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The Art Of Making A Pudding

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For this purpose wheat flour must bo sifted and nccurately measured, Iudian meal scalded, tapioca soakud over nighf, sago and rice vasht:á in soveral warm waters, dried brend rolled and. siftod, lbo whites and yolks of eggs separately beaten ; do not put them into hot milk or they will curdle ; add the whitos the last thing. Butter is the best shortening for wheat flour, but lard, suet, and chura drippiugs uro nice for corii meal. ScaU molasses and Iet it cool before usiu. Cream of tartar and yeast powdor must bo siftod with tho flour, soda or sal volatik; dissolved in lukewarm water and strained. A Urge amouut of soda and salcratuï is required for molasses; in using it with sour tníík more or loss should be used accordiug to the acidity of the milk. Raisins should be stewed, citrón sliced very thin. Zante currants mashed and thoroughly dried, and all iruits wüll dredged with flour and added the last thing. TBeatiug all the ingredieuts thoroughly insures a light pudding. Batter puddings and custards require 8traioing. Whether the pudding is to be baked, boiled, or steamed, the dish or mould must be well greaseá Bits of butter are sometiines put over tho tops of baked custards to prevent their burning. We think steam custards preferable. For boiling, four eggs should be allowed to a quart of milk, the milk placed in a tin pail in a kettle of boiling water. Pudding bags should bo made ol strong unbleached eheetiDg. Jut before Kiiiug, dip the bag in bot water wring out, and dredge thoroughly witn flour. Allow plenty of room for the pudding to swell. Place an old plateio the bottom of the pot to keep tho pudding lrom being burned. Keep it wel under wster and the water cunstantly boiliog. When done, dip the bag in cold water and tha pudding will elide out in form. For steaming, the earthen Turk's head is very common, nd if well greased before the pudding is put ia, there wiil be no difficulty iu preserving the exact form. Moro time is required to cook & pudding ia steaming than in baking or


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