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WI. M. SINCLAIR, COMMISSION MERCHANT IN GHAIN A,ND FLOUR, ROOM IS, 15Í LaSAIXB STREET, CHICAGO. 127Oyl O. M. MARTIN, DBALEt IX FORNITÜRE of all Mnfo, Paríor and 'n.,1 Rooin Sots, Mirrors, &c. 33 South Maiu !W6t. FARMERS' STORE, ■ South Mln 8treet. ETerythlng kept Ín a flretclsss store will be fouud hore. "ÍIACK & SCIIMID, BRALEHS in Dry Ooods, Groceries, Crockery, ti. 64 South Maiu Street. O. A. LËITER & CO., BEALKHS IN BKUOS mi Meilicines, Ptjre Wines aíid Liqnors for Medicinal Purposes, Cigars &C. , Su. 1 Qregoiy Block. A. WIDENMANN, tORKION Bxchaoge Broker. Real Estáte and Fire ir. ce A.ent. No. '2"South Muin Streot. TRACY W. ROOT, COXPEN'SKD "Records of Washtenaw Connty, and bange. No. 1 Gregoiy Block. DR. KELLOGG, {■RACTICINOPhvsician.and L. B.Kellojrg Proprirtr of Dr Krilog:,''s Celebrated Kinicdiee, Anu Ar-''r . HiCh. MORllIS HALE, M. D DBNCE and Office No 1S, corner William and Tïiompson streets Recular office houre. 1 to 3 p. M. Ailvice nnd Prescrlptlona from 6 to 7 p. M. iacli da, free gratie to the poor. 1264 Gt7e. FlïOTIITNGHAM, M. D., ÍIITSICIAX AND SURGEON. Office over Drug . No. 7 Horos ptreet. Rrsidence, No. 35 Taompson Btreet. Office huurs, S to HA. M ,and ;tusl'. M. HULL, ROBINSON & CO. GROCERS, Produce andCommission Merchante, No. U BoBtfa Maiu Street. ELLIS & KISSELL, ÍRTJUGISTS. and dealer in Paiuts, Olla, etc. Ko.2 Suuth Main Street, Anu Arbor. JOHN KECK & CO., ÚEALEItS iu Furnitnre of all kinds, No. 33 South Mmi8öet,Ann Arbof. J. Q. A. SESSlONS, ATTOBUBY ñ&i Connsellor u, Ucal Estáte and Insurauco Aent. ('onvi'vMiiciiiL' and Cniiection of Clsimii iromptly atteuced 0 on liberal term. Office one door BCMitli of first National liank, up mira, Sonta Main Street, Ann Arbor. W. H. JACKSON, DENTIST, fiíccessort C. B. Porter. .Office, comer Main ino Hurón Streets, over the store OÍB.W. Eilií & Co., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ansesthetics adaiinIstcrcdif roajürod. W. P. BREAKEY, M. D. ñlYSIOIAN AND8ÜRQEON. Office at residence, coraer of Harón and División Streets, flrst door EsítofPresbyteriaü Chnrch, Ann Atbor, Mich. E. J. JOHNSON, DEALER IX HATS and Caps. Fnrs, Straw Goods1 PnrnlKhlng Goode, &c , No. 7 South Main . Anu Arbor. SUTÏÏËRLAND & WHEDON, UFE and Pire Insurance Agents and dealers i n Real Ksliitc. Office on Hurou Street. Also sell flrntclaseSuwing Machines. W. D. HOLMES, AüKNT for the Florence Sewing Machine. and dealer ia Pictures, Frames, &c. No. 9 East Hurón Street LEWIS C. RÏSDÖNT" BEAI.KR in Hardware. Stoves, House Furr.ishing Goods.Tin Ware, &c, No. 31 South Main Street. BACH& ABEL, DRALERS in Ttry Goods, Grocerles, &c, &c. No. 26 South Main Street, Ann Arbor. C. H. MILLEN, DEALER in Dry Goods, Groceries, &., &c. No South Main Street, Ann Albor. SLAWSÖk & SON, 6E0CERS, Provibiou and Commiasion Merchant aud dealers in Water Lime, Land Piaster, and Piaster Paris, No. 14 Eiwt n Street. STSÖNDHEIM, irnoi.ESALE and retail dealer in Ready Made Clothinc.ploths, Cassimeres. Vestiugs. and Gents1 Furishiug Goods. No. a South Main Street. WM. WAGNER, DEAI.F.R in Ready Made Clothinp. Cloths, Cassimcresacd Vesting, Hnts, Caps, Trunks, Carpet Bagü.&c., ■-{ South Main Street. GILMORE & FISKE, BOOKSRIXKKS and Stationors, Medical, Law and ■f, Tuxt Books. School and Miscellaneous Books. No. 3 North M;iin Street, Grcgory Block, Anu Arbor. FINLKY & LEWIS, MAJLKB8 in rioou, Shoce, Gaitera, Slippen &c, o. ! But Hnron Street. K. TARRANT, lAniKS' Fashionablc Shoo Ucmse, No. 24 South Main Street. Q R 0 0 K E R Y , GLA.SSWARE & GROCERIES. T. & P. DONNELLY 'e tnatorea largeatock of Crockcry, 01warc, 'UteiWaro.Cutlery.Groceries, lic, te. ,all tobo ildatuousuallylow prices. „. N'o,12EistHurcnStieet,Aiin Arbor. 1I28'f J.kP. DONNELLT. JOHN G. GALL, T, DEALER IN FRESH AND SALT MEATS. IíARD, SAUSACES, Etc, ,.?,d'!"olltl'il ndpromptly lïïled with the bet m the market. SI East Washington street. ■nnArbor,Sept.l6th,1869. 