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Judge Kingsley On Railroad Aid

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The Tree l'reas llousi: Reportei ■ the fullüv.-ing brief abstract of a speech l.y Judge Kingslby, of city, on Thurhday aflernoon of last Jjsék, tfee pending proposition bciug a regolutiot) authomiug i'u'.urc municipal uid to rail■ : !ey, of Washtenaw, followed in ■'■ii yvhlch has beeu made upon the floprofthls . ra .Mr. ia ïiKüniaiiicd .1 ileóce Ion, but that liiwilly caine up, : m.idv t tlic tig] and au earüesl i ■, the corrupt and luiqultüii iu vvíiicb H has been soiigfit to foren uix.'ii the tnx■ tiiis prinelp! Ing If yón vvanx :i caili tol sttn g opon tl: cripplcd ;u".! Impalretl is a i:.-ü m Municipal us well as Individual perlty. He ho Klngsl "rgo of Hoi. Qeo, W i '■ ■ Scate had been eontrolled by tlie I0Í4I in-, or by r soughl refern d to tlie North, the b'öutlv, t!)e . 1 the ie whole l::' 1 luid almos( uuauiinonaly approvtj : ■r.irl. He thongbi suM'cii'Di, thech Utlie act ion Bfs. when, thlrt; ■ Ii;i:it of leglslatlon and heipcd ivliicii si.'! ulo clrculation dollars of "wild cat" motiey. 1 tare that frarned those law.s tl . I they had succi eded 11 tliro iit tlic; [tidaut ■tioiis, bt llisv ïk) "Innocent hpjders" Buffered tliéi i'vintnallv the issue ifas not dlmstróus. 1 1 i!s follón meinl honic; uk! lïiiai tliL'ir constLtuen thern wliat they bad done, teil them- Dothing, Wlien t!u-y nskoii v?haf had been done wüh phant, inform thelr constituent that a perfect dr i Itauts of every coïiceivable forra and color bad sprong out trom tvciT jungle, all in: intractable. Let the whole matter al and he feit that the result would be franght wlth prosperlty to our State, and to the besl Interests of the people. It is Imposslble to glve a correct or adéqu ite sy of Mr. Kingslcy's brief remftrkg, i rery word ofwhl consternatlon to the hearts of the fVirnrls of railroad ald, V of hls remarks u-as drie totbe venerable and commandlng appearanct: of the speaker, tlie Inimitable marnier of ! '■ aud wliicli were greetd withpr)lon . whlch the rapg of the Speaker'a gavel vvere powerlesa to suppress. I it nall d'.-ivcü Into the coffln of ruilroad ni;!, aud galned at least four negntive votes as the reaalt demonatrated. It was ourgood fürtuue to be present and hear Judg-e Kinoslbt, tind we eau bear teetimony that he straclc telÜDg blows against tho doctrine of luunicipal aid, in faror of individual ríghts, and agaisist ctiiiferriiig upon the majority tho power to tx tho uiiiiority for private euterprises. Tho speoch, was at onco humoroiis and coavinciug. Does the illy. thlnk that i." an orlzlng mnnicipal uiit were aubmltted ivnd votcd down, any party wou',.', instruct the Soprcme Conrt of t: the plalnly i wlll of t To our mlnd sucb i propositlon ts prepos. - Tribune. Wo re-'pond in all periousaesp. Wc have Fecn a Radipa] Coijgress - wliicli body nmy be suppnscd to givo the law to a Iladicnl Legielaturo - reoonstruotirii,' the Supremo Court of tho Uuiled States time and ngain to iioconipüsh ila own pur posea and enda: to-day ncreasiog the Duniber of -juclgcs to give tho control vf the court, hj appniotment, to a Lincoln ; to morrow decreasfng the aaonber, to prevent a Juiins"n fi.ling ocenrting racaocies; the next day prohibiting nppeals thereto ; and again, as aft er the recent greenbaek decisión, aücir.pting another cnlargemect of tho court, that Grant might fill the new places nith partisan tools and procuro a rever3al of the decisión. If Congresa has done these tbings, r.nd without robuke, are e not jnstiüed in especting a eimilar cotirse froni a Kiulicül Michigan turo? In fact, did