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An opportunity vis lt in the last honra uf the sesión ut Cigrusi to tegain t'.o lost cominerce of Uig country. Tliis ancrifice was made at the ,-hiiue of tliuí gieat molooh nuil b;mc of all sound political cciiiomy - k'üi-lati n ior thu teueiit of special ioterents ïho Prcs'.deut was uot dcruhct iu dutyj tut, it iho moment of Teueivingího information of tbo war o Europe, he called, in earnest words, the attention ol Congress to its importance, and to the nccoj-sity of prompt, legislitión, in order thut we might tiil up the brcacu in ihe oarryitig trado and oommeree of tho world by the witbdrana] or Blockudeof all thu French and Pruesian ebippicg. If ünglaud re niiiins Deutral shu wiil secure the oa'rj ing trailu of ihe world. We have ueiiher (he steam iht the toarme toonnge to seriously enter into cornpetition for it, and Congress haa rcfused to anthoriza thu registration oi foroign-bfilt bougtt liy Ataerioin eitizons, or to release or suspend iho t;ix upoo shipbuikliu iuater;als, ap u to cuuble our owii ah:pwrigi;ts to büikl them asohoaly as in otlifi" coinitrirs. With tliis nutiioüty ooDferred, the lirst of Ansuit would Mot buve passed without öur i:nessiog tho establishmeut of ot least tbréé wtelily stea'mshif) liues 15 Europo under the American flaif. Tho gïeat sbipping interest in whieh tbe country is ihtctèstéd is thun orÊppled, t' uot deiiroyed, in order 1 1 j n t a ocal intt-rest iny be, in (oma oiuasure, proteot ed. We look upmi uoh Ifgislatio-, in :ll Cisca, te a bluudor, aiid i tliis one as a crime-. All Ouf'dfiipyards are silen ed. It is n t mtny yeara aiooe they resounded with tbe aciiyo i il'-irts of busy mep, Wiien our uar broke out wo weio the secoud nulion of the world in commercial toaoage To-dnv we are hanily ooonted on iheü.t, and yet, with tinber abuodant ai:d ill otber materiab for (bippiog at uur vi.Ty dours, with willing liands to do the worlc, Congrese rcfueca io grant the baoa, becauae tbe ylvánia iróñ iiitL-iest ipi'ht suffer thiicby. We uro furo all true Peiín'sylvaüiahs will repudíate suoli proB at enoh a cost t.i tbe whule country. To havo rogained oar lost póaitfon in the cirryiug trado of thy world would uot hve been for a day ar year, but for all timo. Ib it nol humilitating tl) visit York or Bostuu and sea tho Iiritieb flaHying opon ovpry Bteamur or Railm sbip of any size ? We liave brcadsiuíF eotton, tobáceo anu petroleum to senj to Europe, but iro are prevcnled froni seodinpr thera in American botlnm, Tticy must al! go iu foroign or EnglUh liips. 'i'hu freights and oommissing must uil he lost to American commerce Bot tliis is not all, Vía are protaibued from pttrcbssins a ship and Ameiicanizing ber; and tliis liberal ('imgress that lias juni ndjiiurncd, Hnd who bu8 spent s i mach breatb nd expended so muoh elnqnence in dufending and explaining tlie universal brotherbood of man, r. í'used to oonfer the commercial privilege uon any Amerieun citizea of parohasing, with bis owu uioney, a ship lo cuirv our mail?, or to transport tha rL'!i produce of our s:il, under the Araerioao íing. Such a nariow nd nhort-sighted policy will fll before diso, and seriouíly dainsge tliose for whose iuterest it is claimd to have been inau;ruratod. Wo know Dot bow oor members voted od this quvstion, and 'nave purposely refrained from lookuifr up the record now, but wo hava notfoed' tbat twi) merabori from Novr York - Mr. Hrooks and Mr. Pottur - are meetiog witli s me sharp rebukua from thetr cor. tituenta.


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