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pÁllKIAGES! CARRIAGKS! IFOIR. SA.H.1. I wU sell ono cood Single Top Butrpy, for $7-l : on Singla Top Bneg) , nearl j mw, for$i50; one Donble Two-geat Carrhijje, nearly ntw, cot $400 For ■-■'■', on one jears time. A good Sinüle Horsc wantedi D. HEXXINO. Ann Arhor, Jnly 14, 1870. l'iTsif ÍVIINERAL SPRING DISO0VERKD AT TIIi: CITY ARCADE. T throws up 2 poandi of oui Qov. Java ror $l.oot T í rlght Trom Chitm for 1 .00 per ponnd, and 8ngar f'oi.i cuba (or W4 per pound. Come nu ye who are sickof HIGH PKfUlíSaudgctCÜRKD. CLARK & CROP8ET. "OUÏTER WANTED. 1 WANT AIX TIIE GOOD BTITTER Offcrod durins thc scüsoii, for goods or money. I74m3 JOHN H. ÍA SAKD. jUOTICE! The flrm of O. A. Gilbert & Bro. was diasolvod on tlic '_M iiny of Jnly. by mntunl consent. The busi ness wiU De contlnneaby E N Cilborc, wlm will settle the accounts of t.h.ilute firm. Ann Arbor,Julyí2iJtli. K. N. OILHRRT, O A. GILBKRT. P. S. - All persons indebted to tho late flrm arn requefted to make immediate settlement. 1279W6 r I VE GÊËS E FEATHER8 PIEST CiTTA.X.IT'Sr, Constantiyon hand and for sale by HA CU á- ABEL. pOA OPENINü, -A.T WEV1. WAGNER'S, An Elegant and Lurge Stock of SPRING Al SUMMER G-OODS, 1NCLUMXG 3 CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, VESTINQS, &C. LATEST STYLES iND BEST QÜALITlEfi WHICH HEOFERS LOTSER thanEVEE Alio tn Store a large stock of READY-MADE CLOTHING AND Gents' FURTOSHIM Goods. GARMEN'TSMADfcTO ORDES rN THE Alio LADIE-S'andGENTS' MOROCCO SAÏCHELS N o. 21 .South Mala Street- Kunt slde. CALL AND SEE THEM. WILLlAM WAONER Ann Arbor, May, 1670. DE MOV AL. J. KECK $c CO. Hoto reinoreil their STOCK OF FÜR1TÜRE And Undertaker's Goods, To Mack fc SclimiJ'sBlock, No. 52 South Main, and No. 4 West Liberty Streets. TITE LARGF.ST''sTORE I: THE CITY, AND BUILT EXPRESSLY FORTHEFURNI1URE TRADE. TIIEY HAVE NOW IX STORE THE LARUESTand FINEST STOCK OF FUHN1TÜEE EVCK OFFEREDIM TIII3 OOÜKIT.OP Tnr.IUOWN HANÜFAC TUKE, SUPERIOR nOTn M QUAI.ITi'ANnSTYLK, WHICn THEY NOW OFFER TO THE PUBL1CCUEAPER THANCAN BEnOUOHT ANYWHERF. F.LSEIN TH STATE. THEIR STOCK INGLUDES F.VERY iBTICLB NEEDED TO FL'RNISH THBJ best nousE from top TO BOTl'OM.i Tliclr oíd patrón an(T the public pocrallyare in vitcd to Rive thom - cali. .1. KECK k CO. Ann Arbr,T!iimarj,lS70. y 1251 GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO's for 3trictly Pjjre Drugs and Medicines .Paints, Oilp, &c. CHAS. A. LEITEIt & CO., CHAS. A. LEITER&GO., CHAS. A. LEITER & CO., CHAS. A. LEITEE & CO., No. 1 Gregory Block, No. 1 Gregoiy Block No. 1 Gregory Block No. 1 Giegory Blools, C3T Sign of the Gilt Mortar "Mil CW Sign of the Gilt Mortar "C3 CS" Sign of the Gilt Mortar 1BI E Sign of the Gilt Mortar "2 HAVE .IUST OPEXED HAVE JIIST OPEKBD HAVE JUST Ol'EJíED HAVE Jl'ST OPENEI) a'lie minoat Stoolc ot The Finest Stoolc oí The IPinest Stook; of The Finest Stoolc of DRUGS AKD MEDICINES DRUGS AND MEDICINES DRUGS AKD 1EDIGIKES1 DRUGS AND 1EDICKN8 IN THE CITY. Í.V TUR CID'. rrr the city. IN TUE CITY. PURE WINES AND LlftUORS For Medicinal Purposes. The Popular Patent ile'licineB of the day , and everythlug kept in flmtclaas Drug Store. An EXCELLENT BRAND OF CIGARS. TRY THEM. Solo Agenta in the City for Otto 4 Reynder'a celSÜRGICAL AND DENTAL INSTRUMENTS. If?" ESPECIAL ATÏENT[ONT GIVKV TO TUK COMI'OI.'NIUNr, (IK PHYSICIANS' I'RKSRIPTIONS nrt KAMILY MEDICINES. 