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A Coupie Of Jour Printers

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I mot Mr. Thurlow Weed a day or two si'ice iu tbc oth'ce of oue of our leading papers, aud I alludod to Mr. James Harper, aiid nientioned bis views as to the ways íor a workiugtmin to acquiro udepeudenoe. Mr. Weed reflected a mouuuil und replied : "It was moet eaiphatically tlic rule of James Harper's whole life to btudy, not how li'tle lie could v o k, b;.t how much. Mr. Iíarp r : ud 1 learned our trade more than fifty ynra ayo, of Mr, Seymuur, then thu leading printer o: tho citj. líe was our marter, und ono of tbK beat men God over mudo, lia i.t 1j. 46 Juhu Street, and ivxi! direct ly opposile hia piüce oí' bur-iiies. Jamos aud I were partners. Tlie advantege of liaving u good partner, where you worked monili ;iíícr ïuoutii togetherat the Bame ; HiUot be apparcut. Ofieu, aftor we hud cione a. guo'l (i.-y's worli, J nies llurjier WOuld tay, "Tliurloiv, le;'s break the back o! uuother tokeo - just break." I would getiüially iuluctan:ly coi.Süüt just lu brek the buek of (ie loken, bul James would beguilu un), or lauh itt my eoiiipliiiuts, aml nuVL-r let mo otf uutil lbo t ken wat ooropleted, fairaod hijnare. Ii was a cuslo.ii vvith us in lliu su:iiuer to do a fair half dny's work befure ibu ttber boy0 and men got thcir breakfast. Jüiücs a:id I would iiicut by munt in tin; giuy of tilt) moroiug, and go dcwn to Jobu strtct. We gol the fcey of tbe ofliun by t:ippiug on tno winduv, uid Mr Seyniour would t:ike il 'rom under bis pil luw una haud it to oue of us through au opening in the blind. "A presauian," contiuued Mr. Weed, 'wLo ciinld do 20 or oveu 10 por cent. norework (bao usan] was alwaya gure ►f a i uutioo. James Harper, John veuncdy (loog tïr ce dead) and I made Le Lirgest bllls iu tiie city. Wo oftun "iiucJ aa much as $l-i per week - lileral wageg wbeu you remmnber that gooci joitr.i could be obtained as low as 810 jer iBoiith." As Mr. Weed uttered woi dn bis oyes lit up with the ürus batillumiDfd tbm in Lis youtli, and here whb that expresaioo a moment abuat hin fm-u (iiat bhoned ho was for ui instant living over aaiu what were irobably tbc pleasantest days of L:s 'uried aud fuccessful lifo. Jn alluding o iLüse ''giautK aiuong us," let us ask : 'i)oi s the modern sysleto of labor under -hc sup; o-e, 1 meliora i ns of the eiyhtlour Uw, tritdes union, ai d conetaut trikos, ji'oinist to Lrint; up any repreentHtivea from l' e rank of the toilios nillioiis l;ka tLc legitímate fruit of tbc ►ld industries, as representad l.y Thurow Woed, Jaaies Haiper and their co ooiates, ' self-made men ?" ontrast tim bitter t-ijïri t of auta;; !;,it now prevails betweeu the employei ie etnployed, witb Thurlow . - itteranoe, with doep emotion in b:s i:cu, sjioaking of bis uiaster, who bos eeu dead semes of years, as ''ouo of the o.-:t men Cmd ever luailo '! It is eomehing for tlio youtb of thj oountry, hrown upon the woild with do resources )Ut their hands aud biaiDS, to figure to bemnelves James Harper and Thurlon V eed, tall athletio, six feet high, t.plec.d youDg iuüij, of tha best American ype, sbaking off sleep ere dawii, and jurryiL'g to their bufiuess.


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