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TDEMOVAL. J. KEClTfc CO. liare removed tbeir STOCK OF FÜ11TÜRE And Undortaker's Goeds, Tu Mack ft Schmid1 Bluck, No. 52 South Main, and No. 4 West Liberty Streets. TUK LAROE8T STORE 1H THE CITY, AND BUILT EXPRESSI-Y FOR TBË FÜRNI1URE TRADE. TIIKY HAVE NOW IN STORE THE LARGESTaudFINEST STOCK OF FÜRNITDRE EVER OFFEREDIN TH IS COUNTY, OF TnEIROWN MANTFACTURE, SUPERIOR BOTH IN QUAI.IT7ANDSTYLE, WIIICH THEY NOW OFFER TO THE PUBLIC CHEAI'ER THAN CAN BEBOÜOHT ANY WHERE EI-SF-IN THE STATE. THEIR STOCK INCLDDES EVEKY ARTICLE NKKDKDTO FURNISII THE BKSrHOlJSEFROH TOP TO B0TTO5I. Tlieir nlil patrons and the jmblio generallyare intited togive thema calL J. KECK & CO. Ann Arbor, ïnnuarj, 1870. 1251 WWI. WACNER'S, An Elegant and Largo Stock o( SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, 1NCLUDING ÜLOTHS, CA.SSIMERE8, VESTINGS, &C. LATEST 8TYLES ND BEST QUAHTIES WIIICH IIEOFER3 LOWEE thanEVEE Alto tn Store a large stock oj READY-MADE CLOTHING AND 3ents' Goods. OARMEXTSMADETO ORDEBIN THE :O3E3SS'2? STTLE, Aluo LADIEi'aDd GENTS' MOROCCO SATCHELS No. 21. South Main Street- East sida. CALL AND SEE THEM. WILLJAM WAGNER. Ann Arbor, Vay, 18T0. t iveíee"s"efeathers FIRST GITJA.TL.TTT, Constautiy uu hand and for sale by BACII $ ABEL. Real Estáte for Sale. T ATE OP MÏCIIKïAN, County of Washtenaw, es. 0 In thu matter of the estáte of Henr) Canfleld, leceaeed. Nottee is hereby glven, that Inpursaancfl if an order grauted to the nudersigncd, AdniiiiisLratur of the Estáte of s:iid dtceieed. by the Hun. TndffB ol Probate for the County of Washteuaw, on the thirty-fireiday of Maj, A. J ISTU, there will be soldat public veDdae.totnfl hallest bidder, at the 1 welling honeeon the premiseshcrêiuaftcrdcscribed, in thfl Cmuity of Vashteimw, in taid State, on Wedneeday, the thlrd day of Aupust, A. D. 18T0, at ten o'cïock in the freoon of that day. (subject to all f nrimibrances by mortgate or otherwise existinji ut the time of the death fuaicl deceaaodj, the following doBcrlbed real eetate, to-wlti Aboutuine acres of html in the villaje of Chelsea. in said County and St:uc, boandüd as iollowB, vlx i Conimenclng tblrieen roda mul twenty-three inches enst of the southwest corner of certaiu land deeilctl Ijy Eti&ha CoiiL'don to one -Tolin M. Lctcs, September Ülst. A. I). Í5.4, and rworded In Keirt-r's office, for the County of Wnsfitenaw, in liber 39 of Deede, page 'Cl, and runniug thence norih twenty-three rodö, Üve feet aud three Inches, thence ca"t iortj rods to the line between said John II. LetU and Isaac Taylor, thence south twenly threo rods five feel umi three luches, thouce west to the place of begizining, belnc on the west part of the northeaflt (juarter of the northeast qnarter of eection twelve, Ín township two BOUto of ranee three cast. in aaid State; alao eommencing at the northwest corner of ctTtuin lande dt-eiied Aniitist 2id, A. I). 18ti3, by BlUha Congdon and wtfe to Jame-; Sralth. at the point where it jolna the soathwest corner of landa üist above dorlbed,nLnaiagthenc sonth two chains and forty links, tbenco north iv_'hty-stiven derec cast ino cliaïns and e:;Iity-six llnka ilp'nce north one chain and ïiity -ninc Unka, to the sontheagt corner of the flrat above desciibed parcel of land, then06 weat nine chains and etghty-elz links to the place of beginning. Bzceptlng and re aervlng Prom th fï t aoove deaeribed parcel, a ytrip off the north, eide one nel a half roda vide lor a road, subject to control of aaid estáte. Titus and the adjoïaing owncr, Johnson M. Lctt, or their suc ceaaora. Datedt June lOth, A. D. 1S70. CHARLES H. KKVPF, 12T4 Adniiuiatrator. Re:il Estáte for Sale. State OF MICHIGAN, Coonty of WasntenaTr.aa, In the matter of the estáte of Benjamin Cole, deceapetl. Wotíce la hereby giren that u pnrsuance of an ortler