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A Threatened Revolution In France

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'New York, August ]Q, A special to thy Tribune, datcd W don, August 10, lifter detailing y sienes of violenco in tho Corps Lsgi lif on Tuesdav, says : "I aclhere to ■ opinión tliat tl, o Empire is on ita ],,, [ups. hut it w'tll die hard and un, millions in ita ruin. "Tho proposal of yfsterdny contaim the ful'.owirg : Inastuuch ;is the inaan i'iy of the Cfiicl of StRte Us broajfc Franco in t o por il, and axsed two great Ui'tles, in spite of tl valor of onr soldiors, fir.-t, a oommiit oí na'iooal áefertSBB is-oonsütuted in L Natiocal Assombly, composcd of fift, i!ii'i!-,i; ui, u.itil further orfo 'tliiü coüirnittce shall be pUccd over t g authoritics ; third, it ehalls morí a!l citi.mis to arme; fouith, etn act ten -.bstruct tlio acta oftti eommittee sball be considored crin, it the nation." A DICTATORSHIP COSTKMIT.AI Pari, Aug. H), pa Loridon. A dic'atorsbip is autieipated, Gen Trocha ao.ting as supremo !e Tlio Emperor hos iceo invi;eil to r;tun to Paris and awail tlio reoonstruciiot tho govern 'ii refueal is conti!. erod certain. TUF. Ñ THY. in-r: i-try haring fc.foroci to ri',:.'i on the 9'.h, m ij, Cérps Le::i.-l;iiif, ou the lOili, G t Pal i kil o annnunced the i . ri . I .' a now ministry, aiu! read tf, names, af follows : . ut Palikao, Ministor ofWr. Di' la Tour cl'Auvorgne, Minister i 'm Alf.iirs. ■:. :nisi.i'rof tho Ioterik Le Grand t of Justice, J1 irine. ■me David, Miüi.sivr ol Iu' tliáister uf Public ltut tlon. Clement Duvcrndft, Jlinister of Cw merce. i'. Eillault, Prcsiilcnt ofthcGonti of Si The average expecses of the gove ment f t two yenrs luivo bes 03,867. Is bot Kadioalism i costly laxury ? When the census tnker nsked t finvn woman tbo age of her o. si cti.i sho intorraed liini tiu-.t he luid cue aronnd a month too 3iion, A very sovere hail ptorm visited TerHaute, Indiana, Mondar night. Mi-J of tho et 'lies were íix inches in circwj tcrenoa. No groat datnago has jíj been reported, Atlvier3 from Roma state tint tul Fre icti disasters cause profound UmJ ai il the Pope Ikh asked nst one (hip to det'sud hm frova itA Italiaus now orgsnizing for an attncit: the Pajial do malus. The rush to Yosetaite Valley ö ycar is anusuallj latgo. Airead; min thsn 20,000 tvavelera have-.gone tintte


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