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We Have Never Written A Book

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" whfft we (don'l) know about farmliig,'' aor edlted nu " agrtcultural department" in ;i popalar magazine, but we have jast a word of advicc to givc lo farmers at thls time, whlch thoy muy take for jast ivhat it -, worth or not at all. And that is : Dou't bc iu a hurry to thresh your wheat. It has nccessarily been put iuto the stack, not wet, perhaps, bnt more or less molst. 'jreshed now the graln will go luto tbc bin holding too much water to care well. Iu the stnuv the moisture will be absorbed by the covering or cbaff, in the bin one keruel will absorb tlie molature of another, aud if August sh.ill prove like July it may reat hot water and iujure the (uality, if not entirely spoil the berry. - We " borrowed " the id$e of thls Item om somebody wlio knows more about it lan we do, but isn't that t!i way the ma ority of the wise agricultural editors gel ir wisdom. Kevertheleso, it is cominon onse.


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