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Democratic State Convention

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A Democratie I uventloii wlll be held in the city ol Detroit, on Wednesday, i, it. 1 1 o'clock a. ií., to nomina t ;';'; fot ''" transac o ■ linsliicss ae may pro erly come ■ i onveni l u. county comprlslng uur or inore Btatc Representa riels wlll be en; for each Repret ; ve and irncb county shall be eutltled loat ono ticlegats. Bv n i of a fíirnier Síato Con:; ! !)■ nül'ri! tu : in the Cüii.vsutl n v ■ reside in the county be claims to represent,! ■ Ing, ithe eotmtles of tho Upper Penlii! All fjetod cltlüens wbo des! ra Uu end of Hanco Rad corruirtion litch are wastlng our sobstance; all who rtei whoTes ..myhi il:(.' Bdïninlstratlon of pwb kindíí of publtc proiKity Bhall beur an equal pioportlon ii ta 1 tuat taxation In every form be reduced to the est snip posslble consistent wlth ili obligatlons of the.ROvernraeot, cordtally Invfted to cHperat Wlth the Damocracy to Chat ■ M. I. MILLS. Ohn. L. PATTBB80N, N H i:i.l)l!.lin - ■'■■ IUDBR. B 0 rl.MiK. A. 0. BALDWIN. )!). W. L. BANCROFT, ) H Ei II. THOMPSTjN. A o BtODl 0. E. 11. BÜALBT. KDWAHI' Democratie State Cemral Cor.ü. Detroit, Jol


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