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píM JPvCVÍiJSIMMtjSu Estele of Lydia L. Jones. . OP tfTCHIGAN.Coantyof Washteiuw.w. ;m orderof tljp ?r.v ate Conrt for the Connty of Washtenuw, mude on be ' v.vnty-M'vcníh day ufJuly, D. 1&70, si :rom that date wcrc allowed for credtton t rcsent thcir claims agalnst rhe estáte f Lydla L late of s:id County. dcceft!ed, and that alí - nf sald deceaeed are reqnired to prevent hrir chiímt to said Probate Court. at the Probate Office in the city cf Ann Arbor, for examinaüon and allowmice, on orbcforr th twfnty-ieveth da of Jflnnary next, and that eoch claims wlll be heard ■ml Prubate Conrt. on Smurday, the twe&M ! y of October. and on Frirlay the twenty, Hcvcnth 'y.y of Jaiiüriry next, at teu'o'clock iu th "uruioon ofeacfa uf tliosfi days. Dated, Anu Arbor, July 2Tth, A. D.. 1S70. IIIKav 3 BEAKBS. IS8 ■ Judgeof Probate. Eütate of Matthew Kearney. QTATBoFMICÍHIGJtN, OoümttofWabhtisw, Bt v At a 8Esslon of the Probate Coart rortbe Consté of Wasbtenaw, bolden at theProbateOfficeln theCitt of Aun Arbor, ooTlnir-iday, the tyenty-ighth dayof Inly. in thu year oue thousitnl elght liundred - eBty. Present, Hlram .7. Beakes, Jndge of prolmte. ín CbttmaUoroítheLetatE of Ma tibe w KearneT, doceased. i lingftudftlin' tlicprtition. duly verlfied,of Mlcbal Kearney, pn , certaln imttrument file in thU Court, purporUng to he the Int wiil and testament of said deceased, muy be admit■. auü that üe naj bc appoiutod 8ol Executor thfroof. ThereujHju itïaOrdcrcd.that MoiuUy, tiie tweaty. the fon. noou, le assiguedfor the bariuL of said petition, and t!iat the law of aaiddsi C ■ Bi il. r, ad :. i ' . in gaid et-ttte, are requfred to appear ut a eesslon of said Coart, then tO Dfl );■ P . [1 v Of ADI Arbor, and show canse, ïf au; there be, why the pray. er of th ' ■■ gran te d : Andit'ii further ordered thataaid petitlonereivenotlce to tbt, : b Interwted h - oi the pendencj of ilion, and ihy bL&rljig t.ïiereof, by causmj; copy of tlüs Order to bc puMihed iu tbt! Jfit-Aiii Arguty - ad drcniating in Baid u'iiv. three successlve woèka previuus toaaióday of hokrinffi ▲ trnecopTO IÏIRAMJ. BEAKES, J.udt;e ol Probate. Estáte of Jaoob Sherman. STATE OF MICHIG ilT, Coontj of Wafhtenftw.u, l :i Fession of the Probate Court for the County Of Waihtenaw, holden at the Probate office, in th CitvofAim -Mbor. ou Wedneaday, the twenty eeventh day of Juíy. in the year oue thouaand eight heidred and seventy. PrcoQDt, lïiram J. Beaken, Jadge of Probate. In the matter of Uie stat of Jacob Siicnnan, decBftsed WillUm Checvert Admiuistratr de tonis non of mie. comes into Court nnd representa that w prepared to rendes bis Anal account m bucí A liuini-' Therenpon it is Ordered. that Monday, the tentysecond day of Avgnat next m too o'cl ck lu the fon. . for i xamintng and allo wing swh accunnt. oad i bal the bein at Law of sald diceawd. and all other persons tntereated i;i said -ïtaio, ar reqnirrd to fcppear at a session of aid court, (faenttf be nolden at the Probate OlQce, in the City of am In iïiilit t'oimty, aud ihowcuisi', if nny the ; vuü!,t shonld not bcaltowed: And tt la lurtticr ordered thtit eaid Admiuiêtrator gre Tiotioe to tho penona interested In said esUtu of the ]xiideiicy of eaid aoconst, and the heariuj thereof .i copy of tbis order to be pat ■"--■, b newspapei priutH and ctrcolatlog in naid County, three bucccí weekfl preiions tu aaiddaj of hearing CA true copy.) " UUiAM J. r.r'.AKKil, X'ISO Judso of Probat, Estáte of Fratiklin Swift. STATK OF MICHIGAN, Oounty of Waehtenaw. Al a Beaaion of the Probate Court for the ConnQ of V;i-hu-n;tv, holden at the Probate ofllce in tht city uf Aun Arbor, uu Wednenday, ihe twenty-eeveiUjj day of.luly, iu the year olie thoueand cight hundrei and scvenLy. Presentí Hiram J. Beakes, Judpe of Probate. Iii the nutter f the estáte of Fraukl;ti Swift, deDeba Showerman. Executor of the last will tin ni iï nu] deeêased, conrea lnto Court aad ■nis tha[ he h now prepared to reutítr bif nnal account as t-iu-.h Bxecutor Theceupon U laOrdered, that