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New Yourc. July 96th, l7fl. Tho intenso eicltoment recontly p. valing tn Wall strent bas subslded, nni) the exceralre beat hos drivon man; or the bulls and bsara to exdalm, " h fornloi'go in a rarden of encambara " It was n - morad thla mornleg ihat thi; Bank ol Frunce bed suspended, and gold went duw. i to ISOX. lut after10 report having been discreditea, it sluggislily crawled up again to IS1X. at which it rf .intil the c!oío of t!ic gold room. Cut'.on 11 qiiot aftcr advanriiig to 20JÍ for middllng uplands. The flour market la quiet ud heavy with declino ofiocou yesterdaj-'s priecs. We quoto superfina state and western at .50@6.0ï extra western aid I ::() ; extra Ohio $1.05@7.B0; cnmmou to good aonthero JS.Ï5ST.80, i;nd choice $7.36(3.10. Rye 11 ur armer at 5.40 87.80. The wheat market lie.iv and Sc lover Ihan yosterdny. Tlierc ia no denKiud al :ill axpept now and then some adventnron epecaliitor eeiz.os hold of a choice lot. We quote No. 2 Milwankleatsl 89@1.8S; Cbicaso$1.60.ail.64; New whltt Virginia M-Mj No. 1 Milwankee Si 42 1.4S ; new amber Oliio il. 55 ; and Kacine Bpiiü: $1 :i I. Kye is active with an npward n-nrlcncy. We quote Oansda at $1.0."@1.0S. Corn is qciot aud flrra 00 for n w wsstero mixft il ; okt do. at il-02; terawblto Oats are heavy and lowei. We quote weetern at WütSt, and Ohio and ■ . The provisión market. is dull aud heavy for neea pork and acttve and firm flr private mess. B ady t 162Tc for western, and cheese is qnint at The wooleu goods twde seeras a littïu bttter, bat mflnufacttirers are vcry caatlons :ï!o:;t Investlog in western wool. We qnota Mloh ■_■! ■■ clean at 46@4Tc. The cott. u goods market is dull bul ffrm at uniform rates. JKT1!OIT, Jul.V 27th. No biwïtiw -nothiug but hest. Flour Is qnlel i Is llkelj to n-msin so untll tho new supply cbmes In, as tlicre are at present very few desirable lotjs in the matkst. The scanty nppl, however, keeps prices np. jind we quoto a shade higher than our last report: Fatcy white wlieat brands 0 ; cholee do. ï.00@7.60 medium do 6.26 T.OÓj ambera &.3S($0.T5; low grades to eui)ernne . ■: Itye flour 5.(0.5.50. Wfceit 19 also been (luiet, owing prlndpally to the want of demand. No. 1 white is the most wanted, and is no doubt tho favorito spcciilatlvc frade. We quote extra at l.i la 1.62: -Ni. 1 white 1.6J-, Ki-pruliir 1.S8 amber 1.42. Corn is caree and the market very flrm at 96c for Ho. X , and 9Sc tor Ho. 2. Oats market weak. Burley dull auil uomluil. The apple market is weli Bupplled. cholea butter is careo. (Jorn maal is still ui lo $44 for coarse. $44 for fine, and ÍS0 for Kün üriod. Prnlts and veietablea are dcclining. !i..v: appeared but no regular ratea arrl i au L Tallow scarce and In good demnd. Tho druj; business 1 p.irticulsrly active Jast now OWlng tO ttio Ur;;e iuouut of sickness.J DETROIT PRODUCE MARKET.- The rollowlng Quotations represent the i-urniit net pricevreaJised by coniinisiiui dealen .and are carefnH; revlaedevery 11 the Aeoiis, by our Dütroitcorrespondent. Dedactlons f rom these prices fr commlssiouB and charges , will show tha net ratos toflratbandsi Apples.- Drled, 8@8Uc; Green. 6.00. -perewt.. fl.!fc@2.00 for Nol ax -per Ib. 81@S2. -white, $i .65 Botter- Roll and croi k 23(3)24. Firkiu, ï0r&il. Cheaac- Michigan Factory, Í3@14. Dairy, ïftl2. Corn- perbu.i 96 96c. -perdoz., '.". T.T5. '■ .. lfl.75. 11 low gradee 'i.óO. ' ryo. 5.1 0 '0 ■". Hieles- dry. per Ib. ,16@17c .rracn.G.'íc. Cali Skins- Oreei I.S0: larab skius4060. Hopa Kew, per Ib., :-';10c. .. lTc. Rye- 0@l 00. Oats- pur ba. S3c. : . 3 üC(.?4 on. PoMoeg- 4O(o n. :ñuv, i:;.01(i 8.5)perbb:. Tallow- 8H(S Tork ,pei lb.,l'J({820c. ac- extra white, 1.65 No, i -$1.55. Aïs XS.SO& raooicE bausets. Akous Office, July 38, laro. W' quote thie afternoon as follows t W fEAT White. 14'c ; Red, 110c liUl;K WIIEAT- 7"C. -TSc. OATd- SOc. BEANS- $1.16. HA7- $13 ■; ;■:;: -os'c. egqs- Mc. larb- i6c. a PtM.:J. ■■;- ;".: 1 6Cc. POTATOES- 3JC. NEW POTATOBS- Vte. i MI0KEN8- 14C Tt:jÜCEV8-10c. WOOL- 40c.


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