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WASHTENAW COUNTY: T tracyw!ro wëb sa Ljíi ( COïiVEYANCER tlLIliJ cj ■ I REAL ESTÁTE EXCHAK6E ! J Ttie n tuier signad liaTiop a pur fee t Record lilfltorj of ll Of the Kvftl Bita t o Title in this tilt?, and in the Count; of Washtenaw, takes pleasure in announcing tn the public that ne will examinn title, give abstraoUoi Baal Ktate title, makc gpckIm mortgaes, contracta and othr legal papera on the shurte! DdtioOi Wil] aUo mftke salo of City property and Anus, rent houaefi, and foreclose mortcege. J'erlonfl wanUna ■ hlstory of Heal Estáte .iitle, will recnllect tliat hlfl Books in Tax Titln nd all collateral niatlf is wliicb touch oach particular description; and all mortgaiïos, ancient or modern, which i p] sar to be still subsistiug of record at the present linie. I offer the following Real Ktate Tor Hale ; fo,100 Tlio Malony House and Lot 011 DivUion btrt-et. Mo. 101. fl'ime and Lol in ITtcock'H addition. Pi ice $2.000. So. 102. Two Story öiick House on Spring Street. Mo. 103. Two .Story Vod Jiouwe on Spring Street. No.104. Nice Houee, Lot and Bars ju t west of Law College. Xo, 105. Fino Houhp, Out-house, Barn and 5acres of land, Water Fount.&c verjr deairable rroprtj. No.106. House and 3 acres of Land Imiide corpora tl'öD, No.107. House and Tot juat aouth uf theUnfrerrity bnf Kling, No. 10$. l-"'a' acros of Land aat of tho Unireriity Giounds. Ko. UWL 't? I nearly oppsite Dt.'s l'riiiling K-ïtiibh.Hhuicitt. N'o. 110. One Two Stoiy Wood Dwellfnc on State Slrtet. No. 111 One elegant Two StOTJ Brlck House near UniTersi' % S-püir. No. 112. MOaoresMith buildiojs jt northof the City. No.113. One T.vo t'tory BoOM Jast aorth Ceraet#ry Qronada No, 11-t Two Rrick Houaes west sideof Unirerríty Square. N'o. 115. 6 acres juut went of the City. Xo. 116. 5 acis with balldlogi just west of the City. Xo. 1J7. 160 acres with bullninsrs and inprorements 5 miles north- good situation. No. 118. 320 acres- fine farm in Shiawausee. Nu. HU. 2 ,000 acres of Wild Land 8 in the Countio of Wayne, Mouroe, Sagina w and Shi wassee. My Abstract Bouke are posted to date, N. 120. One elegant Three Story Building on Huron Street, west, No. 121, 175 acres on Vliddle Road to Tpsilanii. No. L23. 40 acres on Scuth Uoad witb Buildiugs and bnprOTemtntfti Xo. 128. 240acreson North Oexter Road. 2) miles out, with iroproveojeat, Xo. 124. And much oíher Resl Saiate aot heTeia included. There are m-uiy old mortgases in Washtenaw Coun ty undischarged of Record, and tho laws of Limita" tiotiA -is to Mortgages is dilTereut from thtt appllca' l.if i Bl lístate. Teman of Commission on sales of Real Estáte, one i-rii'iit. if sale niftile. Rates for search of lïeal Estate Tille cents pt-r jour for Deed and sii cents a y ent for Mortgacls until chance ot' notico. No ch.'irfs will be made for examinatinn of litte, making pajer?or recoróiog, to parties irmüai inoncy thiouRh me. Monoy watiteti tt loan on uDincumbored tt6al K-t&te from one to five jears, at 10 per cent. interest riet to the lender. Ann Arbor , Marcli 20, 1H70, TRAC Y W. ROOT. j. JOHNSON, At