Vo.nday, tho twentr ; iliiy ui AngQftt nt'XC, at ten o'c]n:k the forenoon be aöslgned :'; i-xaiuining and ■ lowing sucb accouni. and that the legatees, oö at law of satd deceaied, u" all other persons Entereated in 8aldeatoteaiw (julred to appear at a sesston ofaald Cmirt, then be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Am Arbor in ald Coontj, and Bhowoanae if y there , Baid account shoulil not be allowi-d : And uu furtii. . recnKr gfe n j lnterested In said estáte, of the penst, and i hu hearinff thereof, dj y ef tbia order i" t' pttbllehedin th# s,a newapaperprinted and citculaUn in said Comity. thre ancceasive weeks previou-W ui' Hearing. CA traecopj.) II1KAM .1. TiF.AKKS, lïSutd JtuU-'C of Probat. K.state of Robot McCormick. STATE OF MICHIGAN. Connty of traahtenaw.d■ a of the Probate Court for the l'oontj of Washteuaw, hol o Office, in'' City of Ann Arhor. on Tnetday, tbe tweniy-ioura ilay i'l' Jnly - iu the ycur odc tbouaand eiH huudrw and Beveniy. Praeent, lliram .). Bekes,Jndg of Probate. In the matter of the estáte oí Kübert McCormicki atrbt nfihe !::.t 11 d1 lent of said deceaeed, oonwe Into Conrta repiesenta that &he is now prepared torendernö linal account i-; BQCb l:xr( ;ir:x. and prayini: Il'4i t-Lu: may b i)iinnitted to ru i'n sí.ílI trnat, and th1 :: in::y be appointed adroiDlatrotor wi(K the w:ll annczêd of said '.■ Thereapon it is ordered, ihnt Monday the tweiiljBecond cay of AagaBt nokt, -ai ten oIock in tw lorenoon, te .. I ; ezaoitning and allowinfi Btich areiiiiiii, Dfl tUat the legateee, derlaeea ' aw of said deceased and all other porsoni -.lidi-niate.uvi' ro:iire(llo appear l Beagion vi' :lí(1 Conrt. theu to be bolden at ft Probate g the City of Aiui Arbor, la unty. and show cause, if any there w . why the said account nhnuld nut be allowed OJ the prayer of the petlUoner graated: AnflW j is further ordered that said Kxecutrbc i'ivu notie to thfferaona interested In said estáte, of the jd' of said account, and the hearing tlureof, W gacopy of this order t be [,ubiishcd iD " vapaper prlnted and drcolatwl in sai:! Consty, rhree BuceessiTe weeks previoust s.ii'l (lav of hearing. (AifrnecojyO " IIIKAM .7. BEAKES, Jnége of Probate. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT havine onen mude in the CJiifüi'00'?' ■ . {e made and exeented by Jol" A. Ock o d,.r;ii OitTof Ann Arbor. 8i ate of Mi f ■ Pamfo, baarmg 4ate the cLhthd' f ,imj Ihousa iiircd and si.v and recorded on the uimii day of May. A. 1). I"' of the Register .'f Dèedsof t-.e ConntlJ" Waahtonaw. 8tate of Michigan, in llber SSofnW on page l:-r. by which the power of j . i taned bas I ■ raüve, ann '' amounl clatmed to be d on f.-ii't mnrtgage '■■ uotlce, balnc theeum of one liuuu' i an Attorn j fee ol il;rty I lars expreasly 'leed to !ts ])aid in o:'.se anyp r' J ; be ia'k."i io toreolose ea(d mortBace. aiwj" I at !ri ■'!■ in aquity bavniK bí5 ■ e r thé svm now remainïngdnetfj "a s:-.ld mor: part thereof: j lire:[veC, tiiat n Mnniluy106 ,; iy Of Oetober, A.D. Wf'. at w ia !ii ■ t irenoon of that day. a! Ihc fronl o?, nut lli'ii-c, in the city of Ann Arlior. sniil County of Washteuaw, StHte of hicblgau. f" belnt; plaee of holding" Circuit Conrt for said Coniity), by virtue ufif" In sai.l mi' ■ Ined, .ind ' pursoance of tho st In snch case made i.tip' vided. there wlU sold at public aoctlon orjwdoe, to tlie Li ■ :l" -. said nu ll-'lv "-' "e fj' sary tosatlafy the amonnt due and uopald on " ■,■, atthedate of this notice, with ""J5 . edbylair and !'rovl(!, ,' „ In saiJ mortgage. 1 11 Baid premisca aredesenow. eald mortsae a follows : All ( !: nninbM J ■ucordine tothe recorded pial u( Hiscock' bnPJJT I addltion to the city of Aini Arbor. State of )UÏÏ pau . and also lot Boven oa ího same addition tos city. I.JnlySSth 1ST0, lila CHAELBS rANTI.K.Mortgagi FAMILIES AND PARTIES CAX GET TIIKIR ICEGREAM AT WKCLESALE At the City Areade, aad it is admitted by jood J" g u8tobc the beat In the market. Aleotnal' CllKASf-tUUtA go.oBMith !fïl sil. ,_op8gj,


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