nees, Bowo] Ccmplfti ot , Dyspop ■Iat I'iiirrhen, Livtr Complalnt, KlieuuKitisni, Coldl, fco.,&G. A kt of LE. KELLOGQ'S MEDICINES Are prep&redby blmself, aad warrantod pure and to be vrgutublu in&ll respecta. rR. KELLOGG'S CHAMPION OIJVTMENT, On rei miS. SAI.T ÏUIEUM, ITCH, and all KIN HEABB3 without fail. Sold by Druïfir'is aud Tealers everywhero. 1262 tf IARfñÑTS Is tbo place to get anything you want in the FUIINITURE LINE! I!K WILL XOT BE UXDERSO1.D. r IVE ÜEESK EEATHBRS PIBST OTTA-IilTTT, Cünstautly uu haud aud for aulp by BACMfr ABEL. 3sooo ; FEÏSTCE POSTS ! l Qnantity of Wliito Oak Floorlnj;, aud 1,000 Cords ■f Woud, loríalo by ïsestr n. b. colis. "DUY YOUK Looking Glasses . a W. D. H0LMH?Ann Arbor, FOK 3 11KASONS. Pint, hpcause hckefpatho best of Importad GlasR, and a guotl aetortmoal of square ;i:ul archtup f rauu:ü( -xn avrlU Seconitly , hocaupc Ilioy hclonp to hls buslnesn. Ho lalii'íí tliem ft specinlfy. doei liis ovmrork, and oan flor il to nell Thirdljr, BocauKr lio manufactures tbem, and can huí will scll the CHEAPEST 1 of any one in the city. Hralao sella PIOTURE FRAMES! The cbeapestoi any body in the at ate - arfaras hcard f rom. NICE OVAL FRAMES FOB eo cts. Picture Cord, Tassels & Nails! FRKNCII GL.AS9- bj tbelight orboz- ForPlotures orfor SOUSB ! 3a east Huno.v stkeet, A.NN AEBOR, - - - 7MICEI. 117ñtf 1 B S P5 3 i? a . 8 o - r hl I S N es 2 i W LU h s Q I S 7 . ai A U. í á ï m rf 0 I ? B (O u Ph n o 0 S l h . á DEMOVAL. J. KECK CO. Have removed their STOCK OF FUUTÜI And Undertaker's Goods, Tu Mack J: Bohmld'a Bloei, No. 52 South Main, and No. 4 West Liberty Streets. THE LA11GEST STORE IN THE CITY, AND T1UII.1 EXPKF.SSI.Y FOR THE FURNHURE TltADE. TUE Y HAVE NOW IN' STORE THE LARGESTaml FINEST STOCK OF FURMTUtE EVER OFFERED I.V TH IS COUXTY.OF TOF-IROWN MANUFACTURE, SÜI'EEIOR BOTH IN QUAI.IT ANDSTYLB, W11ICII THEY NOW OFFER TO THE PUBLIC CHEAPBB TIIAN CAN IiEROUGHT ÁNY WIIERK ELEEIN TUK STATE. THEIR STOCK INCLCDES EVKRY ART1CI.E N SEDED ÏO PURNISH TUE BEbriIOUSK KKOM TO1' TOIiOTTOil. Tlioirolil patrons anil the public genprallyarc ïnviteil togivethem a eu N. J. KECK ft CO, au Albur, January, 1S70. 1S51 QRY COODS CHEAP! C. H. MILLEN Has juBt rcturned from New York, and is now reccivlng a OP AND SUMMER DRY GOODS, Bought during the recent fall in pricea, and will be sold Cheap. C. H. MILLEN. nHHE STYLES OF LADIES' DEE88 GOODS, ARAB SHAWLS, LLAMA POINTS, GLOVES, TIES, HOSIERY, PARASOLS, FANS, &c, &c, ARE BEATJTIFUL AND CHEAPCALL AND SEË THEM at C. H. Millen's. gPRlPfG PRINTS, SHEETINGS, SHIRT1NGS, House Furnisliing Goods, Gent's Cloths & CassimereS) AND EVERY VAR1ETV OF SPRING GOODS, FOR LADIES AND GENTS AT VERY LOW PRICES AT C. H. MILLEJV'3. piïMLEY $c LEWIS, Gentleman's Opora Boots. " Furgeson Button Boots. " French Congress Gaiters. " Creóle " " " Serge " " " Scotch Ties. " All Kights. " Oxford Ties. Ia short, a Full Line of Gentlemen' Buuts and á h oes t Boy's and Youth's Boots and Shoes i Great Variety, and MEN'S HEAVV WORK, hand uado uf all kinds. Ladics' French Kid Button. " Foxod " " " Serge ' Polish. yiisses' Bronze, " and Button. " Serge, " " " Jhild's " ' " Wek tho particular attention of the Ladicto 3UII FINE WOEK : WHICH FOR Quality is Unsurpassed, IX TUE STATK, and in Price ?AR BELOW DETROIT FIGURES OUR WOPK WARHANTED AS RKl'RKSENTED. ( 12 pa A NN AKBOK CITY MILLS! BEST FLOUE $3.00 per 1Q0 lbs. OR AS LOW AS THE LOWEST. LEAVK ORDEUS AT THE POST OFFICE. J. T. SWATHEL, SEPT. 21st,18. 1236tf pÜRNÏTÜRË CHBAP! The Largewt an.l IïpbI fltockio tfaecity, ofall vari el ies and stylce, at the cid Sí (ir e of O. M. MARTIN. $10,000 REWARD ! GRIAT WMWÍ ! ! AMONG FARMEKS. SOIO MILLS WILL PAY THE HIQHK8T CASH I'RICKS FOH ROOD WHEAT. ALI. PARMEBS W1LI. Dfl WIÍI-L ro CALL T1IKUIC U! I'-or.E anima KLSEWUlílili. lilUVU ÏOÜB GOOD WHEAT TO SCIU M1I.I.S. 1260 N. W. BRIGGS, Soio. Go toR.W.ELLIS & CO's for choiceWines and Liquore for Medical Purposes . Mortgage Sale. DEFATJLT havingbeen made In thcc&ndïtkm of fi certaln mortgaj 'Vjoro Mul Meltssa Moore ola wlfe, oí the city of Ann Arbor, Connty of Wiahtehaw, and State of Mi , on the twelftb day. of .luly, a. d, 1804, Co JorahW. Lawtsuu and Frederick Worster, of the city of Aun Arbor. Couuiy afore -nl'1, and recorded In rae . Bi o Bftld Connty of W oshten&'w . aioresald on the Ütb dar of July, A. D. ''doek i' ?,i. r s:iit ïay, in ober 8fi of mortgagcs,on pase .ri2i ; which aald mortgage n tiü.v asáigoed liy sald Joseph W Lawson ana Prederlck woreter, tome, the anderaigned , on the BOth day of A. I). I86&1 and recordcd in the Registert cfWa btenaw Connty, od theSSth duy of April, A. l). 