granted to the anderakrned, Administrator of the estáte of said deceased, By the Hen. Jadge of Probate for the County of Waahtenaw, on tho twenty-seventh day of June, A.D. lffTO, there will be sold at PabUe vendae, to the hipheet bidder, at the dweiling honse on the premisos hereioafter deBcrlbed, In the C'ouuty of waahteiiaw, In said .State, on fVednefcday thoseventeenth day of August, A. D. 1S7, at one oïlock In the afternoon of that day, Cyiibjcct to all encinnbrances by mortgage or ntherwiae exlating at the time of the deatb of aaid deceased, and aleosttbjecl to the rtght of dower of his wldow there In), the following dencrlbed real estáte, to-wit : The easi half Of the southcast quarter anfl the eaat three-quarters of the aonthweat quarter of the fontheast quarter ot secaos townühip fonr eouth of range ftve east, containiny oue hundrfdflnd ten acres more or less, in said State. Dated, Jnne27th, A. I). 1ST0. HBNBY P. HAMMOND, 12Tfl Admtnistrator. Exeoator'a Sale. riSTATB of James a. Devany, deceased, Xotice Is i bereb glven that by virtne of nnthority granted to au by the ïobate Conrt IbrtheOonntj ofwayna, in the fílate of Michigan ,1 wlll seli at pnbllc vcndiu1, iu the City of Ann Ai nor, in pahl Btate, at the front door of the bnllding in whlch U held the Circuit Court for theCoanty of Waahtenaw, on Friday, the nlnth day of 3eptomber, A.l). isto, at the höur of .vUnk. nooii, all the rlghti title and interest of said deceaied, in and to tht certain piece or pnrcel ol land ín niii i'My of Aun Arbor. detorlbea as lot nwnbered Afteen fi:%). in bhirk nnmbered two f-'j eouth of range twelve Cï3) eastern addition to the vl!luiT', Cnow (.iryj f Aun Arbor. t Jnly 22d, 1SÏ0. P. THOMAS DKVANY, Kxi-cntor last will and testament C. J. O'Ft.YNN oí eakl flooaannfl. Atfy. for Excotttor. IST8 Drain Comnnnsioner's Notice. NOTICB is hereby gtven that the Drafn Commlssioner of Washtenaw County will be at the house of John Clark, In the townsbip ot Pittsiiekl, 0:1 the 13th day of August. '870, a 2 o'clock p. u , to ttes to contract for the COOStoOClion of a drain. to be known as Pittefleld No. 5 Drain, on eec110118 21,2,28, 32 and 33. I will aleo be at the house of John Clark, on the '.'th day of Anjrnst, 18T0. al oviock i-, m., at whlch time and place I wlll exblbM mapsofthe aoove proposed drain, and deacrlptlom of uw bOtral parcela of land deemed by me beneíted thereby, and the aniütint and descriptlons by (itvisums and ; mik oí the aoove dessrtbed Droposed dnin , by me apportloned to the ownere of emch dcbcriptïou to coaatract and to the townshrpef Pittsfleld to eonetnict on account of such drain benefttibg hiqhway, and m hear reftsonj?, if any are offVivd . why such apporl losmeal sflould lie revlewed or corrected. Ann Arlor, July 20th, 1870. JAMES J. PASSHALL, 1ST9W0 Coanty iim'm Commist-ioner. PflYSICIANS' Prescrip tions Accurately and Care ; fully Prepare d by R. W.ELL1S&C0. Mortpago Sale. DEFAELT having been made In the condition of a certain mortgage made by Jeanle M. Janus to Abrnmihwr, dated Man-h Bntfi, 1869, mul recorded April 9th, 1SCÍ. lu the office, of tho KcgUter ofDeeda for Wa-.htenay County, Michigan, in líber 40 of mortgagee, on paga MS, npon wbleb mortgage there lanowdalmed to De line ut the date of Una notice the sum r on ihouaand nud twcutj-cven dollars and 8t-veuteen cents, beddes twenty-flve dolían Attonicy'afees provided for in naid niortgage, aud no suit orproceeding having been at Uw to recover the. sum now and secured by said morí gage. or any p;ir! tt.vreof; Now, theref .re, by virtuc of the power of falecontuine'l in anid morlgáge, and by vifLiic of the atatate In sneft case madeandpro vided. notice ia hereby gtvan. that on Saturdav, the flrstday of October ueit, al 12 o'clock ncoa, of that day, atthe oontli door of the Coort House, Ln the CltJ nf Ann