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Natural Bound Aries

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"The Prench :■.' tlie ' natural bo . France, glve y nature. ïliey want t! ' tion at Oltl Qaul. The ; ■ il. 'i: tliis Klfnir qui .tii. 11 be i Iemand It." Such and similar ph rases can b read daily in the papers. JIow long is tliis i last? Il as it como to liat poss, that nll ti declara' ■pel by our credulous colleugaes ? Vori'y, it is that tl, is nonnen i I be eft ofT, aiid bat the journnUsta who iré engiged i:i writiog leadiug art ihout foreign countries, and at ipr about tbo German-Fronch War, sboulJ iiKvüy procure somo solid iëfurmatioo, somo tboroagh statistiaal knowletlge, listorical and genri.p!ii ;::1 works and nnps, and tbat thsy should study them sroperly, bcfore tbey writn (oolishly ibout what tbey don't undorstabd. Niilural boundarios ! Wilb tbrse worda thcs3 ing'.'iiuous goographora magino tliey have said sornetliing Natural boundarics, lioweve", o::lv are the oeean aid high chüins of mountains, and the Buppositioo tbat rivera a!so belong thero a empty talk, as is elearly proven by the doutrinea of the pre-a-nt aud tho pist. The natural bonndaries of Friince art' on thn West tli e Atlantic Ocean,OD tlic Scuth the Pyroueos, on the Eajt towards Switzerland tho Jura llo-untains, art] Vosgcsund Aïdennos towards Gerraiiry - but not the Rbine, which ii inhabited on both banks from times iin memorial by the Gorman race. The Ardanneg, however, are not atioh bigli mountaiae tbat thcy shou'd ho Btr'ongFy divido two oalioualuies au tho, Pyrenees do between Spain nnd France. On tiie Noith towards Belgiuui tlieru ex'ts no goüarahboandary, and tbcrofore Gennau (Flcmish) and Frauce (Walli o ) 'elemcuts and languagos iütermingle in Delgium. The French, h o wever, roaiiitain tiuit their realm hnd forracrly extended te tbo Khine, and tluit this river, if not the natural, still is the historie-iliy huí'. ed bbuudury betwaon France and Oermaoy. ïlns is an error or an ioten a' falaehood. 'l'hey cay they w;int to recover iho fronliere oí' o!d Uaul, and their irieuds on th;s sido of llie water as in d:ity boupd prate tho same nay O!d Gaul, tbe Roman próvince, cer■ extended o ibe-Rhlop, but ah e wa put togetlier without ragard to natiopnlilies marely as n politüal provinoe, and is to b red only a an ad; ii-iyiive distru-t. And even in her the whole tract of land on tho left of the ilhiiie from from Basle to Ihenifluth oí the Kiiino, (constiluting tlio present Alsaco, Lorrainc, Luxemburg, Palatinata and North.orn Btlium) w-.-h inhabiti d by Gennans, espcehilly by FranooDitiDS, and formed a separate district at tlic of the Roman Bmperora uacier tho expücit name "Gertnftnia." Tho empire of th Pi anconiane under iwig, als? a Gemían empire, cinbraced the whole of present Franee and Geraiany to the Lippe and Siiaio Rivera and the B themian Forest. ïhis in ■.. -is divided into Neusüia, Burgun dy and Austrnaia (Austria), to whioh latter, besides the Gorman part,beloDgcd the hololeft bank of tho lthine up to the 51eu c. Tlio Bm] ire of Cliarlemngim re-united ail those parts, and addcd the present Holland and the Wester.apart of Nortb-Germany. Wben tbibempira ;t tn treaty of Verdun, in the year S-fC, was divided amongat tle sous o' Lewia tho Piouc, irot the three err.piree, West Frire'iia, M,iddle Franoon:a, and Et lonia or Gi :':n:iny. Midtilo ■ o iota was partly bounded !y the Rhino; but wiis afierwards united with Ger, and to tliis empiro belonged, in the tentli and eleven ih oenturies, the wtiole left bank of iho Rhino, evon beynnd the Meuse - Alaaoe, (Ipper Iiorraioe, (capítol, Ile'z), anil Lnwer Lorr-.i'ie, (the present Nurthern Franco and Beli.'ii'''ii) At 'ha end of tho fifteenth century the Kingdom of Burgnndy vrns foundcd, whioh embrnced, hesidea Burgündy, tlie present Iliillam!, Belgium, aad Luxem burg. Ijorr.iiiio, wilh tho citi-js of Metz nn! Naoöeu (Nanoy)8tülbelooged to Gcïmany, Wheu tlio Kingdom of Burjundy, af;cr tho :!c-tli of Charles tb.c Duld, feil to Gerriany in oonsequonce of tho marriage of hi dai:giiier to Maxi.milian I., Oermany recoivcd, also, tbe whote of the' present Belgium and the !■''■ 8 liï' Bu Aftcr Charles V., tlu presont Boliuni emne ander tho dotuioion of tho Kiog ■iiii, otherwise tbe li-ft bank of the Rhine belonged whnlly to Gormany. 8ö it appears that up to the time of the Keioniintioti and tho thirty yeara war there a aot tbe leasi hiatorical litla n Fraooe to Ui e Ie ft bank cf the Hhino. On tho cnntniry the wholo (r.ict wal and remaind TO.m Ihe most ancien t time in tho posossion of Germán


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