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Death Of Wm. A. Richmond

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The (rand Raplds Daily Eagle of Wednesday, the 3d Inst., contalned the fol Ion in,: aunouncement : . Lhis morütns, August 8d, about 2 Ht iSwrct's Hotel, In tïiïs city WELLIAM ALMY RLOHMOND. Mr. litriiMOM) was a brotherof Citatïi.e H.Richhoxd aud Mrs. Lul of thls city and was pereonally nnct favorably knowi to many of our citlzens aa well aa toth oldcr lnhabltants throughout the State He hiis been In poor liealtb for seme yeafs so tli at bis i sa not entlrely nnexpecteil bV Ws famlly aud frL-nds. ïlie followlng brief Bketch of the öeceased we copy irom the Detroit Tribune of the Btli inst.; He wa bom In Am ja coonty, N. y., Januaiy 88, 1808, being the oldest sou of Jonathan Rlchl - ittlors of western New Sork, and eventually a member of Congress. .' recelvlng a moderate educa tlon, the subject of Uile memoir, at tlie age of ir, becajpe a ulerk In the store of Henry Howrard, o qncntly Mlchlgan's firsl StateTr 8 he vlsited i, but returned toÑew i ork and engoged In business snccesslvelv in the city of New Vork In Moravla. i 1: l"-1 finally gratcd to thls State, and took up bis resl dence wbere dow stands i lic city of i Rupids. In thatyearhe was eli gato to the Territorial Convention :■ Arbor ; in 1887, belng then cashlcrofthe Grand Rlver bank, he was marrled toLoruino, of Abel Page, formerlv of Rntland, vt ; in 1888 he tres appoln Governor Masón ono oí tbe onere to locato the State Prlson, au;! in tl:c amc year was by President Van Buren raade Recelver of Land Oilice at. Ionla. In :. and 46 h,e served as State Senator; In 1846 was appointed by Prfei Polk, Superintendent of Ittdlan Aftairs for Ulcblaran, nnd part of Wlsconsln, and Id is- 1) he was made a director of the Farmers' and Mechanica' Bank of D and of the Michigan Sohthern RallróM. In 1880 lic was eleeted by tlie Deniporats mtant-Gövernor, recetvlng 6,000 more rotes tlian dld Gov. Barry, who led t!io ticket, and was ftfterward appolnt Brigadier General of the State Milltla. Bubsequently lic retired from, and f pent hls remaintnx days In thtfquiet of bis home, and In the retirement oí geuial societj'.


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