Arbor. Countv of Washtenaw, md Stateof Michigan. I sball sell at public the Ugbaal bidder, the premiaos daacrUxd In sail mortgage, or o much th reof ae mav bo necessary to sausfy the amonntdneon said mortgngc, wltb iiïtereal and coat, including the Attoruey's aforeenid, which prrmisei. are de.eribed aa foUowa : AH that certain tractor parool ol land. giluated in the township of Ann Arbor, Michino, and ou section 30, known.bnnn'ied nnd descrlbed asfoltows.vus: commencingtwochainH and eh,hty-two links west ni the northeast corner of the west half of tbc northcast quarter of section thirty, in townehip two south of ranga ais cast. and rnnntng tnence south parallel with the east line of ald weat half of northeast qunrter of said section iwent-one chrns and nfnety links to the center of the Dexter road. thence north 74 deg. west along the center of said road Beven chaina and links to the southcast corner of a picce of land sold by W. B. King to A. DeForeet thence north 15 deg. east at right ansies with naid road and along eaid DeVoresPa eat line dcht chains and flfty links to the northeast corner of bis land thence north 74 deg. west. parallel wlth the Dexter road foor chains and seventy linke to the northwest corner of said DeForcst's land , thente nottta parallel with the flrst meiitioned line ten chains and thlrtyeight links to the mirth lino of the section, thence east along said line eight chains and ninetyfivc links to the place of beginning, containingfifteeu acres and forty-sevcn hur-dredths, be the same more or less raservlne and exceptlng the right granted to A DeForest of drawing water by pipe from the ■pring a expressed and limlted in deed from W. B. King and wift to said DeForest. Afso uother jjiece of land In the same township of Ann Arbor, described as follows : Beginning at the northeaet corner of the west hall of the northeast quarter of ection nnnibcr thirty, running thnnce west on the nurth line of said sectlou, twochains and cighty two links to tba landherelnbefore decenbed, thence south along the aael line of said land even i-h.iiusand ten links, thence east parallel with said north line of the section twochains and eighty-two link to the line of the lot, thence north on said enst line of the lot seven chains and ten link to the place of beginuing, contumiiii; two acres, more or lesa. Datcd, July 5ín, 1S70. ABRAM SAUER, Mortgasree: Feloh & Gbakt, Atfys. for Mortgagcc. 1U77 Mortgage Sale. DEPAULT having been made in the condition of a certain mortgage made and exetutcd byJames Ivory aud Ann Ivory, or the townablp of Dexter, Washtcnaw County, Michigan, to James Clark, of the town.County and State aforesald, bearine date the eleventh day of December. A. I). 1S5C, and recorded in the office of the Register of Decds for Washtenaw County. Michigan, on the twenty-slith day or December, A. D. 1SG6. at 5 o'clock F. II., ln libar No :5 of inortgageH, on page 550. by whlch the power of sale contained t hen-in became opcrative ; tbc amonut claimed to be due on said niortgagc and accompanying note, at he date of thls notice is the Kim of one hundred and twenty seven dollars and thirteen cents, and the fnrther sum of twenty fivc dollars provided in said mortgage as an Attorney fee in case any proceedings snould bc taken to forcclose the same, and no suit or prOMcdlng having bei-n insti ntedat law or m cquity to recover the debt s-rurcd bysaidmortgage.or any part thereof ; Notice is hereby given, that on Prlday, the seventh day of October, A D.1S7D, at 10 oi-lóck A.M. of that day, at the front door of the Cotirt Il'-nse, in the City of Ann Arbor, in said County of Waahtenaw, there will be told at pnbiic anctio'n, to the Iiíl-Ik ■[ bidder, the premiso described in said mortgage as all that certain place or parcel of land situated in the townsblp of Dexti'r, County ol Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, known, bonnded and described as ollowa, to wit : bein a part of section No. 03) thirteen, in township ODe sonth of ran'e four east, beginning at a stakc in the north botind of the highway, and running north 40 df g. cast two chains, thence wouth 81 dei;. 