No. 7 South Main Street. STILL HAS A HAT OR 2 LEFT, LATEST STYLES, AND Just the thing for the Season Which will besold LO-WEI?. Tüw.3T EVEB 1 ALgO A LAR0E3TOCK OF GLOVES, C(l!,UKli, SECK TIES, HANDKEKCIIIEFS, SATCHELS, CANES, Umbrellas, Parasols, &c. pipase r.'ill and examine ny gooeïs before purchasin elsewhere. May, 18701 aTÖNEÏ" CAN NOT BUY IT. FOR SIQHT IS PRICBLESS ■rili: DIAMOND (l,Afra, Muimfactured by J. E. Spencer & Co., N . Y., wliicli re now (Tered to tb tí publir, are pronounco'l by all tlie cfilebrated üytimnsof the World to be the Most PertVct, Natural, ArUfy::I hel tt tbe human eye verlinwwn. They arL' ground umier thoir own superviaion. from minute Cryatal lVbble?, niclted topi'thcr, and derive thoirname, " Diaoiund." on account of the ir hardBasi itv biillianey. Tlw ScjentiRe Principie on whicli Vhcv are constructed brinca tne core or centre of the lam Alraetlj in front of the eyc, productng a clear n dittiDOt visión, as in the natural, lioiilthy nífíht, and yteventitig all unpleanant sensati'nik-, such as glimmering and waviTinp of Bight, ()Í7.iiifBs, &c, peculiar to all othersio BH. They are mounted in the ÏIKE8T MANNKR, in flamea of the best quality,of ll materialtl used for lli:it pur[)ORe. Their tliaïafc and durabrtity canot b surpassed. CAUriON. - None genuiue miless btraiitig their trade mark atamped on eïery frame. J.C. WATTS &BKO., Jewelers and Opticiann.are soleagents lei AN'V AI'.BOB, IIT-'H., lrom whom tlu-y eau only be obtatned. Theae Koods are not supplied to Pedlers atany price. 126'yl PURNÏTURE The L arrest and Best atocle in the city, of all vaHetïes and etytoa, at the old Store of O. M. MARTIN. Finest Assortment of Toilet Goods in the City, by JjUY YüUli Looking Qlasses oí W. D. HOLMES, Ann Arbor, KUK 3 nEASONS. Kirst, bccauKP df kfi pH tho best of Imported iïlfisn, ■ ml a gixxl HKitortmcQlof square and archtop f ruines , a i ni nelle OHEAP 1 ííecn-Uy . bccnii-f tlwv belonjr to hts bitffln! . He makes them & Hpecinlty, dorliin OWD ■■ . , r k , and can afTurd to noli CHEAPEB I ThirUy, Beeaufif hfl manufacturen them , and cao and will aell tfie nf nny ose in the cíly . Hf also sella ] PICTURE FRAMES! The ebeapest of anybody in thn State - ■ far as heard f rom. NICE OVAL FRAMES FOR eo cts. Picture Cord, Tassels & Nails! FRE.VCIl GL.AS9- b; the figirt or bnx - ForPictures orfcr IIOU933 ! 39 BAST HURÓN STBEET, ANN ABBOB, - - - MICH. 117fitf W O CO Ó S . 6 5 sí a gi ! HUI h S I 8 Q B E 1 kííb sj : dii : i Q o i Hw B Q i. rr & W j w ffi r fi S f H8w cc 8 (Ö 8 8 P Ht3h . tó ■' B g pÖR CASH YOUCAK BOT Lumber, Lath and Shingle AT ABARGAIN, AT THE YARD OP C, SUTHERLAND & CO. Ann Arbor, Ja nuary ,1870. 3252 T ÜMBER YARD.' C. KEAPF Has a largo and wll stocked Lmber Yard , on Jeffer&on Strot-t , in the aouth part of the C'lty, and wil) keepcontantlv od hand au excellent vttriety of LUMBER. SHINGLES, LATH. &C. which wiU be old as low ft can be afíorded in Ibis maïket. Qualitr and pricen such that no one necd to ro te Detroit. OONKAD KRAI'Fi Ann Arbor. Oet.Jst. 1809. 