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Laughable Adventure Of A Baltimore Judge

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An i'xchange eays : A Judgo in Biltimore went into a river 10 bathu tho othcr morning, and while ho was ewimming about 8me abandoiied seoumirel stole all his clothes cxcpptiDg his high bat and an umbrella. We won't liudertake to teil how mad,lhe judge wa?, be cause nltliough tbc Eloglifb langu cupious, its most effioieot Bod v . adjee'ives are entirtly Qneqnal to the ezprOBsioo of' cortaui de;rtcs of i niotion. But Le stnycd in the water aboul foot liours, esperimoiniiig with tho dii'ierent kiuds of imprecatiooa ai;d cnoring to select two or tbree f tlusturdicst objurntions for appücation to tl. o thiof. A'.lust he eamu out, md atter inouutiiig the liih bat, lie opened tho urabrolla aud trted to c vèr tbo rotreat up the sti'eot toward bisboasa. I1. appeared to the Judgo ibat aU the i'cmulü papila üf the boarding schools, nuc tl o members of tho Dorcas cocieties, :nd tho' woninn's righta coi:-.eation were out promenading t'nat diy, ace 'lio Judgo l);;d au nwful time going thrnugb, the Zouava drill with tl:at uinbrella. Wheu ha reached hotiio he ! oard that tho thiof had bcon capturcd. Tile Judgo iá now cngaged in writiDg out biei charge to the jury, in advanco of thu trial. Those who have eeen tha rongh draft say it is the most picturosque law papor ever drawn up in that seaüon of tho country.


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