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Opening Of The Business Season

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Despite tl e extraoi dimrily hot wenthea, nu unuPualljr laro nuinber ot' coun trj jobbing merohauts are in town bnying goods. At do forcier season has the busiuess of our wholes;ile h 'uses corauieuced or been of so extensiva u carácter ut so early a period in tho regular seeson. For thia nnoxpoctcd state of thiugs eeTeral reasons aro rsfined. In the Ërst place, it is now t ]orably well sottled Ihat the western and BOdtbero country is uuustially baro of goods. The butincsa of inst year was not ramunorative to New York morehants ; it wís difiicult to effuct sales, and the locsl houfes, litcrally spoaking, bought froni hand lo iuoufh. It is doubtful if any profit was m:-,de upon the entire New York bannea of last ycar. Wliilo this ecooomy in purchasing was observabls in the western and southem bujer(--,tfRÍr own sales of wheat and oolton were unexpeotedly profitable - The country has r ceived ?CO,000,000 more for its ootton erop thon was fixed upou it by the highest ostiiuate made at the close of last year. In like manner tho excess of the receivefl over the estimftted returns from the wheat erop was fulty S3O,000,600. tío tliaf, roughly stated, in July, 1870, on thaso two prüducts alone tha cuntry fiuds itself ninety niillions of dollars letter off than it calculated it would be in December, 1869. Henee, Bhrewd operators both in New York and tbe country bave been calcu lating up'n an extrcmely heavy business during ihe coming fall. - The country is rich beyond its expectation in money, nud tho loüal stores are baro (f goods for which there will be an uodoubted demand. All this will redound to the profit of the Now York merebauts and importers. The immediato roason of the influx of oountry jobber so early in the season 8 due to the rise in gold and the eer tainty of a decided advanco in the price of tha goods we havo hitherto receivti from Germany. As yet this advanco is not very marked, it rnging only irom 5 to 10 per cent. ; and thoso early birds the country buyers, now io town exped to realizo handiomcly from their prompt ness aud courage in visiting Now Yorl during this terrible weather. Uur bo tels aio uüusuaüy f uil, and, as we bo ioro iaid, our houses are u;; expoctudly


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