1870, :t H ovlock A, M ol H;til(liy, in fiber 88 of mortgazes, page 621 ; on which mortage there Is d&iroed to be doe at the :tu ol notíce, thci snm of threu hnndred and fifiy-fonrdol. lan and fbfty two cents ttteo, au atioruey fee of tventy-flvo dollars, honld auy proceedlnga bestoken to florecióse thts mortgage ; and do ruft or procoed Ingsln Imw oe eqaity bavine been Instltated to re cover the debt or any part thereof,.notlce - : ijiven, thalbyvirtue of the power of sale I til wil at public auctiosito : Ider, on Wie BOtJj day of Joly iicxt, at two ov.hick F. H. ofsald day, at the front door o the Court Botue, In the cil y of Ann Arbor, in tald Connty of Washtenaw, the premlaee decrlbed In said mortgage as all tbitt certain pleoe or purcel of land Hïtimtod in the city of Ann Arbor. Couuiy of Waahtenaw, and sttitti ol UichljBanTknowntbound ed, and duscrilKd as foUows: Commenclng at the center of Bectton nuraber twonty in township two Boath of range nombei ïx eaat, and rannlag west fenrehatni and thirty seren Hnka t n black onk tree elgh lnchet in dïametor ; thencti t-outh elght degrees, wst twochaius and fifty links to the Ilifcock rond: thence eastorly along the center o road to the nortli aud eouth center Une of said sec tion number twenty; thence north teren chaltifl and forty ftve linka to the place of begtnning Cezcoptiog and reaerrins one acre of land from thu cast side uf the parcel of land abovo describcd.} April 2Sth,lS7ü. nJBBLK, ABigucu of iid MortgagC Joiis N. Gott, Attorney for Aaslgnec of said Mortgage. 1207 Mortgage Sale. DlíPAULT hnviní; been made in the condltion of a certaln mortgage mide and executed by David L. Gates and Amanda JB. Gates, of the city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Mitliian, to Aaron It. Vanattn, of Northfielfl, Connty and State aforesaid, bearlng date the 0fth,day of April, A. D. 1864. and recorded In the ReglBtere Orti-e ot Deeda fur Waehtenaw Co , Michigan, on the sixteenthfday of April. A. 1 1868, atlOi o'clock A. M , in liber No. 2!) of mortgageSj on page 14, by which the power of Bale rontael thereïn becomeoper;;t:vc ; the aniount claimfid tone due on said mortgage and aocoxnpanylng note at the date of this notice. is the gum of fivc hnndred and Bixtynine dollar and iifty and interest, and the funuer sum of fiftcen dollars provided in sald mortgage as an Attorney fee in case any proceedinji óhookl be taken to forecloae the same, and nosük orproceedlnt; havinj; been inptittited at law to recover the debt eecurcd by said mortgage, or any part thoreof : Ñotice i beroby fiven that on Monday, thoeleventhday of-Ioiy, A. D.1ST0, at ten o'clock Á. m. of that day, ;tt the frontdoor of the Connty Court Honai in'theCity of Ann Arbor, in Baid County of Washteuaw, ilie same beintí theplace for holatns the Clr ciiit Court for Mld ('oiinty, there will be BOld at public anction, to the hihest bidder, the premisos described In sald mortgage, or so much thereof as may be necessary to t-atisfy theamonntdae on saidnote and mortgage al the date of this notice, wlth interest, costs and expenses provided for in eaid mortBjage andallowed by law, that ifl to say: All tha cenain pleoe or parecí of land situatcd inthecity o Ann Arbor. WaflnteüAiV ('ounty, Michigan, described as followe, to-wit: lïeing lot DOlDber ose, four (4 live and ei;ht, In bluck flve, iü lïrown & Fnller's addition to the villaje, now city of Ana Arbor, acGOrding to the ror.orded plat (hereof Dated, Ann Arbor, April 7th,l&70. AAEON li. VAXATTA.Mortffagee. Tracy W;. Root, Attorney for Mort pasee. 