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'THK RICHKST KAIIMING LANDS JL IN THE WOHLD. 1,300,000 ACRES POR SALE Tl) ACTUAL SETTLERS. NEOSKO VAJLLEY, KANGAS, TJnbn Paciftc Railroad Co.t Southern Brancïn The Lamls now offpied by thla Comp&nnj are sEI o ■ ated mamly within twonty miles on eaoh Sld.8 of th road , extf ndincc on e hundred kn'l Keven ty miles ainng tin NE03HO VAl.LKY- the rleht, flnst ,and most invitiiiic vil ley fr KOttlemcDt i u the vreet. One-thtrrt of the lahor rtiuirot'. at thi-Kast io the cultur of farms wi'l insure hore douIo the aniount of crops. F'T orchaul, BT'pfl culture, and small frulti i ti Knei al, it in unequaied. BUILDING MATERIAL AND FF.XCINO of cvcry Vari et t aod in rr&t&buad i a ■■. T-íOOK ttAHtV ;.- Tlie rich ntiT prasss of tbo prairies and bottomtt. with the lai-ge nrea of unoccupied lnndM,in oonnMÜOD witb the drj mild, and opo wintTs, prueni nneqnalAd for tho riiihinii ot c.iii li' s!n't i and hores, HJDAtltVINti.-Insurha country, with ranges for ftock unrrtstrictfil anl pastura 1 mitlcin, tho proiluc tioii of butter aml oh68tt raust be protttable. FRU1T-GHOWINU is one of ilio BptoiaUiéi, as demonntratod by the Gold Üedal hwarded to the State f Kftosu bj the Pannylvaala Ött Hortlooïtanl&ocity for ' A Coi.lkction of Feuití Unsukpasbed ro Si7.K, Hfauty, A9D Klavor." THKCLIMATK AND REAJ.TH f Kansas are uneriualnd. Thes, indeed, aro am1!!,' lt rhiet excel lencife, aal are reromniondwti'nM rot iettlinent. ritlCES OK LAN'I.- Krom S to $tí per ncre ; credit of ten (10) yenra' time TKRMS OK ÖJkLK.- One-tentb down at time of purchase. Ho payniMkt theseond ycir. One tenth evfi-y year i-.fter u'ntj 1 coinpletion of püyment, witli unnunl Iti torent. THB ïiFiAD LAXP OFFICK iKlcnt?-1 nt.H'NCTION CITY. To all i'iirchaners of lu ml x ree tichelt trom ft.i'f pivn over tri road. Kor ftirther infortnttïo'i , adilrffis ISAAC T -OODN0W LandCcmniiPEiioner. 1970 m3 JÜNCT10N CITY, KANSAS. ÑJARTWS Ie thp placo to get anythinp yon want in the FURNITURK LINE! HE WIU. NOT BK CNDBRSOLD. JDEOPLE'S DRUG STOiïBi R, W. ELL1S & CO1 Tblftll u DiwBl Lborougb bioo-i puiuit-i ; t jia . :in 1 c re all humor from tfae woisi 'icroiuta lo au.miinoii Eniplinn. Pimple mi. 1 Blot'.oea on i, and 'cal or roufh nkln,, whlcli í tiBDojiDg blemi ..;0(( t„ tin: useoi H f,- buttletof this womletíu) medicina .re Sal', ílheum. I I, RlDgWorms, B, apüoñ pi tha Skin. Serofnla gore, Dloer n,l'" Csnk.T" In the Kouth and Storoaoh, Tl „ „ pnr6 ,„ Mtrnct of mtive rooM uní ylants, comhlniog ín v Nature's mosl sovcreign pmper: li dod has iontilted into the rentable king dora fnr heallng the Mck. Itla greal restorerfor tin: str.-n(rtK rihI vigor of tho Byfttem. Th re l;i.n?ii'il, ileeplesB, h-we rrhntuioii.v or l'jars, or ani of !hf aflTectionj FVmptoQito of wfifikMtf , wHl fiad ooavlnoing evidence of ii re?toratve power up o trial. ]i jon fiae] iull, irovty, tlttilittittd nnú dwpondtnt, have freqiteni herdaehe, mouth táBlesbadl5 i appeüte and or bllounct8. ín v f (:ily a ])art ni' í hes'' y m i ■ i a remi :, Ued 1 cal Di! ■■rf.rtlv ouro, lavlng tho lv;i ■ itlon of tlie Eknrelí Jt Ifl a : Itfor this par :is jiroihn. Ia Bronctalkl, Tbroat nd i . ., ii has produeoí emarkabh cares, lrhre her medicines had [giste ntílOOprr bottle. Prepêred st ihi Chen ■ v . í l. '. . n., Butfalo.N. Y. "POII SALE ! 80 Arrí (ir chni ■■ Und ir Ihc Tcnvn of Hazclton Shiaw:irFcc Coiinty. Inquire 'i Til i: ARGU8 OFFICE. Ann Arbor, Jnly 14, 1870. msStí Fmesí Asscrtment of Toilet Goods in the City, by SPRING AND S111R. S. SONDHEIM HAS JCST RETCBNED FKOM NEY YORK WITH A. LARGE STOCK READY-MADE CLOTHING BOYS' AND YOUTHS' CLOTHING, AI.SO THE FNESTSTOCK OF CL O TH S, CASWERESt VESTING S, GENTS' FFRNISHING GOODS, CLOTHS OF ALL COLORS, SÜCH it , BLACK, BROWX, OLIVE, DAHLIA, AND OTHER COLORS TOO NUMEHOITS TO MKNTION. CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER, ON SHORT NOTIO1. 