not tbe very Legislature now n session mako haste to ra!ify tho XVtli. amcnduient nftcr the people had declared at tho ballot bnx agaiost negro suffrage, and thus " deieated tho plaiii'y cxprcssed will cf the pcoplo ?" If thi.s tliing can be dono once wiih impunity it cali agaiu. And loading llepubüean journals hnve alrcady advised such a reoonstruction of tli Boort es vc indic:tíed. ïhere )e nothing too " preposterous " to be esISjed by Radical legislation. " Pleased witli a. ratlle, Tlckled with a straw, oxai'tly exprc;ses tho happy eondition ia which tho Datroit Tribuno fiuds itso'f wiien it contemplati'S tho railrped legiatatioá of tho extra eossíoii. It is moro than gratifica that tho " innocent bondholders " have boon provided for, even thoagh they are compelled to earry the dead-weiglit of So,0ü0,000 or moro of unearned bondf, and commenda the Legislaturo for its vvell doing. It would huva been, a littlo more tickled had future aid buen provided for, but as t if, gritis a broad grin of satisfacción. Well, " let it laugb wliilo it niny." A DisrATcii froui Home, d;ited the 9tl), sajs : "The evnouation of tbc Pontifical territory by Frenoh troOps is com )letei3. Frauce leavcs for the gorerüment 35 mortars nnd 15,000 shell." Tho same üispatch also fays: " Desertions are frt'j,uont in the Legión de Antibes." If tiio poace in Borne íh to depend on the Italian governinent, the Paj;al Govenimeut may be reljiog on a brokon reed, In a.lji'.ion ta its railroad K'gislation, the extra eession passed a bilí for the eollcction of social síatisties, a hydraulio or water woiks bilí, scveral legalizLng tax bilis, and an appropriation bilí. The Sennte also eoníinued a list of Notarios Public. Tiik Berlín banks duclino the Pruseian war lonn, but tho poopls take it freely. And tho Iiaül: of l'iauco has inoreaaed ta rale of discount to six per oeot. So iay lato dispstches. Tui: l'ribunc of Wedncsday had a leader on tlie Congressional situntion and conceded a net Democratie gain ia ' the nrxt Ho;is3 of 20 members.. 1 'Smáll favQrs tbaokfu'lj rcccivcJ." t lio cí'inbined cfforts of Holden, Ki&e, and Grant to bully tho peoplu of Narili Carolina ntid prevent them voting anythiiig save tho lladieal tioket, the freemen of the UK) Norih State huve risen in the'r iniplit, iiid swept tht;ir despotic miers, vith tlicir osrpet'bsg allies, clean out A few of them have preaerved ihcir official Lides, nrd can report to the occupant of tlio White House - their alljr - if "at Lome," u the language of the menenger who brougbt like cheering rewsto Job : V ani oscaped to tc!l thee." The ie uit maj bo summed up : Tlie elootion of tha only Consejyalive candidate rui;:,i:ig for a St:ite office, Siiipi1, for Jadge, by a majoiity of f rom 5,000 (o LO.OOOj the clostioo of fivo of the heven menibers of the 42d Cotigrees, a Democratie; gain of onhj four ; aod a two-thirds mnjority x each brancli of the Legislatura, iusuring a Democratie Senator in laco of the carpet-baggcr And tho nsgrocB all I without let or hindrancu, - Jlind jim, tl.i.-i is what the electora of Noi tli Carolina havo dcje. Wq won't venture to prediot what Congres w i 11 do. St;itoK propos, but CongrosB disposes, and it will reconstruct a State on tho ilightest pretenso. ÍS'ortli Carolina lias afiforded. one by í?oiog Democratie A uass convenlion of six.ty prohibí tionists wiiB heM nt Jaelíson, mi the 3c the following candidates fo ' fficers plaoed in nomioation : ato?.- lío. Hcnry Fish, of Por Jí , ', utenani GowmóK- The Rey. E. Curtís Seerelary qf State - John Evans of Bel vm:. 