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Pennyroyal For Fleas

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Theoil of pennyroyal will drive these insects off; but a cbcapor'muthod, where tho herd flouristies, is to throw your dogs and ci'.ts into a decoctioo of it once a week. Mow tho herb, and scatter it ia beds of pigs anoe a month. I have seen this done Tor niany years in successióu. Wbero the herb cannot be gut, the oil may be proeured. In tliis case satúrate strings Trith it, aud tie thcm around the necks of dogs and cate ; pour a littlo od the back and about the ears of hogs, whicb you can do while Ihey are feeding without touching them. By repeatint this application overy 12 or 15 dayg, tho fleas trill fleo from your quftdrupeds, to their relief and iiuprovement, aod your relief and comfort in the house. Strings gaturated with the oil of pennyroyal, and tied around the cecks and tails of horses, will drive off lice; the strings should be saturated once a day. - Scientific American. Rev. Mr. B , an eccentrie Connectiout minister of twogenerations ago, met llov. Mr. S , one Sabbath inorning, as thcy were on their way tbr an exehange. tíaid the lattcr, "My motherin-law is failirg, and will probably request the prajers of the cbureb, in wlneh I would unite." Bctwcen services Mr. IJ. went to seo the old lady. He asked whetber she would like to have prayer offered for her recovcry. "No ; why should I ? I havo lived out my, days, and want to get homo." That atternoon the congregation waeastounded with the followiDg"notico :" "Mrs. P desires the pray6rs of this church thnt glio may die. Her son-iu-law, Rev. F. S. unites in tho rcque8t." Nearly one half the sbipping in Now York harbor ia under the Gerinaa flstg, and this has boen suddenly thrown out of tho market, and consequeutly neutral gteamers obuin seven penco to Liverpool, and nine pence to London, witli svery prospect of advaneing to a shilling, next week. This is a serious obHtaole to an export movement in wheat, and will prevent any advance in prioe. How is the time to order your BillHeads, Letter-lleads, Cartts, Circulars, Stateiueuts, etc, aud the Akgus ollice is the place ta get thera.


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