20 min. east seventy ftvc links, thence sonth 40 ceg. west two chains, thence uorth s; deg. 20 m. west aTong the hihway seventy-live links to the place of beginning. Dated, Ann Arbor, July lith.lSTO, 1-277 JAMES CLARK, Mortgagee. Lawrknoe & Feazeu, Att'yB. for Mortgagee. Mortgage Sale. DEFAÜLT having been made In the conditi of a cirtain mortpage. ecuted by Charles Moore and Mclitisa Moore nis wife, ofthecitvof Ann Arbor, Countv of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, on the twalftb day of July, A. ü, 1S(!4. to JotepS W, Lawaon and Frederick Wurster, of the city of A nu Arbor, County afore-aid, and recordadbi Raglater'sofiice, of said County of Washtenaw, afon-said. on the 15th day of Joly, A. B. ÏSW, at 4% o'clock P if said day, in líber (8 of uvrtíragís, on page ;"-21 ; whlcb asJd mortgaga was dnlv aaaignad by said Joseph W I,aw5on and Frederick W llrater, to me . the ondenignedi on tbc 80th day of November, A. D. lstV, and rccordeO in the Register's oftice cf Washtenaw County, ou the 2Sth day of April, A. I). 1870, al U O'clock A,M ol said day, in II of inortgagas, page 521 : on which mortgage thcr is claimed to be due at the date of tbis notice, the surn of thrc huudrt-il and ifty-fuur dollar and forty two cent : also, an attoruey fee of Iwmity-üve dollars, ebould auy proccedings be taken to foreclosc tuis raortgage : and no tuitorpr Ingsln law or equity Inning been institutwl to reeover the dabt or any part thereof, is hereby givec, thatbyvirtue of tho power of sale in tald aiortgage contained I shall sell at public auction, to the nlgheat bidder, on the 30th dayof July next, at iv.m u-'.-loek P.M. of said dav, at the front door of the Court Honsa, In the dör of Ann Arbor. in said County of Washtenavv, the premkei decrlbed In ;iiil moitu'aL-e as all tbat certain piece or parcel of land Mluated in the city oT Ann Arbor. Connty of Washtenaw, and State of Mh-hiizan ( known , boundad, and described as follows: Commencin at the center of saction nnmber twenty in township two soutb of range miniher eix east. anil running west fourchain and thirty seven links to a black oak tree eight inches iu diameter ; theuce sotilh elght degreee, west twochains and ftfly links to tl cock road ; thence easterly along the center of said road to the north and south center Ifne of aald sec tion number twenty; thence uorth seven ehan.s and forty-Qve links to the place of beginning fe.i and raserrtng one acre of land from the east side of the parcel of land above described.} April 2Sln, 1870. BARNABÜS K. PIBBI.E, Assignee of eaid Mortfage. Juhx N. Gott, Attorney for Assignee of said Mortgnge. tvet Mortgitge Sale. DEFAULT having becu made iu the payment of the sum of three hundred and seventy dollars, which is claimed to be due on the twenty-third day of June, A. 1). 1S70. also alzteen hundred and fifty dollars to become due June twenty -tltird. 1871, on a mortgage beariugdate the twenty third day of June A. 1. 1809, ezacoted by Peter ü. Vanee, of Ann Ar bor, Wajshtsnaw Couuty, Michigan, aa party of tne ül'st part, tu John A. Ñichols. of the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, party of thèsecond part. and reanrded in the uilure of the Begister of Dceds of aaid Waaiueuaw Couuty, in líber 41 of mortgages, page :--', on the twentieth Jiy of September, A. l. I8OT, at 11 á o'clock A. M. of said day. whlcn saidmortcagaj together with the note, accompanyln sanie, waa asaigned to J. W. Kuight , o! tho City of Anu Arbor aforesaid, by assignuu ut datcd ou the fourth day of June, A. D. 1S70, aud recorded in the office of said Register of Doeds on the twenty- first day of June, A. D.