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The New Pension Bill

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Sjotion . Pension airen's shull prepara aiul within 15 days preoftdlng the 4th ot' Mar oh, June, September and Docarnber, in each jour, rtmoherB for tbo quiirtrrly payment to pensiouers direct, who, on r ufler saici I h ilny lüiuied, ïuay exeeute und retui'D tlie said vouchers, and none other, to thtgaidpoD8Íoo agents. 2. lipón the refeipt of said vnncliern, iroporly executcd, and tli oatblit'.iiiient of the identity of tlie pron entiilcd to tlie pension, Ihe Paoeion Ageat biimII iúmedittelj IwkmiI by (iiail to tiie sid pensiDuer direct, idd t uo otlier perfl&n, u c!i-o!; p;i)al'le solely to the order of said pensioner, exoept wliou the peuBÍoner required to appear persooallj and recoive the peaaiop Sco 8 No pensión shil!, uiuler'any cireuuistauces, ba paid to auy one but tlie person entitled tiiureio, except in cose of persons lcgally disabli'd, wben pnymi'iits maj b in.'ide to juiiiiüaus; and, in cape of pereons resideut abroad, vihen payama! may be mada is provided in tlie preyioua ucts. Seo. 4. Peufiun agfnta pliall icccive for all services repderfd to peusioniTS, incluiiii'.L' poitage, tiiirty cents, pnyable bj tlie United States, rui not more eball bo receivud by theio, uuder penalty of Í50O. Sec. 5. 'J'he SeorotAfjr of the Interior sball próvido blank, vouchers to bu uscd as bove etated, ucd regulations therefor, Seo C. Pension ngent3 and thtir auhoried olerka hha'l tuko and certify its of all penaioDon who tny aplear before llietn for tliat purposo, and ;ive ibe check for tho pension to the : er personally, and for takingsny mic.Ii :i i!;] i v i t. í'alsely and ciTinp'ly, the lii'uini hall te deemed aniltj ofperjury he penalty of tthicb !i a ! i Lo impiiaonnxwit í'cr tíve yeara or le-.t, and a fiae lot exceedi){ ël.CüO. öec. 7. The fee of ao ajtent nr kttorley for the pamwcntinn of ■ coaita ar buuuiy labd shrfi not i-xceed $f5. The igent or atioiney must 61e (without oost to tbe claimant) with the ComminiotHsT ■ f Pensiona duplícate artiole.s of agreement, duly attt-Bto;], ettin[{ fortb the feu i uj,ui), Whon no ayreemcnt is filod ur upproved by the Comiuianoner, tho fe hall be S10 und uo more Svc. 8. For contract or dcuiand, or receipt or ro'.ention of any OOmpoDsation reater Ibltn above stat'. d, t;:e penalty gball bc a fine of $500 or less, or imprisonmept fr five years or lcss, or b ilb. Sec. 9. Tlio Conimis-ion?r of Pensions eI,'1 forwurd to th"u Pension Agenta, v. it!i tb oertifioatea of pensiou, une of the irticles f sgreemeot, if spprovtd by him, and. diioctions as to the payinent of feeï. Sec. 10. The Pension Agcots shall deduct frota the amount of pension duo thu amouiit of fee, if any, and forward tbu same (lesa thitty cents) as direoted by the Coimni.-siuner.


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