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A Simple Weather Glass

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Tbis Iittle instrument, ssys the Journl of Applied Chtvtitiry, is prepared in tbe following waj : Take a glnss about ten iuclies in lcDgth, and one inch in diameter, fill it up with the following liqnid ; Two parts camphor, one part nitrate of potash, and one part gal ammnDa, and dissolve in spirits of wine, and adii water until jou are partially preoipitated the einphor. The extremity of the tube ean be left open or henneüoally sealed. The clans tubo thtts prepared is then fized in a. horizontal posltioD against tho walt or a board. The changes in the vrcaüicr are tbus indicated : 1. If tbe weather ii to be line, the eoniposiüon of tho nubstanco will rcroain entirely nt tlicbottorn of tho tube nad the ebove liquid will be perfcctly olear aat) transpaient. 2. Bcforo the weather changes to beoome rainy, tbe precipítate will rise by degrees, and small crystalizatious, similar in shape to stars, will be seen to atove about the liquid. 3. When a tortu t3 imminent, the precipítate will nearly rise tu the top of tiia tube, assuming the shape of a leaf, or an assemblage of cryatals ; tbe liquid will 'ijipear ta be vu a state of efferrcicence. This ehange very ften akes place twenty-four hours before the ohange in tbe weatber. 4. Tho side from which the wind will "dlow in a equall will be alo iudicated by thf of tha Bubst&nee floating in the liquid acd asHumiog tbe shapo of Xbng hairy needlus. 6. In the summer time, the weather being witrm aod dry, the crystalization ■will have a teudency to remain lower In the tub, end tiio liquid will aleo be more transparent. The amouut of crjaialiaed partióles which will be teen tiuuling in the liquid will b a sure eign of indieatiea of fine or batï weather, vrill depend entirely pon riie suddenncss of tlie ehange in the weatlir which is to take place, actiag in tke vaott energetio way on the composition above deseribed. The value of tkis simple instrument to forewam of na impending storm, nd also to indieate the eontiuitanee of fine weather, will be leadily apprectnted by tbo: o whose oecupatiom are affested in th ohacge o( thé weatheit


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