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Democratic State Convention

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A Democratie State ConYt'iitioii wil] bc t-lilln llio city of Delrtlt, ou Wclunmlay, ie Sist clay ol AiiguM next, at ' u'i . m., (o nojuinnte State ollici i -. yil I i .■- ii-t ïiitiy rope'rly come befare s!i:!i Uonvcnliuu. Kach cuuiity coiupiisiiiir mu1 ■'!■ more tate Reprcsi-ntative Di"lrVci! "üi '■ witleil in two ilulegnte's (oreil'cf RefiresVdtft! cach couuty sliall be eulUled toat eait i fte. Jiv i rcsolutiou "f i former State Contiülluu, ih person il! beéiitltH'il th R cal i the Con ventten whoftow iki renidöln locoiinty lle clatma to repref ut, xcï-ptil', liowi-ver, the coiuitits o.' tlio Upper uinsula. All good cltlzens who fieslre the end of extravajótnce and coiruption vh1ch art ■astlnji uur MiliNt.-iiiie; all who rteU-e n 'holeftutnc tcoftoasy In tlw artinlnlstrMon r pubiic uVairs ; ill who tleall'U li'iii all Intls of public próperty stiali béftr au qual proportlpn ol taxatioii, aml Ihal taxtlon in every foifn '' redneefl to trbe lówgt sum plble consistent witli the oiliations of the (jovernineut, are cordlally ivited to co-opcrate wlth Democracy o that end. M I MUTS. Ch'n. t PATTRBSOÍÍ. N K RLDRIDQE ■!. MDER. s o rl.WiK. A. C. BALBWIS. T K SHKRWOOD. W I. BAWCROIT, F."H 8TEVEMS. " THOMPSON. 0 BLODOKT, ■. li. II BRALBY. Einv.xüi' i o. Dcuiocrntic Ststc Ccntrul Committec. Tetroit, July ÏO, 18T0.


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