9S6tf "ÑN AEBORAGAlÏTSr THE STATEIN THE FURNITURE TRADE, And O. M. Martin agalnit Ann Arbor. Don't Foiget hi Old Stand. IPBYSlClAS'lPrescriptioñs Accurately and Carefully Preponed hy R.W. EL LIS & Co. JADÍES' FASHIONABLE SHOE HOUSE. 24 Soutn Main Street , Dmlei in LADIE'S BOOTS AND SHOES, THE NEWEST SÏYLE8 inKid, Oalf, and Cloth, AIw&ysuD luiti'l , juk! Stock and Work Guaranteed. IF YOU WANT A. BOOT, -A. GAITÉB, A. BTJ8KIN, OR A. SLI PPKR, CALL AMD EXAMINE BIS STOCK BEFORE PIK CHASIN'G, PRICES LOWEK than the LOWEST. R. TARRANT. Ann Arbor.Maj 1870. piNLEY LEWIS, Gentleman' Opera Boots. " Furgeson Button Boots. " French Cougress Gaitere, " Creóle " " " Serge " " " Scotch Ties. All Rights. " Oxford Ties. ín short, a Full Line of Gantlciucn'a Boot nin! Shots, Boy's and Youth'g Bojts and Shoes n Great Variety, and MEN'S HEAVY WORK, hand nade of all kinds. Ladics' Freneh Kid Button. " Foxod " " " Serge " " " Polish. Miases' Broure, " and Button. " Serge, " " " Child'a " " " We ask tb particoFtrr Mtention of the Ladiea to Oim FUSTE WORK WHICH FOR Quality is Unsnrpassed, IK THE STATE, and in Price FAR BJfiLOW DETROIT FIGURES OUR WOPK WARRjiNTFD AS REPRESBNTED. IJ BS TF YÖU WANT A SÏÏMMEH HAT, IF YOU WANT A STYLISH HAT, TF YOU WANT The Hat of the Season, TF YOU WANT A "Hat as is a Hat," TF YOU WANT Hats Cheap - for Cash. JF YOU WANT A Straw, Palm or Panama, GO TO JL. .A. TEERY'S; 15 South .'lain. Street. Where jou will aleo llud a full line of Gent's Purnishing Goodf. Ann Arbor, May, 1870. 124iyl JSwéet QuSVhe f is a RBCSNT □tPBOVXHBnt Kcplccs tho use of the Bittek Sw.piiate (1-iNUNE, wi:h wlllob all aro fiunilar. Dosc for Uosc, it la FULLY JqUAL IN EVERY WflY TO BITTErüUININE, AM) LIKi: IT 18 TUE ONeI grfAt, positi%:e una vxfIiXiUïg CURE FObLiI DISEASES of MALAKIOUS duGUï. aikd Ague, V; uit jiuii ii n( rever, CIilUI Fcver, lCciuittcnt IVvirj itüion Feir, iMiuiU Vnr, nntl tT#! long train of dlsoiden iAiowing these 'hun nelootod f SWEET QtTIXÏIVE 1 is Tïiwlfi Roltly lron Peruvinn BnJk, (ro is lïiter (titiinr,) thcn'fom is of Víotulln oriiifci, and not & Mincr:)! pOiSOn, bawOn tho contrsiry is proTfld to ho oneofthw efetneuta fuunli iü th biooü or all bealthy petuud. ftcts :V ftn imtitïotr to, (as wel! n a COT6 for,) áinlarlal or ininsuiatlc poi'tm. tbfl absorwion of which by tho ltuiía causea JiiK-riiliiifuí. Fevere, etc. The oiilyl tulvan tago cliiiued for SWS3ET triTïAE oror yjc nso of oM Bitter Quininejis tho cntirtl absence oí that intense, pi-rMjitfut IiittciM s, which in the laftter Is anlinsurnioutubU; oDLtaol6 to Ite nse with xmwt pw soiibf and alwuya with cliildrrn. 1 SWEET Un'IXK (i iiitwo forms- in Powder lor the Lse of lyaiciuus and DruttistS; anl Klit&l. for ui t%(; family umi for the gvnuralAublA. SfeeVrns, Farr &.J&M, mAHUFACTURING CHEMiaíS, A For Sale by Eberbach & Co., druggint. 12li4.vl PJOMB AGAIN WITH A FITI.I. STOCK OF CABINET-WARE, TO BE SO[,D C11KAPKR THAN ANYWHKRK ELSE 1M THE STATE. AT HIS DIJ) STORE, 11AIN TREET, ANK AKBOR. i = 1 GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO's for strictly PurO Drugs and Medidnos ,Paints , Oils, &c.


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