-1S70, in liber two (31 of AsslgnmenU ot Mortgages, at page tst: Now thcrefore, notice is hcrebv given, tlmt to satisfy the ainuuut su claimed to be due as aforeaaid, togethai with ttití legal eostö aud the slim of twanty dollars provided for in said mortgage as Attorney" fee. aud in pursnance of the power of sale coctained in said Diortgase, ai.d of the statute ín anch caaaa made and proï iiï(ul,ihc iretnisi-stl-scribed in and coTeredby said mortgage. to-wit: AH those certain Iractsor parcela of landsltnateln the County of Washtenaw a ml State of Michigan, bounded aud descrlbed as follows : conimencing at the quarter stakc on theeast 6ide of sectiou elghtaan, township two souih aud range dx east, and running thence rast along the quari tion line flve chaina aud thirty threc links, thence north ten and one balt dagreea east along the bank of aditch foor chalas and aeren links to the center of the .Michigan Central Itailroad, thence along said railroad uorth forty eight and one half degreea west one ihain and [Uty-seveu links. Uu-nee north twentyfoui- dagrees east along the east side of a dltcfa foor chaina and Ifiy links t the Hnron rlrer, tl along said river to a point whcre the section line on the west side ofsectloD seventeen Interseota the shore ttt said river, theuce sotith along the said sec t ou line to the place of beginning-, containiug fifteen aud one quarter acres of land ; Also tlut east halt of the northeast quarter of section eigbteen, in township two south of range six east. in the County and siate aforesaid, contalnlng ciubty acres . accordlng ito the United State snrvey, will be sold al public auction, (uo suit at law or in cham-ery having been nstituted to recover the above amonnt), to the bighest. bidder, at the South door of Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor, in said Ooanty ofWashtenaw, oii Batnrday, elghth day of October, A. D. 1810, at eleven o'clock of said day. Dated, July llth. 1S70. J. W. KN1GHT, D. CRamxb. Assiirnco of said Alortgag: Att'y. for said Assignee. 127S Chancery Notico. STATE OP MTCHIOAN". Suit pending in the Circuit Conrt for tho County of Wasbieuaw. In Chancery. Bamantha Messacar, Complaïnaiit, rs. Artnnr Sfesaacar, DIVndant. It satisfaclorüy appearing to the nndersigned hy aftidavit that (he defendantj tn thiscuuse resides out of ibis State, and is a resid'-nt of the Sute of California, on motion of Norria & Uhl, Solldtors for complainant, it is ordered that the said delendant canse bis appearancc iu this cause to be enterad witttin three months from the date of chis order ; And it is tarther ordered that within iwenty days the complainaut caase tbis order lo be published iu the i'-i' newspaper published in said County. and that BOOD publii-ation be L-ontinued iu sucti newspaper at least once in each week lor six weeks in siiceession or that she cause a copy of thla order to be persoually served on Baid defendant, at least twentydays before the time urescribed for hls appearance. Dated, June 27th, 1870. ISTtwO J. WILLARD BABBIT, Circuit Cotirt Commissioner, Washfenuw Coanty, Mlchfgan. Eeal Estato for Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN', County of Washtenaw, ss. O jniho matter of the estáte, of Thomas Bantley, deceascd. Notice is hereby given. Tlmt in ponoance of an order granted to the anderalened, Administrator wtth the will annexed ol' aajd deceased, by the Hou. Judge of Probate for ttu: Countv of Washtaïiaw, on te thirtifih day of May, A. D. I8TQ, there will lu Hold at public vendue, to the hlghest bidder, atthedwelliug house ou the premisos heretnafter described, in the Countv of Washienaw. in said State, on Wednesday, the Sd day of August. A. D. ls;n. at one o'eloi-k iil the afleruoon of that day i rot all encumbrances by moitgage orotnerwlse exlstlng at the time of ttic death ol said daoeased), the for lowing detertbed real estáte, to wit : The east half Of the northwest quarter ol aactlon fourteen, (ex:eting live acres hen-tofore deeded to Bllaabeln A. Wlnegar). Also twenty one acres off of the south end of the west half of the northwest qnartarof said section fourteen, in township one south ol range ix ea6t, in said State. Dated, June Sth, A. I). 