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The Dove In Her Nest

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"Nav, your wlnc will raake me lieady, Wc have ta'en cnougli airead y ;" Let us go while we are steady ; Do Dot sür, 1 know niy way. So 1 lit my chamber canille, Sought my room and turncil the handle Lady togs f rom rulTto suiulal, Looso aoross tlie lounger lay I "Heavena !"I erkd, alarmed and shakeu "Surely 1 bien mistaken ; II the BleepJag beauty waken, What excuse lor me remaina?" Fear the dangerous joy enhunces, Love with eager step advances - Oh, the lauguors and the trances ! Oh, the pleasures and tne paius! Blissful watcb above her keeping, Angels gaard tueir sister sleeplng - Would lliey wake her slmuld, apeejiiiig Bcarded mortal ope the door '! Slealthily a pnce advanclng, Kouiid tlie rose silk draperies glaucing - Oh, the siglit divine, entniiiclng, llaunts my dreama lor evurmorel Fluslied as May'a young wealth of roses Laura ou tlie couch reposes, And llie dril'ted snow discloses Outliues wavy and remóte ; Tresses loose - a golden wonder ! Crimson li.s tliat sniile asuuder, And on; sinall hand crecping uudvr Tlie crisp lace which fr'mged her throat. Now a kiss were easy stcalin, But I dared not trust the feeling, For my very soul seemed reeliug In the fulluess of her view ; So I bowtd my bead and blessed her, Prayed the angel host to rest her, Boftly saldi "8 weet dreams, fair sister!" And from that snuill iuuvcn witlidrcw.


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