1235tf LIVEHY AND SALE STABLE. AXTKLL & RAMAÖE, ,: -second hand bucuf Jf, AKK8EY, Manufacturer of j"ASJ Carriages, Buggies, Wagons, nnilLVX]C;n -'-■, -■-■■■ be' ï,;.,,?1'.-'"1 "■'-'■■atne. Detroit Street, ncarll.R. lt2! M'ch. 12-Oyl Go toR.W.ELLIS & C0's! for choiceWines and Liquors I forülodical Purposes. nnHE MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE INS. COMPANY OF DETROIT, MICH. (ESTABUSHED IN 1867. JOHN J. BAGI.EY, Fkkíidínt, JACOB 3. FAURANI), Vice President. JNO T. LIOOBTT, Secretary. JAMES C. WATSON, Actuarj. D. O.FAKKAND.M.D., Medical Eiaminer. A Succeful Michlian Life ïnmirance Company organlld for tbepurpoe oT furnishiug Iusurance upun Uves at THE LOWEST COST COMPATIBLE WITH Absolute Security, and for the further purpose of KEEPÏM 1I0SET AT HOME, wbich heretoforehae been ent East, RATES AS LOW AS 8AFETY PERMITS. ÈJSTIRE MUTAL1TY AND STRICT EQIJITY Mark the sjfitem and prevalí in tl. o distrihution of ANNUAL DPIDENDS TO THE 1NSURED ) rorisioss of tire Síaie Lar, and by tbeir ow a term, ALL P0LIC1ES ARE NON-FORFEITABLEEMOKAHCB ïTRNISHED ITON ALL DESIRABLE PLANS. All the BEST FE4TÜRKS of the OW Comp&nie ADÜl'TED.alltheir ERRORS AVO1DED. SECURITY, ECONOMY, EQUITY AND THE WEST, ITS MOTTO. JL3T For Agencies apply at the HOME OFFICE, Baok Block, Griewold Sireet. JLJ L M. TIIAYER.Gen1] Agent. FRED. I.. HAS, Agent. 1289jl A. WIDENMANN, REAL ESTÁTE AGENT. ANN ARBOR, MICII. OFFERS FOE S-A.X.E : 53 acres of land, witlijn on half mile from tbe cltjr, tobe suld ia whole, or pareéis, as follows : 24 aeren on eection 19, fn thé town of Ann Arbor borderio en the Mil n the road leasing to Coruwella1 paper milis, aod ou tb aoitth on 15 aerea itunte'l on the northweat corner of the Oorfaun road aiid tbe said Cornwell Factory in ui . (Thic ie une of the bandsomest situatioos in the neighborhood of Ann Arbor ■) 13 'j aeren improved land joining tbe above 1 5 i Kcres ui i.l (routing Gurham Houd. Forty acre Of First Class Fsrmin Land, wlih good Oicbard and Barn, 2á mileB froiu tUe Court Ilousi, on the upper Dixboro road. 1 ;-cre of land with a new two Btory frame house on TliompHon, Lpour j Thompson'a aödition tu the City of Aon Arbor. 71otBof % acreeachnThompsonjSpoor &Thom'pMjnv Additioa. U acre of land, with a nplendid groTe, joiniiig tbe Kiremen's Park ou the West. ÏEOUM and 1% lot of land, with Barn, WasbKitchen, Carnaffe House, and a nuraber of moderu improv iiifnis, on the nortbwettt corner of Fourth and Packard Streets. 1 House and Lot in the 2d Ward, on South I.iberty Street. 1 House and 3 Lots in the 2d Ward, near 2d Ward School Uou&e, 1 Hijiieeand 4 Lots, uear the M.C. R .R. Depot. :)20 acres oflaDd ín the south of the State of Missouri , uear the Ilannibal 4-St. Josepli Railruad. 2 City Lots near 2d Ward School Houee. A. WIDENMANN, FOBEIGN EXCHANGE BROKER, ANN ARBOR, MICH. SELLS A1ÏD BUYS DKAFTS, ISSUES LETTERS OF CREDIT ON ALL PRINCIPAL PLACES Inr,RKATBRITAINGEKMANY,FRANCE,SWITZERLANIï, etc. M ƒ direct conuections with Kurope enable roe to offer ai fair ritte as huv New York House. Reroember, I am not an agent of any houa in this country , but I am ba ving direct conimunica tion with tbe bont bouses Ín Kurope. COLLECTIONS IN EUROPE BY POWER OF ATTORNEV OR OTHKRWISE, W1LI. BE I'ROUPTLY ATTENDKD TO. PASSAGE TICKETS per Steamer to and from New Yoik to all prlnci pal po rts of Europe 1 II sell as follows : Krom New York to Southampton, Havre, LonJon, Bromen or Hamburg, lMCUw, 210]aas. Steerago. $10. $72. $25 in Gold Return ticket, Mi. 13fr 61 ' " From abovc places to Now York , lslClaas. 21 Class. 3d Cla. ÜO $72. 4u n Cpld From New York to I.iTerpool, Cabln, $8( ,i ÏJOOCurrency. Stemt-,.', 30 iu Currency. From Uycipopl (o jjew York, Cabin, Í100. 1 Steerage, $37. A. WIDENMANN, FIRE INSURANCE AGENT ANN AKBOR, For tbe Howardlniurance Co. tIn New York, on of tli e oldeüiand bebtConapaniebín the country. Tbe Teutonta Insurance Company n Clevelanc Tbe honorable and Rafe management of this innt tution han mftde it ono of the-most reljablo fir InsuraneeCompaniPin ihe'lVèftf. 1851 y I


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