1-05 ölieriff's Sale. BY VÏRTTJE of one writ of Jfcrt Fheteu isfiied out of and ander thiï seal of the imtit Cour (br the Connty of Washtenaw, to me direct ed and delivered, bearlng date the second day of Jone, A. J). eighteen hnndred and Berenty, In favor of John McDermott. plaintiff. coinmanuiny mo that of the toorts and chattols, and for want thereof) then'ol thefollowin; duecibed laud and tenementb to-wit: The southwest qnarter of the northeaat qimrterof section nuniber thirtv, in townfliip one BOUth of range eïx east, beinfr in tho township ol Northfleld, in Bald Connty of Waehtenav, of Patcïck McDermoit, James McPcrmott. Margaret HcÏDermott. Owen McDermott, Mary McDermott, BCichael McDeimott. Ann McDermott, Patrick H oston, Thomaa Huston, Charles Huston, Jamen Ilusión, Ülohael Huston, kfary Hoston. and Norah Hotton, which properW! í'haíl exposé ror ealo ut public aurtlon, skcI sell to the hlghest bidder, at the sonth door of the Court Honse. in ths Cfty of Ann Arbor. on thesixteenth day of Julv, A. D-, eighteen hundred and seventy, at ten oclock in the forenoon of that day. Aun Arbor, June 3d. A D. 1871. BTBON R. PORTKR, Sheriff. 12T2 Tnos. HosKiNH, Depaty Sheriff, Sheriff 's Sale. BY VIRTUE of thrce sevcral exeentions issned out of a ml undor th seal of the Circuit Court for the County oí w'ashteiiaw, to me diivcteil an deUrered, agalnst the gooda and chattels, lauda and tenements of Charles Jt. Thompson, I have levied upou tht; follovjjig described reaJ estáte, to-wit: Lot number eleven, aud thu cast quarter of lot nnmber twclve ín blotk number one eouth of Huron .treet, and range siz cast. in the City of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Connty, Michigan ; wWch I shall exposé to eale, at public aactlon, to the bighest bidder, at the fouth uoor of the Conrt ITouse, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Fridtiy. the twenty ninth day of Jnly, A 1. 1870, at lü u'clock in the foreaoou. Datuil, Jliuo Tth.lS"". BYKON R. PORTER. Sheriff 1273 ByTHos. J. Hossras, Depaty Bherlff. JQÏSSÖLUTION. The COportoership horetefore existinir bciwrrn tho andenlgned, under the fiim name of R. w. Ellis & (U., ":is tliis day ilissolved byrautiïal cougent, J. A. Eisscll riitirin;;. The business wiU be caniedon at the old place inidtT the same firm name, and the books of the compaoy l)u settlod by thu uuw iirm. Dated, May ÏOth, 1ST0. E. W. ELLIS. 12T2 J. A. K1SSELL. ]$OW OPENING, .A.T Wm. WAGNER'S, An Kloantaml Largo Stock of SPRING Al SU11R O-OODS, 1XCLUDI.VG CLOTHS, CASSÏMERES, VESTINGS, &C. LATEST STYLES AND BKST QUALIT1E8 WHICU IIEOFKKS LOVVER thanEVEE Aïao in Store a lar ge stock of READY-MADE CLOTHING AND ents' FÏÏENISHING Goods. GARMEXTSMADETO ORDEItIN THE BEST STYLE, Alio LADIE-i'and (iKNTS' VTOBOCCO SATCHELS No. 21, South Mln Street- Eaít sitie. CALL AND SEE THEM. WILL1AM WAGNKR, Ann Arhor, My, 1870. pOR CASH YOUCAN I!LV Lumber, Lath and Shingle AT A BARGASN, AT THE YARD OF C SÜTHERLAND & CO. Ann Arbor,January,1870. 1-52 QM. MARTIN IS AGAIN IN BUSINESS, With a full line of Choice Furuiture, Parlar and Bedroom Sets, Mirrors, &o. Cali aud seo liiin. 1268 fpÉOPLE'S DRUG 8TOctLt R. W. ELÜS & CO' lic A Estato forSalo. Stat: rofWaaotenaw, b. Intha matter of the estáte of Henr Canfiald, .. tbat In pursuance of an order granted to the nnderslgned Administruiuv of the Esimc f said dtceitea, by I ■ : Probate for the Gounty aw. on the thirty-lirstday of Hay, AI) ; Bold at pabHc veadne , to tfae hlgheat u,,i r. dwel Ing honseonthepremiseshereii] ifterdescribed, in the I ,., ,llp tmi o'cloik iii '. d of il;;t!. dny, (eubject to all encnmbrances by mortga latine me f the deatb ,■ f.,i■ wit : About ninu of land In the villaje of ChelBi-n. In said Com Ulrti en :■- :- :n: I aerofcertalu on to unc John M. I.ctl2Ut, A. D. 1 164, :11.a recorded in Vw Reglster'i ■ for the County of Wathtenaw.ln líber B9ol I pase 11..', and rnnniug thnce north . . Feet aad rhrec loches, Ihence eait forty ween ■ . Iaaac Taylor, the&ce suuth twenty three roda live e, thence west to the place of btgjnnlng, belng on the west part af tbc n n-tli eaat qnartcr of the northeast qnartur of aectlon twelvo, In townshlp two eonth of range cast, in said State; alo commcnc ug ui the north ( ofcertaln hmds deeded Aii"ust 2?d A. D. 1808, i'ï EliehaCongdos :.n.l wifBto James Smltb atthvpolntwl ratttwest cornor of land Int abovo described, running thence south two chaina and forty links, thence north eighty-aeven detrree eaei nine chaina and eighty-slx links, thence north one chain and Afty-nlne links, to beaat corner of the Oral abova describid p:irv of ian'1. thence w-st nlne chaina and elgbty-slx beginning. Bxceptlna; and reservlng from the flral 1 strip off the north ïiile unc and :L half nul wide lor a road, subject to the control of said estáte, ritus and the adjolning owner, Johaiou M. Lctt, or their fic cessors. Dated, Juno lOtb., A. I). 