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A Few Census Figures

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GKQKfiK Vi". MoouE, Census Enumcrator ,or t]8 Representativo district, hascom: Ms woi-k, rèvised and corrected liis papers, ;ml made Ii i returns. We have [ried to " Intertitw" hlm on sc-veral dlfifer:caeions, bnl fonná his " tnstrnctlons' ljltea big watch liorr in onr way. Ilowc.vhave, ly a flank movement, obtaineci tl,'e following figures, wliich Are near cu0,,jri esaot fijr uur present punióse : Fam l'opiDgs. lies. nlaiion. 337 359 !7!3 ,,.,,i, 2i4 ïaoa SdWard, 224 337 II ".l irh W.ird, 271 2 5thlVr.l, 157 103 742 BftWard! 182 18G 908 TotaUncIty, 1Ö70 1-153 7:!fi3 5731 A.A.TOWB, S"7 258 1383 1211 Nortjifleld, 288 288 1300 979 .er, ::' 170 974 856 2040 2121 11020 8778 Piiicc the census .of 18G4 was taken a corner of WeSste.r lias been cut oft and atHehed to Seip yuniber of aeathfl repoutetl for Uteyear endlng Jone tst 1870. aro: A;m Arbor City, Cr ; Ann Arbor Trwii.G; Nortbflèld, 25; Webster, 12. Total, 109; or oue to ch 101.1. The Anus reportad are: in Anu Arbor Towii, 109 ; InNortMeld, 357; In Webster, . -195. - Ypsilanti roports: c'.wellinïs, 1,( funlües, SOO; nopulatlon, 5,47G; deatbs, CT; and puts i:: a claim of beinp; " one of the he.ilthiest places in the West." Ann Arbor, wilh a populación exceeding that of ïpsilanti J,887, reports bat G6 destlis, or nne lcs, n favorable comparison, most certji:)ly. Our neighbor also reports 34 more Ings than families, whlle Ann Arbor flgarei up 80 more families tlian dwelüngs. Asecond good slgn In our favor. The City Marshal can do liimself credit ood the city a goort turn by taking mme steps to induce ciüzens to mow the wceils along tiie walks and gatten and dences. A little ly oiinoney and muscie woulil make OOTcUy present a miich neaier appearance, Ifthe Mwshal hasn't jurisdiction In the }ro;n?es lie ought to bare. - We also invite the attcntlon of the Board of Health to snndry gnttera aud holes along our principal streets, wiiich present a procn and slimy surfacc, aliaos: giving a passer by the ague to look at- brides making hlnj hivoluntarüy hold bis nose. They need gif v.o farther tlian the corner of Main and Iluron streets to índ onc snch fever breoaor, and severa! may te dlscovered along Htatj stivet. - By the way, hen is the order of the Council for grading State Btreet and improvlng ts water privileges to be complied wlth? Do the resident on that sti-eet pay no tsxes ? or are the moneys thcy pay for trect purposes to be expended elsewhere, nnder the ílimsy pretenso that btate'street onth of Iliiron is In no Ward. We make a Irióf pause fora reply. Augustus WiDR.NMANN-, Eq., Consul tor Wnrtetnburg, ralsed the war flag of the North Germán Confederation over nis office on Tuesdnj last. lts colors are black, white, and red, in three broad stripes, the redbeinj; üp. It elicited considerable attention. - On Taesday morplng a sign was found iaiiffiüg out In front of the Deputy Inter41 Revende Assessor's ofllce, iusciibcd : "8,000 Recruits Wauted for tlie Freneli Army. 800 Bounty. Apply to R. J. BauW." Some wag had made the Major the fictiin of a joke and .1 seeming party to a vlolatlon of the neutrallty laws. The Ann Arbor Boys played the ■Umpires of Detroit, on Wcdiiesdny after Won, on the Unl verstty irroimds, for the hampionship of the State and that "cup and ball." The game resul ted : Ann Arbor 3";Em])irc's, 2-1), and so oar boys keep the rauch coveted prlze. - The Ann Arbor Boys also pUyed tlie Dextcr club on Jlonday, scoring 59 to .the Pmer's 10. We notioe qaite a number of stracgers 'n our city, and hear of considerable in Iiiry for houses- to rent. The census Bho,vs 80 more families than dwelltngs, aurl ÜW indications are that therc will have to 'moredoubling np. - lf you have a house to rent advertisc - Ji th argus. The opinión having be.come so general that Ilangsterfer's Bbck is scttliug, and the hall onsafe, that people stay away irom 'Wertalnments held thcre, Mr. IIaxosterEi has cmployed a competent mechanic ■toPut the walls In thorougli repair and "ke them perfectly safe. The work has lrcady been commenced. "e notico that División and Wnsbn?ton Btreeta have been materlally im provcdu) by the deposit thereln of a large otof brick, stom-, and other refusc, wliiel 80me AlUermanic Street Comraissioner or fnnltteeman, in the goodness of big . eart has perraitted to be drawn froin some my's cellar. Prof. E. P. Eyans has so!d bis resi aceto aMr. Trbmahw, a new comer Mnextweek, w understand, wil! leav UrcitV. -n route fovlüH ncw ik-M of labo ntPe. eaillng ftom New York on the '' Wc hope the Regenta wlll illl the wncy he wlll make wlth a strong man Tbe pnblisliers of iho Jackson Patrio thJfll8'Ued a pr"s!H'clus for a d:lily Paper '' 'st """iiJer to l)c iBsaed about the firs Lm mbWl ïhe at" ' ol?nin3 t0 an evcnins Pailcr. t"' ouipp.


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