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Congressional Elections

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Tli'"' Washington correspondent of the New Vork Tribun presenta the following ns tlio t:ible of estiraates which the Democratio Congrossion;il Cocamittee make in regard to tiic rtsults to be attniiu'd ia the coming Congressionnl elections : Present Dom. i Prrppnl Dom. Exrepresen- ; represen" pecied tation. gain. latton. (i : Texaa 1 '- Maseaohtuctts . . .0 1 Tonnesp.u o 6 Connectlcql 1 1 Kentacky 0 o New Vork 12 lOrkansa 1 1 jrlvania 7 4 Hú '.....ñ 7 New Jersey.. 1 mlluna 4 2 Delaware . t i'Illinms 4 1 ■ ■! .i f' tflsonr1 2 - i 4 -: ■'■ ImvusIii l 1 Carolina. ..1 2 Mtuuestii i South Uarollna...O ! West Virginia - " J 'l . ! .ruin 2 1 ia ■-' SOregon 1 0 0 '' - - LuuUlaua 0 4 Total 60 M Present number of Demociitic memberfi, si.t!y-six; oxpeced gain f-ixty-iive; total, 13J ; uccefsary for a mjori;j-, 122. Si:icn t'u8 tablo wis mode up tlie ■i liris occured in .Noith Caioliua, ind intoad of pain i Dg two we have rained fouf in tbat S'ate. lu other Stittos we lüill exoeed the gnina stated q thie table, wbile in other ouses we are nelined to the opinión that we shall not ootue up to what is claimed by our 'rienda. It' Democrsts, however, will only fight tho batllo upon S8iies likely to demaod the consideration of Congrc-s, t. hardlv seems possible that the pooplo hould be .o blind as not to elct L large )emoera!in majerity iu the next tlotl'ae,


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