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- Seward proposes a voyage aroaud íhe orM. - Gen. Shcrllan is golng abroad to look p the Frauco-Prussian -uu,-. - Whiitemore proposes to try for a Seat i the XLII. Conjjress. What low aspiraOÜS. Miss fciiisnu 15. Anthony is a suecess. he succeeded ín lo.sing $10,000 by one ïevoliition. Or so report says. - The Wyomlng Reformera propose end ing a voinan delégate to jEODgn is. mild woman sound a lovver depth ? - The sumnier uniform ordalned by the . Y. Board of Pólice Commlssioners ís : a shirt, i Deck-tle, anií gloves." Airy. - The Jenkinses oí the dallles have had godsend, - the marrlage of carpet-bag euatö Sen. Ames and Ulanche Butler. - The Nalion gives the Democrats 99 ïembers in the next House. A respectale gain, bat we must do "better as that." - The WorM sajs : "Weaiv prolilbited to import three artlcles, viz: Counterfeit nioncy, obscene prints, forelgn-bullt sliips." - Viliy cau't Seward float us down one ' hifi Alaska lee-bergs and anchor it in the i!l-poijl, or, bejtter, the Court quare? - 4 Itttle gtrl in Illinois Solved en ■ o' t' ö voiuau problcms, by hoeiog more hllls ei notaties In two days than either of her der brothere. Namber. o!' liills not stater') - Tile N. Y. iorld says " The U n ty of Hljehlgan lias a female matrli i it s law deparwnenr, n the er n olM'ss la Keady." Ahvaysgo away fTom hoir.e o get the ik vs. - St. Loulitjhas provlded for a reglstry f all houses of prostltution and their iuïates. Mo'.v let their umie visitors Ijc rti;tered, and the llsts held open for public inspectio:i. - The wldow of Sir John Fnuiklin arrived in Gtnclnnatl a few days slnce, via Oaiifornla. Her visit toCincinoati was for the parpose of 'inter-vièwing " touching' his proposed A re tic expedlHon. - II. J5. I!. sareastlcally artlcle In th ■ ■ Journul, witii: '' It is a crime to be a woman " Whlch is w!iy tae ptogressive womeu ure try Ing to con vert their sex into men, - as near as nay be.


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