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The Execution Of Mary, Queen Of Scots

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''Al'ons dono, fciie theii khiJ - "Le! iog oit itteuded by tl, e , ii i; ei Icauiog on tlie arm of an i fficer ot the guard, :ided the proiit staircaru to the hall. The newd liad sproud lar through the ccunt.-y 'i hi usands of people were collected oulide ihe walls. Abo:;t thrce huudred knigh'8 ai.d -ni! iiion of the country had beeu admitted to witness the oxecution. Tlie tablc and forms had been removed, and a great wood iiro was blaziug in the chimncy. At the upper end huil, above the fire-place, but noitr it Btood the Hcuii'o'd, twelve ftct square tod tu o and a hall í'eet bih. It. wüs ! with blói.l. cloth ; a low rail rao around it, covetc:l xvitii black e!oth albo, aud tho sb( OÏ lialbcrdicrs were ranged o. the floor bclow m the (our sidi's to kcc) off the urowd. Uu tho scafi'old was ihe b!ock;b!a'jk li! rest ; a square black cushlou was placed beland it, and bcbiud the cuah.on a bluel; cboirj i :i the light were tv.o otbcr chaira fur tl.o i-a: luaot agaiiitt tbe rail, ;iu (o niasked hiurcs stuod liko nxutcs on eitlior tidu of tbc The queeo of Scots, na sbu swipt in, geemed aa if eotniug to tako part u ollK! suliiiiii pagiant. Ni t a mus ber face could ba neen lo quiver; sh ■ ascended tl ld iib absolute comp?.-u! h round lier Ba git t! : 'J Kciit folpl.ICCP, . i ]ii ; . [aiy Staart appodi-jJ tb( íttíd tu lbo worde ,.:..„:i .c;: cucsiguisg ber lo deuh. '■},: ord Shrovrebary (. her, wbeu tlie rcudiiig was tíuded, "jou btar wLat wa are ouiumanded to do " ' ï" ou will i" o:;r dutjj" she ai.iwcrcd ■mi rose ts i loknee] tind prsy. Tbe Deau of Peterboroujjh, Dr. t -ic!i r, u).roacbcd ti.u rail. "Madam1 ie began, with a lo obeiwwce, ''tbc aeen'a escelleDt majesty ;" "Madam, ie qijccu's must cxuclKul n;iijesty," - tliriuu Lo oouimenoüd Lis Bcntence, wanttorda to jirsue t. Wbeu he ro. thu v i da b fourtb time, she cut kim blicirt. "Mr Dean' blie said, "I am a Ctitbolic, :.iid must iO It is uitlees to attenipt to Dinve mi', UDd your prsyers will avail me but littlc " ''Chango your opinión, madam," he cried, Lis toi ;;uo being looned at las! ; "repent of jour suis, ne'.llo your iuith in Chriat, by bim to besaved." "Tronble DOt yourseli' furtber, Mr. Dean," RDswered ; ''I uui settled o wy nv'.i faitfa, tor wtiicb I meau to thod my blood." ''i am BOrry, madam," taid Sbrewsbury, lito see you go iddicted to pupery." ;.-it iiüajii? of Christ you hold tliere,' eaid Kent, "wiH not proüt you if lio bu uot engravsd on yout beai i." did i ot reply, and turning brr back ou Flctchor, knelt lor ber unn devotioos. He bad been evideütly instructed to ii] air the Ca'.Lolic complexicQ of tbe Kceiic, and lbo queeD of Sonta was deterniioed lht Lu sbuuld not ï-ucce'.d. Wlien sic knelt, he commeuced au extenipore prayer in wliich iho afsembly oined. Aa hisvoice souniied out in tli ball, ehe raihed ter own, recitÏDg wiih powerful, decp ebested tone tbo Peoitfotial Ptalma i:i Latio, introdaóiog the Englinb BenteriC s al intervals, ihui tLe udieiK'B cight kiidw wlrat she was saying, aud pmyiog witb especial distiuctDeBB for lier boly latber the popo. Krom timo to time, witli conspicuous .cine, sho Btruck tbe ciueifix npaint her boom, and then, s the deun up tbe Rtrnggle, leaving her Latía, the prayed io Engiib wliolly, till olear and loud. Bhe prayed for the cburch wbicb t-ho bad been rcady to be!ray, for her son, wlioiu slie hitd disinheiilefl, fur 'he qiwen wbom she bad endeavored tn niuider. She prttyed God to aveit bis wrath from Ëogland - tbat Eoglaod whicb sim liad sent a last mesBage to Philip to btsceeh him to invade. Slie forgave her eiieiniea wtom she h:id invited Philip ;not to forgive, und thi-n, prujiiifc to the salnts to intercedo for lier uiih Chribt, and kisxing tbe cruc'fix and CT08ing her own breast, "Eveu us thy artus, O Jeaus," silo cried, "were 6pread npun the croes, so receive me into thj mcicy and forgive uiy f-ins." Wiih tin se wirds slio aroso ; tl;e black mutes stepped forward, and in thu u.