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The Franco-prussian War

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Paris, Aug 7. The Journal Officid in its Feooiid cdition of to-day publisbes the following proolam&tion : "Frk.v-iiv.k.n - Up to tliis lrour we Lavo alwnys givon without reservo all the certain nows which we havo received, und we continue to do so. Last night wo recoived tho fullowiüg diepatohei : Metz, Aug, 6.- midnight. Marshal MoMuliou has lost a battLe.. Gen. Froseard, oa the Sarr, has been obliged to retiro. His retreat was ffiuted in goud order. All can be reutsbliahed. [Signet!} NAPOLEON. fifbta, Aug. 7.- :!:30 a. rn. My commmiications have been interruptcd witli Mri:il MMalon. I nm going to place inyself in tho eentcr L Mi'' positi-ÓD. [Signedj NA.POI.EON. Meíz, Awg. 7-4:30 a. m. Major Gcneraï of the Army to the Ministor of t lio Interior : After a series df engagemenls, in which tho enomy ferought heavy forces into tic field, Marshal MeMahon was forcod to faJl back fxom his first liue. Tho corps of 'eseral Frospard" had tofight yestorday fronx two in theafternoon with an entire arm.y of the enaray. Having held his position until sis o'clock, he ordered a lotreat, which was made ia good order. [Signedj LEBOUEF. M PHOCLAMATION HY THE EMPRESS AND FRENOU Ml.NISTKY. Details of onr loss are wantinj. Our troops are f uil of elan. Tho situation i aot couiproniiied, bilt tuo enciny is on our territory nnd a serious cffort is neoesBary. A battle appoar? imminent. In pursuanco of this grave news our duty ia plain. Tlie Cliambers have boen convoked Waare jilacing l'aris with all possiblo luiste i;i a e-tate of defnse. In order tofacilitute tho cxeeuticu of military preparationa we deolare the capital in a stato of siego. There raust bo no faint heartedness, no divisions Our resources are immense. Let us puraue the struggle without flinching and tho country will bo saved. Bv order of the Empress Regent. [3lgueüJ M.OJULÍV-1HB, Minlatev of Justle. Diïke De QRAMJUO lllulstei ófForeigfl :oli, of tlie Interior. . L. BEQB18, M-inlstcr ot Finalice. General Vlcompt De JEAN, Jlinister of War. Pauis, Aug. 7, 10 p. m., 1870. rnOCLAMATiON OF KMT-RKSS EUGEX1E. Paris, 1. Tbo Ehipress has issucd the followirjg ptroclamation : "Frbüohmen - The opening of the war has not bceu favorable to us. We liave sufléred a check. Let us be Crin undei tuis reverse aud lei' tw basten to repair it. Let therc be but one party in the ]and - that of Frauoe ; a Eingle üag - that of the nationai hóaor. I come nniODgyou faithful. to iny mission and düty. You wil! soe me the first in danger to defund the ilag of Franoe. I adjuro all good citizeus to maintaio order. To agítate would be to conspire KÍth our enemy. Done at the Palaco of the Tuilleries, the 7th duy of August, 1870, at 11 ö'clock a. ra. [SigncdJ KUGEXIE, Empress Regent DRUSSIAN 1ISI'ATC'HE8. Berlin, Aug. 7. King Williatu sends the following disjatch to tho Queen : "Goodncivs. A grett viotory has been won by our Fritz, God be pifiisesl for Lid nifrcy. V3 s&ptuwd prisoners, tliirty guns, lvo standards and ix njitrailleurs. McMabon duriug Ihe fight was heavily reiuforced from the uiain army. Tho eoniest was very aevere and ksted (rom eleven in the niorukig until niue at night, when the French retreated leaviug the fi-cld to na, Our lóese aro heavy." TJIE BATTLE OE VOSBTH. JIunich, Aug. Í). The Kiüg of . Kavaria iiüikes the fojlówing report crtr.ceriiiijg the battlo ol Woerlh : oo the tnorning of the 7Th inst., jiiï-t as our troopa had left their bivouac to march on Engolzheim, tho thunder of caiiuoi) wnshcnid. Our roovements wcre hateoed and we soon canie up witli the fïrst corps, uiiich was engnged with tho oneinv. JJavaiian troops wcro placed in the aspault upon the heights of Gcrcmena, which wero carried about fivo o'clock, tho French being repulsed in disorder and with heavy loss. Tho ocliou was severa and sauguiuary. The King isBU'ed a cöngratulatoiy order to tha eecoed car; í. thunlung theta for their splcudid condu.ct andgailantry. London,. Aug. 9. Tle followiiig oüieial dispteh is iaLed at Aumburg, in tho Palatinatc, 0:46 a. E., Hvguet 8 : Yestsrday, after the buttle of Woerlb, tho cnemy retired in the greatest diaerder. French artillebv endeavored to mak e a stand at NeiáwVfónn. That towu was takcu by the I5avariaa8. ihe enemy rctired on the soute to Bitsho. Tlie cavahy of Wurtemburg'captured the enemy'a stores and four pieces of Brtillsry, at lleichBtafen. The dead and woundod covered tiio routuoftho retiücting ;ir:ay. This woraiing we havo occupied llaguenau, evacuated by tho enemy. Germán troops held bolh banjis of the Saar, having occupied Sai ■rcgueiaLnes-and Forbach after slight rasistanco by the Frcnch. Berlín, Aug. 9. The Kiapr, in pasBiug tbrough Neust ad t yestcrday, receivcd a great ovation. ïhc steeds and roaiia were iilled witli jyful people, who waved flags and clieercd wildly. BismnwV, Van Boon jnd othera addresscd the people and tLanked theai für tb e K!i::;. Ttio-iflPECR of the Frcucli in (lic battle of Woerth, Batntday, were 5,000 dead and woundelj and 0,000 prisouers. McMahon's baggngo, Eiany caimons and two long raihvay tl ains, filled witli munitioiiB f war, were capturcd. The $nuaUp cavalry in thcir parsuit bagged thousauds oÍBtiapglers wlio haá thrown fiway thcir o;ins, Tho total Privesian loss was 3,500 killed and wounded. Governor Fairchild and Hon. Geo. Siiiiih were on the train from Madison to Watertown, AVi., wliu two youDg iadie.-, secompanied by their bcaux, entered and looked anxiously for geats. The palliiiib geutlcmun at once aróse and tendered thüni theirs, but great was their surprise, to sec the youog inon oocupy the eeats and. take Vboir fair compaoioofl upon their la p, " Well, (iovuinor,' aid Buiith, as he gar-ed ruefully at tha placa be had latcly vacatcd, but whicL wdb uow bo inntli better ülled, " u-e could have dono tmt." Twenty-eight foreign built Germán lesmerp, aggrcRate tonnage 72, 135, are rfloat :iii! ungaged iu lbo Amcr. Uade.


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