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The Midland Independent Is Indignant

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ovor a report tliat Mr. BlNQlMll of the Lausing llepúblican, and a candidato for Auditor General, is "6ecretly" charged with baving, at thu last sessioa of tlie Legislature, urged the passage of " u law mjuiring tha tax sales to bo pub. lished in pmnphlct form by tlie State printers, iustead of beiog advorüsed through the country papers as ut pres ent." Wheu the charge is refuled, - of the truth of which we know nothiug, - wil] the Independent advise the " couutry papers " who is respousible for the legislation of last sessiou requiring the road wurrants and overseer's returns for the whole State to beprinUd at Laming ? That " job " iuteresta us moro than the lax advertisinii. At the special eleotioo held in the Plymouth, (Wayne Go.) district on Saturday lasl, Chas. H. Bennett, anti-railroad aid Democrat was clected, beating Hosib, anti-raüroad regular lïopublioat), and FnisEiE indepeudont raihoad llepublicao. - The voto stood : BkñNBTP, 400 ; Hosik, 17G ; Frisbie, 15ü ; the railroad aid eaudidate falling 420 behind lus two anti-railroad aid opponeuts, aud the Deinorrat beating hia two llepublicau opponeuts, 68. Ab the Courier is slow to announce tb at the Republicaus of this county havo a home eaudidate fur Congresa - though it uiay not have learned it yot- wo beg leave to cali its attenliou to an article io the Ypr.ilanti Commercial of Saturday last, advooating the claims of lion. S. M. Cltcheon, and speakiug disparagingly of ihe CoDííresíionul career of the Cotirier's candidale, Hon. A. Blaih. If our cotomporary desires to copy the articlo we will loan it the Commercial. Ir is announced that "Gen. Sohenck bas acceptc-d the Presidency of the Land and Kmigration Couipany, at a salary of $12,000 a year." Which iudicates that GeD. Sohknck. bas read tliu writing on the xa, and has concluded that he has got to "get up and get" out of tho Houiie. The Kirig of Pruasia assuraB tbe Parament of tito Nortb Germán CoBÍodeation tliat tho imperuling war with 'ranee " s a strugglo without which ïurope can never cnjoy lasting pcace," hile L0UI8 NaI'OLBOn's Wnr Minister ays that it is to secure " guáranteos Iiiih could nevor bc obt.'iinod by disissïon." And tbat's whiit the war Í6 bout. Tuk Senato Gnally ytalded and pnssed ie House bill giviog Mrs. Lincoln an tinunl ponsion of f3,000. It réceived je siguature of tho President, and ia ow t'10 luw ; but rumor eays tliat Mib. jINC'hln will refuse to reccivo it; uot nt of conscientioue surupíes, but beoausa ; is not lari;e enonjrh. Canada farulshes tlio ii-us iur the Dcroit nuirkot. - (MOago Timen. Thcy are the onVy kind oí provlslons aot taxL'd uuder the laws of a.Radlcal Congres? t - Jfree Prins. Look in thij iron s'otion of t'.ie tariff bilí and seo if thí-re i not a dtity ou ' frogs." Your collector shotild be postcd Wlierü's W.nD ? Some skirmislieg are reported, but active h' Btilities have not yet comirenctd on the Rhine. Franco and Prussia ui e both masstng tbeir troop. Nnpoleon was to reach tho front yc.-terday, and a battle u:ay soon tuke jlao). Rbport saya tbat t'10 Hon. Maksh Giddikgs, of Kalamazoo, doos not con.sent to bo bnnislicd to tho junglos o (Jaleutta ; aud so that tboru is not to be removed from the sides of the May.


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