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The Unruly Member

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The toogue is called iu the Bible "bd unruly meniber " The followiog rules, f carefully fullowed, will be found of ;reat use in tauiing tbat whicb has not 'et been perfectly tamed : 1. Never use yuur tongue in speaking ftnything but truth. Tho üod of trutb, who made the tonguo, did not iotend it or any other use. It will not work well iu fulsetiood, it will run into such nconsistencieu as to detect itself. To use the organ for publishing falsehood b as inoongi uous aa the use of the eye for hearing, or the ear for smelling. 2. Do not uso ycur tongue too niuch. t is a kind of waste-gate to let off the houghts as they oollect and expand the mind; but if the waste-gate is always open, the water will eoon run shallow. Vlany people use their tongues too niuch. 3hut the gate, and let ítreams of thcurht low in till the mind isfull, and then you may let ofl w!th some effect. 3. Never let the stream of passion move the tongue. Some people when hey are about to put this member in motion hoiat the wrong gate, - they let out passion instead of reaeon. Tho .ODgue tbem makes a great noise. disurbs tbe quiet of tho neighbora, exhausts he persou'e strengtb, but does no good The wbirlwind has ceased, but what he benefit ? 4. -Look into the pond and eeo ifthere s water euough to move the wheel to any purpose before you open the gate ; or, plainly, thiok before you epeak. 5. Never put your tougue in motion while your respondent has bis in motion. The two streams will meet, and the reotion will be bo grcat the words of either will reaoh the other, but come ack in a bliuding sprinkle upon hime!f. 6. See that your tongue is hung true )efore using t. Some tongues we have observed are so hung that they sotneimes equivócate oonsiderably. Let tbe wners of suoh turn the lever of ooncieDca until the tongue moves true. 7. Espect that other will use their ongues for what you do yours. Some laim tho privilege of reporting all tbe ews, and charge others not to do so. Your neighbor will not allow you to monopDÜze the business. If you have nyttung to be kept secret, keep it to ourself.


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