120i TR. KELLOGG'S LIVER INVIGORATOR, Is a nerer fniHntr euro f-r UyspepMft, Siok-Hoadclio, Atfue a:il otln-r ■iisn.'i'v, aiiiiot: from Indipesioo or TorpMity of Livor. [F YOU FEEL WEAK OR LANOUID, Dullnnd Unambitlous, use Dr. Kellogg' Lire InvigrjitorRti'i reduin your liealth. fjK. KELLOGG'S Liver Invigorator s a Sandard Medtcln, and is componed ol medicial proporties extract cd from some of the most comaon articles of foo 1 combined with the concent ra ted uiousof famouH Rootu and tlcrb-. TÜ. KELLOGGS Indian Remedy, Nerer fail to cuic COTJGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS, and other affect ion of the Throat and Lunn. ASA LINIMENT DR. KELLOGG'S INDIAN RETMEDY. ■fin'Js unrivaled aa a pure for ftll diseases attended ith Inflammation, audis equally good tor man or east. -THE CATHARTIC PROPERTIES of Dr. KFIT.OfiG'fï nT.LK aro fxactpd from an articlo of f.xid, whlh makt8 llicm ircfcrable to any other, Tbey o ure Con Rti pat ion, thpwmntim, and sbould be emplojed in all case of llouioeu. A LL KINDS OF f ntSEAíKS OF THE SKIN' ip cured by Ir. Kellogu'8 CHAJ1PION OIN'THEN'T. -U. KELLOGG'S STANDARD MEDICINES, Are oíd by Druggists EvyvFhere. TEA. TEA. C. A. LEITER & CO. OF No. 1 GRBGORY BLOGK, bold tb e íole Agency of the Great United States Tea Co. Oí New York, for the City of Ann Arbo'. Thie Cofapany dfal exclusively in TFA andCOF FKK, and purebasethdr Tea by the Cargo. Their Suporiör Kuowletígo of this of (Soort, and unusuiil facilitics for purebating Tea5,givethem A GREAT ADVANTAGE over smaller dealers. Thcs Teas are put up in Pound Packagen,(down weight,) anfl tbe price an-1 kind raarkpd ín plain pnnt and fijtures by the Company on each puckage, so there elia 11 be NO PARTALITY IN PRICB OR QVALITV. ANY TEAS PURCHASED OF US NOT MEETING REC0MMENDATI0N3 MAY BE RETURNED AND THE MONEY REFÜNDED, As we fihall not flell anT adulterated artiole - know Jliiirlr. Wc feel confldent that 25 to 33K Per Cent, can bo Saved Hj Purchasing These Tea: TIEtT THEM 1 Aun Arbor, Jane 24th: 18T0. C. A. LEITER & CO. 12I6tf Tbe Michigan Central Kallroad. NEW TIME TABLE. Truln on thc Michigan Central Kallroad now lcavc statioDB namcd at, follows : coi no wkpt. Mail Faut Dexter Kre'g. Pacific Tralu. Ex. Acc. Ex. Ex. Detroit, C.SO a m 7.30 A M 4 10 p M 6.40 P M 9. OH p M YpalUntl, 8.33" 8-2S " 6.36 "7.02" 1U8 ' Ann Arbor, 8.67 " 843 " 6 00 " 7.25 " 10.25" Díxter, 9 25 ' - " 6.28 " T.65 " Chrleea. 8 45 " " " 8.15 " Jackíon, 1045 "9.45 " fl.16 " 11.45" Ktilamazoo, 2.05 pm 11.37 a m Ií.ISabIMím Chicago, 8.06" 4 00 P SI 030" 7.10 " O'ÏTNQ KAfiT. Atlantic Ni?ht Dexter Mnil Fast N. Y. Ex. Ex. Acc. Traln. Ex. Chiraso, 5.1Spm9.00p. K 6 00 A M 11.30 a m Kftlatnnioo, 11.35 " 2.05 a m 10.60" S.r.J p u Jaekson, 1.05 am 4 35" 2.06 pm s.45 " Chclsca, -- 6.26 " A. M. 3.02 " Dcxter, 5.40" .10 S.20 " A n 11 Arbor, 2.20" 6.00" 6 45 8.60" 6.45" rpallanti. 2.40 " 6.20" 7.10 4.65" 7.02" Detroit, 3.45" 7.30" 8.40 640" 7.55" Dated. May 20th, 1870. Q M. MARTIN IS AGAIN IN BÏÏSINESS, With a full line of Choioe Furniture, Parlor and Bedroom Seta, Mirrors, &c. Cali and see hira. 1268 pOR SALE CHEAP FOK READY PAY. The vreít bfilf of the nonthwost qnarter of Kection two('), town of Salino, twenty acres under lmprovemMit. the hftlancfi jrood timbor. Inquire at L. O. Rlsdon'n Hrdwaro Stnre,31 South Mn:n Stroet, Ann Arlor, ÍJich, : L. C HISDON. .Anc Arbor, May 18, 1870. ISTOmStf 1'ñSICIÁKS1 PRESCRIPTIONÏ ! AOpCRATELY AND CAREPULLY PRBPABED BT n. w. klus & co., nnroGisiï.


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