18. CBAR1E8H. KEXPV, lïW Admlnletntor. Keal Estáte for Salo. STATE OP MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, ss. In the matter oT the es'ate of Prederlck Broeaa umie, Jr., minor. Hottcefa beroby given, That ia pur&aance of an order granted to Lhe ■nderatgned, Guardian of the cstatc of said minor, bv the llon. Judcc of Probate tor the County of Washtenaw on the Blxtb day ofjnne. A. 1). imo, there wül be aold at public vi'iidiu!. tothe nlgbest bidder, atthe dwellin; house u tuepremises hcreinaftor d 1 Ld tile Connty of waabtenaw, tn said Statei on Thursday. the twenty elghtti day of July. A. 1). ÏSTO. at one o'clock in tlic afternoon of that day, (subject to all encumbrances by m .rtgaüe or otherwise existIng at the tbneof thesale. and also subject to the riiilit of dower ol Mary Broesaamle aa widow of Prederick Broeesamlei deeeaaed). th; followin deacribed real estáte, towit: Commencíng on the half qnarter line. thlrteen chaina and élghry-five llnka north one degree west from the aontheaat corner of the eonthweat qoarter of 1 tatqouter of aectlon twelve, lo townahlp two aonth of range three eaat, In s:iid state, and running thence north oue deííree west one Chain and nÏDetceu links on tbc lulf qaartei line, thence north elghty-one dcL-rees west luur cliaius and fiftcu links, thence sonlh nine degrees west one chaln and elgbteen llïiks, lontb eighty-one degreea eaat fooi chaina and thirty-six Hnksto the place of bezinning, coi.; half an acre of land, be tbcuame more or laaa. Also a parcel commencing on the balf qnarter line two l-.ty three Hnks south one degree east from the BOrtnweat corner ol the Koutheast quurter of the southwest qnarter of aectlon twelve, in tint ffuni'; townahlp ffnd ran.-'Cj and runnina; thence aontk cee eaat two chaina and foi iy-six links alone the eaid huif quarter line thence south eibt and one half aergeeaeait 8ve chaina, thecce north one degrec west i'.; chalns and forty-aiz linies. thence bo ■;:. mebtyelght and one-half desreos west íive chaina, ín the place ui' beginning, contalnlng 1 ne acre and 28-100 of an ■■■■ roof land, Ik the same m re . Also .1 parcel of land commenctug on the balf qnarter 1 ne north one degree west thirteen chaina and elghty-fire links fre-tn theaontbe nor of the southwest qnarter of the southeast quarter of the abovc named sectlon, town and range and riiniiii:ii thence north one líiL'rc weat three chaina and aizty-fire links on the half qnarter line. thence noitheighty-eight degreea anti thirty minutes west and serenty eiJ.t links, thence aoath nine degreea svust three chaina and ten links, thenco Bonth raRhty-onedegreea i-ast foar chaina and thlrtysix ]lckat to the place of bezinning Cezceptlng and reservinc; onc-half acre off and Trom the uorth side of the last above describcd piece of land, one and os-K.'O acres oí tand therelnj. Also otflfteenlnblocta aorenteen, aecordtug to the recorded plat of Elisha Congdon'c Thlrd Atltütion to the Village oi' belaea,ü f.ú] cnuuty Dated. .Tuue Gta, A. T). lTn vr (íeükge paul, Guardian. Eeal Eaiato for Sale. OTATE OP MICHIGAN', County of Waahtenaw, ss. 0 In the matter of the estáte of Thoi 1. Notlce is hereby given, Thatinparanance of au onler granted to the nndersistned, Administrator w.tth ene will annezed of said deceased, by the II011. JiuIl-u ui Probate for the Couuty of W m the thirtieiii day of May, A.0. 1870, tbere will be sold at public ïendue, to ilie hlghesi AthedwelUns house on the premises herei 1!. in the Connty'ol jt In aald State, on Wednesday, the :!l day f Augtut.A. 1). 