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The Cows For Farmers

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What are tho quulities nec:s-ary lo oonstitute a good cow ? A good niilkir alone does not, in our jndginent, oon stitate a gernd cow ; neitlicr does a good breeder, nor a good foedcr. It is Uiee three qnnlities oombioed tbnt ihe cow. Give us a cow that is good for milk quaiity ns Wll us ijtiantity consid ered, tht wben properiy brcd to good bulla, will invariabiy produce #ood oalves, and ono tbat ben dricd of her milk, with proper care find attention, takes on fleah rapidly and evcnly - and for ono we rest, lor a whilo nt least, satiefied. And till we can raise up an entire breed of cows, eaeh coe of wbich shall posisss tbese escellencies, our nim Hball be to advanco in iruprovenieut til! we can acoouiplish our oh]ect. To posso88 the first of' these qualit'u'S, a cow fhould havo a fino head, a little wide above the eyes, but quile small lelow, and appear gnmewhat long. Her nose should bo of a rich yellow color, at all events, not black. (We do not know of any full-blooded stock of any breed witb black noses, but they frequently appear on stock as hih bred as fifteensixteenths). Her neok should bo very email where it joios the head, bat wiriening and deepening as it iipproaohes the ehoulders and briskets. Her udder sliould be of good size, well covercd with long, soft hair, and not incliund to fleshiness ; large rnilk veins, find small, delicate horns - they rnay bo long in somo breeds, but tbey should be fiue and she should have a yellow skin. To be a good breedor, sho nhould in the first plaoo be descended from good stock, and the furlher back you ean trace hor from good stook the better. - She should poseess all the beforo inentioned qunlities, with a broad, straight back, widt loins and bipi, long, deep quartor, round ribs, boncs small in proportion to her size, dtep and full brisket fore legs wide apait; and lastly sho should boa good handler. A cow that is a good hatidicr wlll also almost invariably, produce rich intik, and if a fitst rate baudler, and posaessing tho .-ibove mentiooed qualitieê, sho will be uTariably a good feeder. Tliis handli: g qnality is, or bas beun too much orcrl'iukod by breeders aud judgfs of cattle shows. Judge? that will Live in their decisión for premiums on steek, without even touchiDg the animal, are, in otir opinión, unfit for the ofïïoe. We sliould not of purchasing n cow for milk, stock and beef, without kn )wing her to b8 a good handler.-


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