1JV THE BJ1ST STYJLE, AND FIT WARRANTED. 311 and Examine for Yourself N. E.- CLOTTUX'G FIFTY PER CENT. CHEAPER TIIAN AT ANY OTHER HOUSE. ALL . INDEBTÖ) 10 I.ATjE KOS1I CF ■i.(;n:' . piáaSe cm. and snrn.n av 8. a. uw FILP] BEMEDY, VVamer's Pile Kr mee! y ha nerer failed tnot eren ; to cure the very worBt capes of Blind, Itohing ;r Bleeding Tiles. Tiope who are tfflicted shouTd tmmedifttely cali on theïr praggict and pet Wakwr's l'nn RfiaiKDT. It is cxi reslj (r the PilCK.-ia1' i not rconameadelfl to cure any other It Los curod lunnj rüsnu of over thirt7 yiinrs ptaniling. I'ricp Oue Dollar. Foi salo by l)YBI-'lil'jJBÏA-BO WtrnerTi Dyspejwln Tonlc is propt red ex;tics and tbose sutlering witb hnbít ] a fliht fiiinulating to ie and n Bplendid appetlzor ; it strengtheBs tht' stoiüach and resfori tl1i'i(;ns to their heal' I tVek. nerronsand dyspeptic peroiifl píioulí lh WKMt8 I'i 's) r.rtiA Ïomc. Tor sale i)v 'ïru : COUGII NO MORE. Waru r'-i Coüh Knlstu is healin?, stiftoning and expetqraïing. The extraoidin&rv power it poaae'aM ut.immédiatelj relieving, nn1 fvi-ntually curing tbe roost obstinate casea of Coughs, Colds, Sore Tbfoati Bronchitis, Influenza, Catarrh, HoarsenésBÍ .'Ihma and Consumption is alnrcglincretllble. , fc'o'prompt is the relief anl certaln its eft'octft ïn allrtbe alji ■ 'ii f ho tltroa mwl h;tiL'S il-.1' thouja'nds of ■ ara d.iily proStïihiug it, arfd ofie nm! itli ay tïiat it s the most heaJiug and expectoiaiing medicine known . One do;fl alwa;-8'aflir ds relief, anii in most cases one bottle edectH a cure, tíold by .iruRgists, ia lartfe bottles. Price Oue Follar. Jt is jour ovn f. lu It if you till cougb and entTer. The Balsam will cure. VIE OF LIFÈ" The great lUoorl Purifieraud Delicioufi Drink Warner' Vlnnm Vïtsc, r Wine of Llf s f rt o from anj poiaonous drugfi or. impMrities, bo íhr [iipfjaied lof I ■ aïre stimulant. It isasplendid appetiaer and tpnic, and tbd finest thinj in the won! ir ] n' ifyinrr tin ' thft uiopt pleagartt anti rteücio'üi articte 'f! 1( Ihe poblic, fat superjor tb braudjt', whisky, wlnc, bitten, oruny oi 1"t art iel e. Il i m re Real tb j and chtaper. Both omleo'r female, oungor olfl, cao tiike tho Win.o of Life. It is, in fact, a li fe presera - .■r. 'ihne who wish t" enjoy goed h cal tb aiirt a freft ttow-of Hrelj Bpirite.willdo wel! to take the VVino of L!fe. It is different f rom anj thing ever before in use. It is aold by .Iruc;ifit.H ; atoo by all respeclaïil1 nlooos. Price Ore iïoïlar, in quart bottlea. Wnrnet's Kmcnviiagouc; k tlif "nly artieïo knovn to cuTe thq White, til wil] pure i" evtty case.) Where is the tamil; iu which ttiinirnportant i-1 not witntiMl 't Motli crp. ihiH is tb1 ff rea tetltleei1 : red you,and youttbóuld irornpdiately procure it. It is atso a Mire cure for Femalo : tiaa, ft&d dihv be tlfpod upon in evcry - -ViV lio11-' h&a bpn obstruotod ioldor dies80. Sold by úrugi.ts Price r. On scutby mail onficeipt of One Dollar Hnd a Qdiirter. üül ' snert, Chlcngo. 1'ItAND, SHKÍ.EY & CO. Wbo!sate Agent, O'noit. For sale by Eberbach & Co., ná R. VV. Ellis Co. yn. o. B. portee, DE1STTIST. Office in the NEW BAKK BLOCK, ANN AEBOR Ml Ooerations on the Natural Teeth PERFORMED I'ITH CA HE. UNSURPASSSD FACILITIES AND EXPERIENCB SETTïiG ARÏÏFIÏ1AL TEËTll, TO GIVK EACÏI INIMVIDUAL, 0 entures of the proper ée, kape,color, Jirmrief a d naturel exprevsion, 1244 LÖÖÖÖ EEWAED! GREAT ESCÍTÜIT ! ! AMONGFARMEKS. SCl6MIIiIiS WItL PAY THE HIGHKST CAilI PRICIS rnR fiOOH WHEAT. Air. KARMERS WILt P" WEI,L TO CALLTHERE MFFORV =f !,' 1VC FX'EWHEHE. BRIN'G YOUlt GOOD WHEAT TO SCIO BLUUIÜ 12H0 N. W. HRIGGS, Scio. PHYSICIAIiS' Preecrip : tions Accurate'y and Care ' fully Preparedby Jt. W.ELLIS&CO. - " ' ' - "■ A


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