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New York, August 8. Tho prent international yHcht rae lor tlio Queen's L'ap ca ia e off to-dny. The course waa froui off the New York Yacbl Club liouseat Stnpleton, Staten Island, past Coney il:m J Point, Ühmico to the southwest Spit pnatiSandy Honk, arcund the ligbt-ship and return, n diütauco of about forty miles. A sluit was made at 11:31. The Oambria, whioh bad I giren the choice of positioos, nnfortunatuly for her took it ;!o uitrk'r the island. The breezo cama froai tbe southvrnrd matead of westward, ns her oommaoder, Capt. Comstock, had expected, and siio was to the loeward of tbc wholo tteet stnd eoou a mile behind tho luading yaoht. At Southwest Spit the Magie led, followed by tho America, Idler, Sylvia, Dauntlesa, Phaatom, ete., the Caiubria being thirteenth. Oulsidt1 Sandy Ilook the breeze iibmit half, aud at the l'ght sliin the foilovii)i was tho order: Magie, Idler, Dauotlcss, America, Sylvia, Phautom, Ma Oambria, etc After ruunding the ligbtahtp, tho Catubria sent up her fcregaff-topftyls r.'i.l almost imraediately a i:usl of 'vind hom the soutliward struck lnjr and c:irriod awaj her fore-topmwt, She kept on, however, ard )assetl Spit. On the return, slio was t.b&eigbth in line. The home stako boat was renohed iu the folio wing ordi r : Magie, 3 h. 33 min. 54 sec; Danntless, 3 li. 35 min. 27 sec. Idler, 3 li. 37 m. 23 seo.; Aükmíos,. 3 h. il va. 54 soo. : Phantom, 3 h. 3G iu. 3 sec ; Sylvia, 3 h. 55 in. 12 sec; üambria, 4 h. 57. seo., te. On v.lowanee for measurcrncui, the time if the r:ice was s fol!ovn : Magie, " b. 58 m. 21 seo , winning the cup ; IdLer, 4 b. 9 ui. 35 pee. ; Sylvia, 4 b. 23 m. 26 sec.; Amerioa, 4 b. '28 m. 21 sec. ; Dauntlt-s, 4 b. 29 m. 23 sec ; Phintom, 4 h. 30 m. 44 bi nu, i h. 85 na. 1 seo. ; Widgeon, ' h. S8 iü. Cambria, 4 h. '!■■■ ■ Tb Miigio iu owned i.ukiiu Oígped-, oí N(?v Yorl 197.2 tom and fias at ura of 1,680 square feet of t':sivp.p, : ;;iiin-t tlie iría measuring 227 C to?, with 2,105 l'oet arca tif canvag. The scène in tho b,y r.s tbe y noáred borne W5 Sablv wild a;.d cnthusiiis-tio 'J jo MSfiond Daunllees crossed the line ta lid (b i BrÍDg of frotu t!i'.; I ■ t'euding vcssols, thi miDg of':i hucdi i whi8tles and choers (f thousiiii'ls of BpectatOrs. A similar greetinp awaited the America, and the ar rival tff tho Qambria with ber fore-topmaat gfne rjid t-p kamper strear.ihir; i i, was ihc for the moat ' !ia on cvery hand. Chotis f.dluwed ohoerg, i teamer o( tl:c New York Yaclu Club llyi g tbe BBfflisb and Anu-ri;au í1"í;, nn.i the Royal.Harwicb and New York Olob eigoals, moTed down to mc'f the dieabled yaoht, tbc band aboafd playing '(iod Save the Queen." Tiie w ind, whiob had been favorable during tTio race, gradual ly d:ed away and Ihe vaehts putlicred at the anebornire ofi' the dub bouse, where most anchored for the cifrht. The Bi just rcturning from Englaaë, w:is pacsed coming up the bay by the ontward bound yachts and given a scicaming welcumo.


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