17". SKLDKN W. SHÜRTLEFF, 1273 AdininiBtrator with the will annexed. CornmisBÍoner'8 Noticc CTATEOÏ1 MICHIGAN', CountvorWaM. 0 ThMdep.lgned,hvíng ben appointSi ' ' teCjrtrtförsaldCooDty, ConXsiu,„7lj.i, eelve, examine and adjust all claims and dn? "■ II penosa winst the estáte of John Br?, " of said Coanty, deceased, hereby give notir, ?I' ' DlODtba from date are allowcd, bjorfel tbl bat Court, for credltors to present th.i.'fi agftlnstthe estáte of said deceaswl, aniV1'' will meer al tl.c offlca f Thomas Ninde In ü."1" 01 ipMIaini.insakl Coonty, on Saturdav Ti, :; dayol Beptemoer. and Thumday, the VwlmSl of Janaary, next, at 10 o'clock A. M „ fmh 4. suid (luya, to reM'ive.exflmlne.andadjuBtMwf'' A Datad, .luly mh, A. D. ISTO. ua1JU'ts dtltjJ THOMAS NINDE. 1„ '5 J. WILLAKU UAÜBITT, ! CommUot Coinm8sioner' Notice ï ÖThe nodsrslfnrad h,mnK bc.-,, appoin ',"?" ' Conr( (bruid í;mmv.rom,,,,si,,,,' '''t. ive. examine, and adjust uil claims and den,. ""! all persons against the estáte of Fredcritk i ï[ late of said Connty, deceased, Irerebv 'i, '. tice that fix raonths from date are aliowfJl' " Oer of add Probate CoartforcredltorstODraü.?, claims agsinsttheestatcofsaiddeceased anilti, will meet at the ofllce of W. t Hatch ifH village of Chelsca, in eaid Connty, on j„, tlie tlfiecnth day ofOctoberaud Saturday ik"! teenth day of January next, at ten o'tiock ,": Mda" S' tureceiïe' "aid I)ated,Jnlyl4th, A.D. 1S70 OÍ1AKI.ES H. KKMPF, „ 127:1" w F. HATCH. CommñBio, Commissímiers' Notice OTATE Of MICHIGAN, Connivo) Wa.'hteii, O The nndcrsiyiu'd baving been nppoincèri i Probate Court Sr nld Conuty, CommUi,,,, „;■ :; celTe, examine, and adjust all claim? and 5Urpfall prrxona ngainst the estáte of Flojo r;,1 late ofsaid County, deceased, hereby hf? that slxroontbs from date are allowcd 1t li' Bsid l'rlnte Court for creiitore to nrt,.,, "' Claim againat the estáte of said deceased üiï th.'y will meet at the offlee of Thoin-s Nindï city of Ypsilanti. In eaid Connty on SatnrS'.l " irtdnyof October.and Wedncs.lay, theein&L day o Jnnuary, next, at ton o'clock A. M „,',7 claims "' ' receive' examin!. and adjoiijj Datcd, .Tnly isth. A. r. ISTO ■ THOMAS N'IXDE, ' ) - 4 l'KANK IIINCKLEY, ComtisloM, Estáte of Samuel B. MoDowëiP OTATE OP MKHICiAN-, Coonty of Wa hier.,, . O Notice is hereby jrfven, that. by an orderi'J Probate Court for the County of Washtcnaw i the eiKliteenth dayef Joly, a. i,. 18I0, six n-.oitfi thMt data wcre allowed lor creditor to preeeni ï i-: uru againtt the eatate of Samael D. McDowen areald t uuuty. deceased, and that all creditoHaU deceased are required to present their clti said Probate Court, at the l'robate Office „l City of Ann Arbor. for exnmlnation aiid alio.,i on or before the eighteenth day of Janaary t, ",, . tbat sneu claims will be heard before said Sf Court. on Saturdny, the flret day of Octobir! Wednestlaj, the eif;hteenth day of'Jamiary nm ten o'clock iu the forenoon ofeacli of thoee dii Dated, Ann Arbor, JulylSth A. D. 1870 J HIRAM.J. I ■"w4 Jndge of htü Estáte of Norman G. Groodale OTATE OF MICniGAN, Oounty of Washtenw . O At asession of the Probate Conrt for the(wi of Waahtcnaw. holden at the Probate OEee city of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, the fourteemU ofjuly.iuthe yenr one thousaud eight buodM eventy. Present llirain .1. Beakes, Judge of