-u;il i'üiui begged her forgiveneea. "1 forgive yon," !-Ijü aid, 'fnr now I hope you shall end niy troubles." Thej offerod to help in arrungin her dreea ' Trulv. ui y lords," elie b.iid uith a smüe to thé earls, "1 .ücver had bucIi grootns wailing on dio before." Her ladic wcre allowcd to como up upon tho scaffold to aghist her : lor tliu wurk to be done was considerable, aud had been pr pared vritti no commoD tbotight. She luid ber crucifix on her chair. The clnef exccutiotier took it as a perquisite, but was ordercd iostautly to lay it down. The lüwn veil was liftcd carefully off, not to disturb tho Lair, ncd was hung upon ihe rat'. Tn black robe nrna next removed. lul;w it wasapet t coat of criiiison vtlvet. The blaok jaoket fullowid, and undur the jiicke was a Ixuiy ol criinsju satiu. One o her Judies liandcd hor a piir of oriioooi sleoves, with wLicli sbe hastily eoverec hor anus ; and thus she tood itn the scaffold with the blaok figuro al ir.nujJ her, blond red froui head ti toot. Her reíisnus for a loptiug so extraor iHnary a oostume inut be lult t.o cunjec turo. It is only certaio thut it inuhttve been uarefullj studied, and that the pictorial tffoct must have buou ap paltjog. The woüien whose iirnjucss had hitbeit.i bui io Lhe trial, began now to gi%t way, spa-niodic sohs bursting from them wliich they could not check. ' Nu oriea vouz," sbo siiid, "j'ay protnfa pour vuuz." Strnpgliiig bravily, crossing them in turn and bidding them lo pruy for h 'r. TbeD ebe knelt on the cushion. Barbara Mowbra; boiuid her i-yes witli a liandkcrcbief. "Adieu," sbd said, s'.niliug for iho Lst timo and waviug her itaod to them. "Adieu, au rovciir." They steppcd back iroiu off llie beaü'.lil and left bcr nlnue. On her knets hlie repeated iho l'alcu, "Iu te, Domine, coutido," "Ju ihoi', O Led, have I pu: ny trust. Her sbouldcrs boing exp'j-u : two scars uccumc visible, one 011 cilher side ; mie! the eurla beiog uoW a little beliiud her, Keul poioted to thcin witb his Lite wuud and lookod iuquiriogly ;it his oompabioB. Shroweburj whisj ered that they were the remaios of two absjesses froui wbich she bad sufiered while living wub him at Sluffiuld. When the :.-alm was fim.'-licd, shefelt lor tho blouk, aud laying down her head ïnuttered : "In manna, Domiiii tu;i.s coinniendo auamaiu raeiuu." Tho hard wood ecemcd to hurl her, for slio placed icr batida uuder her ntck. Tho execuoner piüüly removed tliem, let Ihey bould draden the blow, and tlieu oue f tbem bolding her slightly, the other ttï.-.od the ax aiids'ruek. The sceue liad jeen too trying eveu f(;r the practiceil ïeudsuian of the towcr. His arm wanered. Tho blow feil ou the knot of ;io baodkerobief, and gearcely broke tbo skiti. ijiie neither spoko nor muved. He s'.ruok agüin, this time effcctivi'ly. The bead liuug by a .shred of skii), nhioh he divided without witbdrawiug the ax ; and ut once a metamorpboaid wue d, Btrange 3 was ever wrought by v;u;J of fabied encbauter. Tlio coití feil oÖ and thu ialsd plai'.a. 'i'lio labor ed illusiou vaniebed. 'J'he lady vvbo befo re tl. e blook wusíq the naaturitj ofgruce aod lo?elintss. TLe exocutioiiLT vvboo iic rued tbc boad, as usual, lo show it to the croud, rxposrd tbe wiiliercc! features of a gr,zuú, wriuklud


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