1870, at one o'clock in afternoon of tnatday. (subject to uil encumbrantes by mortgAge or otherwiae existinij aLiiie time of the dcath ol said dec lowing deacrlbed real eatate,to. wtt s The east half of the northwest qnarter ol aectlon fonrteen, (exeptlng üve aerea heretofore deeded to Ellzabetli A. Wlnegar). Alao twenty one aerea off of the south end o? the west half of the northwest guarter of aa 'l aectlon fondeen, in township one south ol rallad bix east. in said State. Dated, Juui'Sth, A.T). 1S70. SELDKN W. SHtRTr-EFP, 1273 Adminisirator wlth the w:ll annezed. Comniiesionere' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Washtenaw, ss The nnderalgned having been appolnted by the Probate Courtfor said County. Coinmissioners to receive. examine and adjust all claims and demanda of all persons ayaiust the esiite of lïates C. West, lato of said County, deceased, hereby l'ívc notice Ihat alz montha from date are alloweq, hï ojdr Probate Court, forcredltora to present their claims againat the estáte of said deoeaaed, and that they will meet at the late realdence of said deceased. iii in f:iiil County, on .saturday, the rwenty-thlrd day of .'uly, and Saturday, the tweuty-elzth day 01 November, uext, at ten o'clock A.M. or eaci of said days, to roeeïve, eïamine, aud adjust said claims. Dtcd. MaySMh. A. D. 1S70. 1272w4 NEI-SDNW. STEVENS, )-„„.,. JOSEl'U rii', S Commlsiioncre. Commissioners' Notiee. 5;TATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty oi Washteaaw, ss. O The andersigned having been appointcd by the Probate Court lor aald County, OommlasionerBto receiTe, examine, and adjust all claima and demanda of all persons against the estáte of Orange C Weat, late oraaid Ooanty, deceased, hereby glve notiee that alz montha fro$A date are allowcd ly ovder of aatd Probate Conrt for credltors to present thoir claims againat the estáte of said decoased, and that they will meet at the late residence of aid deceased, In ald Conuty on Saturday, the twenty-thlrd rlay ofJnly,and wedneaday, the thlrtieth day of November, next, at ten o'clock A. M. of each of thosc days, to receWe, examine, and adjoat sai'! claims. Dated, May SOth, A. r 1-70 14w4 Commipsioncr's Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty or Washtenaw, e The underalgned havlng been appolnted oy the Probate Conrl for said County, Comnsloners lo recelve, examine and adjosi all claims and demanda of all persons auaiu.-i iie estáte of Anthony Ely. lat.' of saiil County. deceased, bereby glve notice that Blx montha from date are ailowed, by order of saiil 1 robate Conrt, for predltors to present their claima againstthe estat; of said deceased, and thattbey will meet al the store of Charle BUnsr. in t: of TpaUanti. in said Connty, on Saturday, thethlrteenth day of Angnst, and Uondayne twelflh day of December, nest, aj 10 o,'clock A 11. of each of said days, to r ilne, and adjnst aatd claima. Dttted, Jnne Uth. IX I 1I4 CUAliLES KINC "1 JAMES M . CHIDISTEK, -Commiisioncrs. REUKEN L. ULDLÜY, ' ) Commissioners' Notice. QT ATB OF MICHIGAN, Connty oi Washtenaw, sa. ÖThe nnderslgned having been appointed by the ProbateConrl for said Coimty. Commissioners to reseive, examine, and adjust all claims and demanda oí ill persons ngalnatthe estáte of Tbumaa J. Brooke, atc of said UOQnty, deceased, hereby glve no,ice that tlx montii's from date are ailowed bv oi lef of said Probate Court forci-editorstotres;-iit ilieir ilaims againsl eaaed. andthatthey will Vu-et at the store of CharlM II. Kempf. in the village of Chelsea, in aald Connty, on Satnrday, the sixlh day of Auirnst and Tuesday, the sixth lay of December, nezt, at ten o'clock A. M: of each ol said days, to receive, examine and tuljus 1 said claims. Dated, June Cth, A D. 1ST0. 1274 LOBINBABOOCK, ] Commissioners. Est ate of Abagail U. Carpenter. fTATB Ol' Ml' UIQAN, Conqty if Washtenaw, ss. o Notice is 1 ,. thatbyan order of the 'róbate Court foï the County o! Wnshtenawtmadeon he twenty second day ol' Maren, A. D. 1870, six nonths front the third day of .Tunt; next were . for credftora to preaentthelr claims agalns ie of Ablgail D. Carpenter, late of aalc 'OUBty, deceased, and that :rtl credltora of aaid teceased are required to present their claims to aid Probate Court) at the Probate Ollice. in the i;v oi' .',iin Arbor, for examluatlon aud aJlowanoa m or before the third day ol December, ni't. and b c!:i:it: wBl l'ii heard before aald Probate oiirt, on SatordAiF, íl1..1 twenty-thlrd day of Jnly, ind Saturday, the thlrd day of December, next, at téa i'dock in the forenoon of each of tin'si? 1 Dated, Ann Arbor, May 2Sth A, I). 