1 1 den I of Public ' -As i, Presdentof Adrián Coll - Ij. lí. Atwater, oí' Gwinc Rapids. ,nerof 'Public Lands. - J. II ILir irell, Jr., HarUvollvilIe. Auditor General - C. K. Carpcnter, o Orion. General- Hon. E. C!. Fullsr. o The platform ndopted was sligbtl mixed, and likcty to ono. We Imvo no spaco fr the innss o contradictor; dipatches whioli oom over Ihe cable. Suffice it to cay tliat i vero íigliting so far, befre brvujk, Weiafiembtiutg, Woertii, and i the vrcinifry of other places with anprc nounceable ñames, the Frencli hv dcfeated with sovere loss Tho Prussiat are enthnsi.-igtio and the Fretrch corio pondingly demoralized. Pari1? t aí boc deelared in a state of siego ; the Core Legislatif lias compelled a cbnne o mii'.isiry ; a ehánge of í .-::m-s cormnam ing the army has aíso been dt?m btained and oven Ü:c fiight n mi: and the abdioation of Na? s Iiioted at. It !s impDssib'.o lo pi wbat a dy will briog f orth, but th Napoi ■ -ty can iiard'y Furv furthet reverse?. "G-RS." Akbrman, that is Gkant!3 A tornej1 - ts'Iio won liia titlo, if won a all, iti tíio re'iel servieo - s of tlie opin ion Uiat tl. e Franoo-Prussian wav ' wi! bo a loníT añil eshausting one, vith strong probability tbat both part:es yvi! out of it defeafed." And lie festiviiies at Lo"g Branoh not giving Gra.vt time to tliiük íor Lvnself, if thinking vvere in his line, iie abroes with hia (listingUishcd Attorney General. Tbat BBtt'k's it. Tub Democratio National Committe bas utüdc on estímate, from wliiob tho prífüct a Democratie majority i;i th nest Oongrcss. We nrc not quite s anguioe, hut with n long pull nnd strong pull we oan come as near af ; ble. It is at least an easy thing t Avipe out tbe two-thirds majority whic haa made ou,r Jxadiüiil _ oppöneuls so ty ranoioal. - To givo a Demncratio majority tho comiiiittae only estimated a gain of ttep memberi ii North Carolina, wbereas the goin i FOÜE. At tlmt rato their prediotiona will rao-e tban be made gooil. We givo o this nuiaber rf the Aro.u tho ci',11 for the Congressionnl conven tion for tlus district, to be held at Jack son, on Wedoesdaj, September 14th As yet we hear no candidatos natned or tliscussed, the clianoes for Bnocess not bi'ing good enough to muko a nomiiifition sought after. All vvo havo tr say ia, thal. vo hope the convention will u.-íl tlio samo discrimination and care aa J SUCC0S8 was possiblu or certaia. lid a good and truo and competent mau be placei u nomioAtioD, and then let us do our " lcvel best" to olect him. That is tho waj to deservo viotory. A. II. Pettibonb is ("poken of as tbo probablo Repnblioan candidato from the Grounvilla, Teiin., district. Mr. Pktti bone graduated in the Literary dcpartment of the Univcvsity of Michigan, iti 1859. His rcsidence then was Milwau::nd his fii-st introduction to the Sou ih was wiï.h the 2Oth Visonsin Infuntry, of whbh regimont he was Major. The distriot is uow representad by K. R., of oadét-gelling and peusion stealing rmtoricty. Gov. I5r,Ain, considering hrmgelf ' master of tho situation," or havhig unlimited confiJoucc. in Iiis frionus, Keems to tüke no interest in the coming conin, in fiict he has gono up to Lake Supovior, leaving t!ie Cold to his oppo neutH. IMeantiniö, Cutcükok's frionds ore botb busy and confidont. Sonic of t!it' Xorlii Carolina papers are printed in blue i uk.- They are probably pub)iabe] by Radical cirpot-baggors, and indicato thu state of mind of their publishers - since the late election. Th ere is a fitness in things. bas been nominated for anotlior Congiassional terrn, defpite lus deolination and aooouDo;noat that !.! had already áooepted a Sl-,000 plnce. ::dicais ol bis district liold that lio must not desert in the hour of


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