Probate In ttie matter of the Estáte of Norman C GÓodú deceased. Bdirard L. Boyden, Admin!strator of uid at comes into Court and representa that he ís ioïT pared lo reade hi üual account ca such Adtt trator. ' ' Thereupon it ie ordered, That Monilay. the íítt day of August, next. at ten o'clock in the kt noon, be asslgned for examinlng ai such account, and that the heirs at law o(t deceased, and all otner persons intereted hi estáte-, are required to appear t a n ■ Court. then to be holden at the Probate Office. jj ('ity of Ann Arbor, in said County, and sltowas if any there be, wliy the said account ehould a&tj allowddi Anditls further ordered, that said lor i;ive notlce to the persons intereitdi said estáte oí the pendency of said account, ul hearlne thereof, by canslng a copy of thi ortei be published in the Michigan Argvs a newia printeii and circulatiug in said County, threesua ive weeks previous to said day of heariii". (Atruecopy.) IIIHAli J BEAKB WW Jndge of Pntk Estáte of Volney Chapiu. OTATE 0FMICH1QAH, Couiitv of Woshteut, 0 At a sessiou of tbe Probate Court for the Cm of Va8htenaw, holden at the Probate Ofike.iiu City of Ann Arbor, on Wednesday, the sixtn et of July, in the yeal one thousand eight hc dred and seventy. Present, Iliram J.Beakee, Judge of Probate. lu the matter of the üsiatc ui Voliiey Chapii,Si deceaBed. On readincandfilingthe petition, dnly verldtii Charles A. Chapín, Samne] S Walker, "anri v-l Chapín, Jr., Utministratorö, praying that thern be licensed to mortgass eertaln 'real estáte ie said deceased died eeiztd. Thereupon lt ís ordered that Honday, the tufrj secoud day of Angnsl, next, at ten o'clock in assined for the hearing of said ;í tion, and that the heirfi at law of said decfii and all other person interested in snid e:u are required to appear at a session of saié Ccl then to bc holden at the Probate Office, in theöj Ann Arbor. and show cause, il' any there be.whj'jl praycr of the petitíoner should not be rnteÍ!l Ana it I -'';rc(í, that said petitioiitr cm Doticc to the persons interested in suid e9tate,tffl j olsaid petitiou,and the hearing tlierMtJ causiiiLr a copy oi this order to be publisbedisíj i ' vi;.', a newspaper printed and ciraliil insaia Oonnty, iout successivewecksprerioutto dar of hearing, UIKAM J.BEAKEI A ; iu copy. Judae of Pretal lüT'Jtd Eatate of William Pidd, Sen. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Countyof Washtem. At a session of the Probate tourt for theCoiöl ttonaw, holden at the Probate Office. ital City of Anu Arbor, on Friday, the itttaM daj öt Joly, iu the year ono ihouaand cigbtiil tir. d and seventy. Present, Iliram J. Beakes, Judge of Probjte. I In the matter of the Eslaw of Willium Pidd,Scl deceaaed Daiid Depue, Admim'-trator ] nith the nllli ürxcu of eaid deceased, comes into Conrt ídíiJ retenta tluxt he is dow prepared to render hii lia acount as enen Admini-trator. Thereupou it is ordered, tlat Monday, the UfUta day of August, ueit. at ten o'elock ia tli I.-J noon, be asslglied ex:.miijini; pd allowlMM acc"unt. and that the legatees, devisees andh(inj law of said deceased and all other perïODB iar ested in sai[ estáte, are required to appear at ï; sion of said Coorty then to oe holden attheProxl Offlee, iu the City of Ann Arbor, in said Cornil! show canse, lf any there be, why the said icw shotild not beallowed : And it is further oröcwiaf sa'.d Admiuisjrator rive notice to the percent wk ested in baíd estáte, of the pendency of s&idxtJ and the hearin thereof, by tan'in;; a cop) Am order to be published in the Michigan Argu$,tv% paper printed aud ciiculating in said CoantT.:rf uccessive weeks previous to eaid da3' of heril?l (A truo Copy.) HIKAM J. BEAKES 127a Judse of Proba! Esïate of Charles Moore. STATEOF MICHIGAN, Cousty of Wasatíii'-J At a session of the Probate Conrt for the CÊ 01 Ifashlenaw, holden as the Probate Office. J City of Ann ArLor, on Tuesday, theiDfi"! day of Julv, in the year one thousaud eigïi ' drefVind sëventy. Present, Iliram J. Beakes. Jndge of Probali I lu nu matter of the Estáte of Charles A deceased. On rendingand fllinc the petition, dnly TermJ Josephine L. M. Cutrbeou and A( eline !. Hem;' praying that SnlllTan U.Catcneon nml Rubjl lii-inphiil niii.v be apppointed Aamiliiltrators of estáte of said deceased. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the Ura day of Auguit neit, at ten o'clock iu tbl noon. be assigned for the hearing of suidpet and that the hfirs at law of said deceased, other persona' Interested 1b said estáte, areref to appear at a session of said Coart, then to w" en. at the l'robate Office, in tbe City of Ann.r and show cause, if any there be. why theprp Ihepetltloner hould not he ;ianted: And W ther ordered, that sa'd petitioner give notice W' Interested in Bald extute, of the jeodes s.iiil petition, and the hearing thereof, by cío? copy of this order tobe published in tne ' Argiu, a newspaper printed and circulating i' County, three succeBsive weeks previous to of brarlllfr. ( true copy.} HIKAM I. BEAKC. 1270 Judge ol tro Estáte of Christopher MahuD. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County ofWaahtem' O At session of the Probate Conrt for theW of Washtenav, Uoldeu at the l'robate Offlee, City of Ann Arbor, on Monday, :the eleTjaj of July, in the year one thonsand eight M and aeventy. Present, Iliram .1. TïeaSes, Judge of Prooa In the matter of the Estáte of Christopher " Bed, jjj Ou rcadingand fllincr tbe. petition, onlyTern ülïgprayiUK that a cortain instriimf1',' on Üle lu this Court, pnrportlng to be tbe 1 ■ :;imc:it of said deceased, tnay beadmw probate, and tint Heury Fvldman mJ " polnted Bzecntor thereof. Thcrenpon it is ordered, that Monday, tw" day of August next, at ten o'clock in the fo[J ncd for the hearing of said petiti"n. ij' itees, deviseea and luir. :it lnw0',!; ceascd, and all other persons Interested ■"Ja are required to appear at a fession of sai,; then to be holden at the l'robate Offlci.-" City ot Ann Arbor, and show cause if anjf '"", why the prayor of the petitioner Cotilo ff granted i And it is further ordered, thi tlonergtve notlce to the persons Interest "J estáte, of the peudency ofsaid petition, "" bearine tbenof, Bjr canslng a copy of tin '" be published in the Michigan Argut a ieJi printed and drcnlattng in said Connty, i'" cessive weeks previoua to said day of bearue. tA trne copyj UIKAM J. BEAU 1-273 JndseofFw"". Estáte of William Keleey. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of VasM'Ií' o lt a sessloa of the Probate Coort fortn l;, itenaw, bolden at the Probate OfflWjv City of Ann Arbor, on Satnrdar, the JJJ ol' July, In the year oue thonsand eign' "k and seveutv. . t. Present, ïliram J. Beakes, Judge ot P. In thü matter of the eetato of William ' ' On reoAing and flling the petition, du!-. Pnebe Keleey, Admlntstratrix. praying '" , may be licensed to sell eertaln real cstai" eased died scized. pt Therenpon it is ordered, thnt ""'V' of teenth day of August next, at ten o'clocK in "j assigned ior the hearing of saiaf; and that tbe hel ra at law ofsaid ''""'■'"JLéW uihrr persona Interested iu s.'üd estáte, to appear at a session of Bsid Court, cfl"Jyl en, al tbc Probate Offlee, in the City of. fSJa and show cause, If any there !, why ,CiJ the p' tltioncr hhould not he granteil : -l th-r ordered, that said petitioner fn-t ""w persom laterested In said estafe, of hiïeS# êald peöflon.and tbc hearing thi-reof. .' copv of this order to be publisbcd in i; Aróus, a newspaper, printed and cirinlat j, Connty, fonr BUCCeMiTO weeks previous to of hearinsr. T „cigP (Atruecopy.J UIRAM


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