1870. BIBAM .T. BEAEE8, l-7iw4 Judfc of l'robate. Estáte of John McConncil. CJTATE OV MICHIGAN, Cotlilty 'ot Walhtei Xcitiicis hereby glven.thatby an orderoftne 'róbate ('ourt for tit! Connty ot washtenaví n the tnvn:y-sixh l:iy of May, A. D. II íonths from tnatdate were aüowed for credltoro tú rcMiit their clálmfl againet ri. i'-ï:'i' of JohnMo'emú']!, Inte of i-aid t'ounty, dcceaseil, and tfmt :11 redlton iclr el ■ Probate Oonrt, t the P Oflico, in the Ciiy or Aun Arbor, for examlnatlon and llowance on or before the twenty-slxtn day i ember next, and tbat anota clalma wfll be tú ■ oresaid Probate Oonrt, on Satnrday, the tv hirrt duy of Jnly, and on Satnrtlay, the twentyxthday ofNoramber, m-xt, al teil o'cloek m thc q of eách of ti'.'jsr . Datcd, Auu Arbor, SUy -::n. isfí). . I1IKAM J. BBAKB8, 12T2w4 Judge of Frótete. Estáte of Snlly A. Pr.iy. iT i.TSOIf H10HIG IN.Coi :y of V:;xhteiiaw. fí. ■ x,,,: Ivcu.tbaí hyaa orderoftbe Proate Oonrt tor the County ■ 'lo od a. i), isro, sis ■ illowdd for croditorn lo thi-ir dalra lio estáte of Sally late of sai ht ■'■ taoired to pri leir cliin to aiñú Probate Court. at tí'1" J In the cuy cf Aun Albur, r examl ■ ,,l .,, ü or befo the twlíth day of ■ m-xt. and thai ucb claims wl l, ii.v of Angnst, and on lïonslay, the twelno „f i c ia the roteofthose day l)llled,AUuAír,J;UHn,h,.A.1...:W.p 127.j Jullie uf i'robats. Estáte of liübert MtCormick. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, Countyof WashUnj „ OAI asession of the Probate ConrtfortheCo'2 i( Wasktenaw, holden at the Probate Oflice inth' :i!y of Aim Arbor, on Wednesdfiy, the iiiU-(.„ l-.y of .Ju.-, Is the ycar one thuusand ci"ht ].„ ireU and seventy, ■ Present Qiram J. TïooUes, .lud-rn of Probate ■ of the estáte oí Roben McCormirv nd fUlngtbe ilyTerlned „i lick, praying tl levt in the real ■f saul deceascd dled acized mav u . . tli tlivcnlh lay of Jnly, next, ut ten o'clock n the foren, ki ■d fortín: hearing of asid petition, and thïi - :im! helrs ut !av. ,nnd allother] ircrequlredto appear at as . rt th„ ■o bo Solden al in the City of Anï Dy th.crebe,whythi psttttonet honld do begranted: Andltia ■tui)-! :iid estáte, ol tl) ■ and the hearing tl :opyofthli Order to be published h (ir WiVííoLJ Argut, a ncwspnpe: joiinty, thvecaucceasive weeks prevfoustosaiddn if hearing. "J "py-3 H1RAM 3. HEAKFS 1209 Judïüi P;o1)U, Estáte of Samuel W. Morse. OTATKOl.' MH.ilKJAX, CoiintyofWashtenaw.Mi 0 Ataseealoo of the Probate Conrt for the Conntï of Wastu. -nuw, holden at the Probate Office, in th Cuy ol Aun Arbor, od Saturday. the eleTeitï June, In thu year one thousund ci-hthun dred and seventy . ■ reaent, Ui iim.I. Boakes, Judge of Probate In the matter of the Estáte o? Samnel W. Morse d, " On readlng and fllini; the pntilion, duly verlfied of Samuel Morse, praying that lainea H. SteYena ■ othet suüable pers-.n muy be appolnted Ai tor of che estáte of BMd ,'ieceased rhereupoa ü is oidored, that Momlay, thetleenth day of Jnly nest, at toa o'clock In tl noon. : tor the hearing of said nelllioi and that the neb at l.iw of said deceased, and alt oiher persona interested in xnjil ette are requirtd to appear i-i omt, theu to be hoü en. at the l'robate Olllcc, in tlic City oí Aun Arbur and how canse, ii' any theie be ivliy the prajerot Ibe petltloner shonld notbe granted: And' it is far. ther ordered, that svd petltioner ;lvo notiee to the ■ estedls - .■ Ui estáte, of the pendency al ■ ii'nui, and thu hearing ihereof, bv cautlngi i Miis order to be nobltohed in the M .1 aewspaper printed and oirenlating ir. tnj County, three auccesatve weeks pruvioiiö lo snid di ot hearing. fA tra copy.) BZBAM !