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Justice Graves Of The Supreme Court

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of flits State tells a story somewhat personal to himseir, but whlcb is good efiougb to ptit in print. It is BOinewhat llke t'uis: Dgrieg the late term of the Suprenv ("onrt at Laushifr, Justice G. taking anairiug upon the walk adjolning his hotel, wlicn lio waf. ftccosted by a gentleman, venerable in years, anti ivlio provea to be no( a stranger. A.ddresstng the .lu-ice h'c pare his personal blstory, and claiinel relationship to tliis Governor and that otlier distingiüslied citizen ; avowed acquaWtanccship with tliis mau, tliat man, anfl the other, prominent in politica] clrcleg, ábd all well known to his auditor ; and proclalmed he scveral places in which he liad r ■ Vnd Uien, to qnote ns near as. raay be his nvn vords: " And I knew you, Jodge, in Jalhoan; I used to heur you charge jnrics, ind thoughtyou a pretty smart fellow. I vas a good. deal interested in the railroad [j c:lse_to teil the Uüth.hate got some of helnnds; ircad the opinions of the Court v ï t i i much interest, and was anxions to icar ivhat you would say. I have read Tour opinión, Judge, and I teil you what it .. 1 donH thiok youraaileany pintt." Judge kaves s:iw the " juni" and forthwlth exilblted it to a few frlends, who not belng of a secretive turn of mlnd shared it with i. And so it is the "pint" of.this paragrnn!'. ' 1 1 mnm i - ■


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