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o„',iiheI erery Friday raornlng.ln the thlrd story , ■ ? . m'icfc block, criu-r..! 'Main'aud Iluron StrceU m5 A UU " MICH. Bntrsnce uu iluroii Street :oiltU l'ost Office. 0JHO " I"1 Editor andjl'ubllshcr. Xeriits, $'.00 a Year in Advance. BA.TE3 OF ADVERTISING: [12 line or lees couBÍdercd a MoanJ -JS. TwTTw. 6w. n. m. ly. ..o 1$. T6 H'l.501 $-'.t"i s "1JO 2.601 8.6BI 6.001 8.00 1 12.00 : :rës _l 29X 3-l 4.6017.60 1 10.00 ""[ 16.00 ■JjfíSamn I -■'" l" 3.tO I S.U f ' i '■" ■■■. „.„ l ::..ii I 4.60 I 6.00 I 10.00 1 15.00 28.00 7.00 9.00 12.00 20.00 j 80.8 . " " S.00 10.00 15.00 26.00 f 40.00 ' lCÖÖl m.0ir86TnÖl 40.00 I 76.00 VnfiSIíDIRECTORT,nottoeiccedfonriinc8 4,P0Ter. . jvertis'sto thft extent of a qnarter colnmp ona jcootract, '11 be cntltled tohave thcircardsin SJjctorj wtthon extra charge. local líoüccs ton cents per Une forthe flrstiníermil ?i: cents Une for each anbseqent insero bol no ""ce inserted for less than $1. 1 ïinlics onco-and-a half the rates ofordlJSjïdertieinent8. TattlT dTertIaer have the prlvllejre ofehaninjr Ljf artTertlBementa tliree times. Additionalchanlllbechargedfof. ar AiiviTtisementRnnaccompanied by written or ...riialiliri't!'" -illbepublished three months,and ■harsetl ccordingly. Lvertlsements,flr8l insortlon 70 cents per nta per folio for each subseqoentinsertíOD. inement is ntMorl to an advertlscment (wbólewillbechargcdthcaame asfor flrstiuserlon. JOB PRINTING. Hand TlilK Cirrnlars, Cards, HTickt. Labels, Blanks, Bill TTivuïp. and other [triitlesof Plain Miirl Pnncy Job Printinir. xecuted k ih proniptne88tttnd in Uio hest


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