■ BBAKBB, '-71 Jndge ol Probate, Estáte of John Brewer. QTATEok MICHIGAN, Codntï of 'íkiiiis, „ iJ Atasesnion of the Probate Conrt forthi of Washtenaw, holden at therrobateOfflcelu of Aun Arbor, ou ïhursday, the iiinth day June, in the year one thousand eieht hnndred and seventy. Present, lliram J. Beakes, Jodge of Probate In the matter of tue EstaLc of John ilicwtr dceeased. ' Oiircai!iiiraii(lfllingthepetition, dnly Tcrifled.ol Leasure l. Kimmel and gzeklel M. Cole, prayia that a certain instrument now on file In tilt pnrportlnK to 1 the last will and teatament of snii) idmltted to probate, and that tlitj api ointi '1 Execntora tfiereof. Therenpon It Is Ordered, thatHonday, tlie clcventh day of Julj-, next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, 1 ass.gned lor the hearing oí said petltion, and thntthi legateea, deviaeu and hetra at law of said deceaicd and all other persone intereated In said "ii ofiaid Conrt, th'ii to be holden at tne Probate Offli e, in I Arbor, and show canse, íf any there be, why i': er of the petitloner shonld not be granted : Anuitli further ordered renoüee to tbï ■. oí tke pendency ol eaid petition, aud ;;. irierÁf, by causingi .o l; pnUished in the .''-' . a nowspaper primad uucl drcnlatinf Ooonty, three succoó&ive weeks previuus tosaiddui of hearing. Atrae copy.j BIRAHJ. BEAK1SK, 1-Ï4K1 Jud;e ol l'robate. Estáte of Tloyd Uisbop. CJTATEOFMICHIGAN.Co!int of Washtenair, i At a aession of the Probate Conrt f.r l!,. of Washt'-uaw. holden at the Probate Oflice, in tbr City of Ann Arbor, on Thnreday, the ninth oaj of June, in the year one thou.sund eiglit hunditi and seventy. Present, UiraraJ. Heakes. Jndge of Probate. In the matter of the Ustate of i'loyd liisl.op, fc Ou reading and flünfr the petilion, diilv verifiod, ol . 'V. Butler, John w. Pi.tkln and Samuel R ard, prayiog that a eertaiu instrument now on file in this Conrt, pnrporting to be the last wil] ard testament of said deceased, may )l' a!i!iittedta probate, and thtt Sarah Biebop.Dï some other solt ablepBrson may be ajipointed Eiccutor thi . Thereupon it ia ordered, that Tnesday, the fifthdayof July next, at t o'clock in the forraooii for Ui'1 hearins of said petltln, andthii the légateos, devisees and heirs at law of said deceascd, and all other pws-lhis Intoreeted in saideststft, :r said Court, ïh-.ii io be holden at the Probate Oilico, in thi i Ann Arbor, &nd show canse If anj therebe, why the prayer of the petltlonor sliould not be granted: And it Is further ordered, that aa noner gtve notiee to the persona intereated in said aatate,ofthe pendency of said petitioa, aufl tai heartnE tbereof, Dy oausing a cy of this order iu bepablished in the Mi.higav Argtu & newspnnfr, prlnted and drcalaiiag i" said Comity, three m, oeflaiTe weeks previoss to naiil t]:y of hearing. CA trnecopy.j BIBAM J. BBAKE8, L2TS Jodge of Probate-. Estáte of William E. Marvin. QTATE OK MJCniGAN, t'onnty of Washtenaw, o, k!5 At a Bestión ol' the Probate Conrt fcr the Conuty -'.v. holden at the Probate OfCoa, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tnesday the thlrty-flrst dnynj .May, in the year oue thousand cight hundred and tTenty. Present Htram J. Beakes, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the KsUlc ol' William E. Marvin, deceaaed. .Milton E. Marvin, Ac'rjiniitratoi of said cstte comes into Court and represents that In1 is now prepared to render hls iiual Account aa siich AdmiiiU' trator. Thereupon it is ordered, That Mondny. the twenty seventh day ;t' Jnnn, next, al ten o'clock in theforcnoon, be assigned for ezamlntng and allowiiij( BttCh account, and that the ht-ir. at law of ?W il. and all o'her persons interested Su salí estáte, are reqnired to appear at seBsfon of said Court. then to be holden at the l'robate Oflice. in tac City of Ann Arbor, In íaid Connty, nnd show cau, if ;my thete be, wny the said account sliould not bc allowod : And it Is further ordered, that said Adm:iii.-;ïrator givo notlce to the persons Interested 11 said t state of the pendency of said account, and tla hearing thereo f. by causing a cojy of this order to be published in the Micnifan Anv., a newspapíi printe! and circulating in said Connty, three BucceM ïve weeks previous to said day of hearing. CAtrneoopy.) lliiíAM .i iíkakes. lilil Judgc of Probata. Estáte of Lydia L. Jones. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Countyof Washtenaw. At n seeslon of the Probate Court for the. Cohsi] of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate OAIee. ia th( City of Ann Arbor, on Saturday, the twentv-uiuJiih day ol May, in the year oue tVonsand eight hun, drod and seventy. Preeent, Hlrám ,T. Deakes.Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Lydia L. Jones, Md. On readlngand filiug the petition. dnly verifiod, oi James A. Whipple, praying thal a certain instrument now on file In this Court, purportiiïg to be the last will and testament of aald deceased, may be admittodto probate, and that he may be appolnted Executor thereof. Thereupon it is Ordered, that Sïonday, the twontyseventh day ui Juno next. at ten o'clock iu the fure-, noon beasaljrned for the hearing of sa.(d petition, aml that thelegatees, devíseos and heñá atlaw of said deceasedand all other persons l&(er Btedinaaldestati are required to appear :it a session of said Court the to be holden at the Probate Oflice, in the city of Ann Arbor. and show cause, if auy timlebe, v.hy tluprayel oí the petitloner shonld not be granted: Andlth further ordered, that said pctittonergiTe notiee to tb( person8irterestedin said estáte, oi the pvndeneysj said petiiu..i, and the hearing thereof, by ei copy of this Order to be published i' Anju-s n nowspaper printed and circulating InssM connty. three successlve weeks previous to eaidus; ot hoarlng. (Atruecopy.) IIIRAM -I. BKAKKS, 1OT Judie of Probate. Estato oi' Jerome Gooding. STATK OP MICH10.AN, Countyof Washtenair, s. At a session of the Probate Court for the Connty 01 Washteuaw, bolden ai the Probate Office iu tha City of Ann Arbor. on Prlday, the twentj-seventh [l'iy of May, iu the year one thousand eiyht hun.Jri-d and seventy. Present Hlrajo J. lieake?, Judge of Probate Jn the matter of the estatu of Jerome Goodinj deceased. Corintha M. Goodin, Administratrix of said estatc, comes into Court and représenla that she ia now prepared to reuüer her üual account as suco Admiuistratrix. Thcreupou it is ordered, that Monday. the twenty fviMith üay of June, next. at t-.'ii o'clock in the fovanoon, boaMigned for examining and allowiniï such account, and that the hlrs at law of ai(l t and allother persons lnterested in saidefltato, are rennired to ppear at a session of said Conrl Lhcu to be holden at thu ProLate OlUce, ia the City ■■( Ann Arbor, in said County, and show cause, if auy ■ . why the said account should notbe allowod And It Is further ordered, that snid Administtatrls 'ivi notiee to the persons intereated in saldestate, 3 f thependency of said account, and the hearlsl thereox, by canslng a copy of this order to be pub-islu-il In the Mú-kvian ai-jvs, a newapaDer prinWJ ind drculatlng in aald County. tiuee successivo kvi-t'ks prevloas to said day of hearing. (A Une copy.} ' H1BAM J. I'.EAKKS, Juds;e ot Probato. Estáte of Benjamin Cole. OTATE OV MICHIGAN, Coanty of WhteY[, O At a tesalon of the Probate Conrt tor the i !onnl of Vushten;nv, hokten at the i'robate OfHot;, in t City of .Aun Arbofi on Thursilay, the twclfth tin of Mny. in the year one thuusaiid eight htmdn and scvi'Uty. I'uírut, !ïir;im ,T. Beakes, Jiuljre ot Probate. In tin: iua:u:r of t'.iu cbL:i:o of üonjamiu Cole, d Cilst'dand mine the petltton, i!y vcrifled, tenry K. Hammond, idmlnlstiator, praying thai b lay oe licenaed to ■'! certain real estáte wherQí iceased dled Bei i i; is atderada thnt llonday, tlio twentj . i d'jiy of Jane iiüxt, ut teu o'clock in the fon oon, : for the hearing of arid petltloi ., of aid deceased, and m ther persona Interastcd in nn eatate, reqalrei i appear al :i seasion oí said Court, then ti be hold n, al ü.i1 Probate OfBo - of Ann Arboi nd showen ■ wl'v the ptajro er ihonld flot be isranted AJQditi f"r thai s:;ílI pe ■ii aid tltc of thi ]l:. ud uftltlon , and tlic hearing thereof, ly caningl pyof tlu's ortliT t' be pabllshcrt in the HtchtfV njii:. .. r, prlnted und drciUating onuty, tour succflMive weeks prcvloo to sald i':0 i i. traecópy.1 UIRAM .t. BEAKB3. ' MTI JndgeofPi Finest Assortment of Toilet I Goods in the City, by ■ 1 II I.


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