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neery Notico. "'. Tho l'V: - ; proof by : fl r for i te of i ■ ■ each B for . Mich. Jouw Ñ.Gott, Sulldtor anfl of Connsel ter com}]aua]!t. Chanoery Nö QTAT1 GAN. 8nfl tho Cir0 cutt Coun - unty u Washtenaw. l;i 8 .M, .- ■ . t: Arthur ..i!;U:t ■■ tO the ui: ndnnt in tl ■ ■ omia . on motl ii al omplaii - witliin threc i nd ii. 5 farther oi .-. itliin twvntj n eald íNmníy aiirt that m; n be conti;. ■ rder to psei red ;i ■ .uï. at rast twen ty day fi before tho time prese Dm (l. Jane 2Tth l-ï. J. v. ILLARD !". B Circuit Cou County. M-;i Mg in. Mortgsge Salö. ■ iilia Ockord.of th Cityof Aun A i Micii.■:ii;, Ld 01)41 lOá PrtÜlle, l ■ if May, i ■ -eight .■ -u-r of i)-t;l of t.'i ■ ■ I tmount c-ïiiim tl lo be ut the I Hiel sixty düll ara exp Irtw or In Oituity . anpatd o No ■ wentT-fourth ñny o 1 . Of Aiüi A . . Qty T Wtt. hl . ü. Cthe Circuit I of thu : nd 11 ■ rfded. there wül be soïd at pi lue . to 1 bed in vuil mui ary to lowed by l.r.v and provlded for [bed in All of lot Dombo iccordlng to the to the city of Ann Arbo and xao oi sevcn on thu saa Dated July20th i ï FANTLE, W Moi t;r:ifrc Safó. r Jane, A. I lollare to ■ , or Ann Artor, V;i Irbor. .".. ■ . utber U i sume, al il on the 'ourth du led to ■ twen . unount ■ ■ ■ railroad o ■ ghore ol satd i Lver, 1 on Uiii hip two I public auctlon, CiiO suit at biw or instituí . tho Clly of Aun Arbor, i:' oaw, on :tober, u,, l7( ■ day. Dated, Juïv llth, 18T0. J. W.KNIGHT, Att'y. lor sald Asslgnee. Estafe of Lydia L. Jones. OTATEOP MICHIGAN, Connty of . bjitu Court tor tho.Oonnt) the iwentyeevcnth day of Jaly. A. monthfl from thai date wei tors i thelr claim I 'dia L. ■ crédito] i reqoired to i I irti u the Probi te Offic1 In dn city cf Ann Arbor, for examlnatïon and :ill.fv;u;: - ■- th day lurday, the ' ■ '. on Priday, the I f Jannary next, at teu oclook in the doya Dutcd, Anu Arljur, July 2Tth, A. ï.. HIRASI J lobato. Estáte of Samuel D. MoDawell. CTATEOF MI HU aaw,8B. Ñoti r of the nt tlicii claims airaiiifetthrestatOf SamuH 1 B ofeald i ounLy )■■ i -■ of satd ilrns io üfilce. ui the City of for examlnation and allovance that such claïi I i'robate ■ lary, next, at ten o'cloch In the fo Dated. Ann Arbor, Jaly 1 5 CommisBioDerri' Notice. OTATE OPMICni -i.'uv. ps ?1 The . ü appolntvd by the Probate f ïo recelve. examine, and odjut : . ■'■ muñía of :lll order o eald bate Court lor c ai theJi claim" aguinst the p and thr.t Ninde, Ld Hu city of V[)-il;tuii. iit sal County ■'■ ! i lil'eentl day of Janoary, ext, at ren o'clock V M. nfeach o ■;i:iiinc, anti ftdjUBt Bfti DatL-d, Jalj ' IÏ7w4 Coinmisgioners' Notice, STAT KOF MICHIGAN Countj oiW ehteow.a Bolles ■;. lirï.liy give nt) d by u:nltiicir cl.ihn ■ I. andthatthey wül i,, ol V, r. Batch, in the villafre it Ch dST of October and Suturday, i day of ...m Ii A. H oXeacta ol sald days, toreceive, eiamüie aud adjosi aaid c!i Dated, July 14th, A 1). ■ 911. KEJ1PF, lonmmlMilnnr. JComuussionors Re STATE OF MICHI of Wahtenaw,s. lü the i'-1 ! Cole, on the ■ : ir and u tovrutato. P. HAMMOND, 1-J7U Admlnietrator. pOFFINS AJ AFÜLL STOCK AT MARTIN'S All 0AIX6 l aOMPTLY ATTEXDF.I) TO. Mortgago Sale. ■ i ■ ■ ■ : All Murtïi: heaet quarter n nter f the ■ by v. . B ■ i hen ■ uorl h i I to A. ■n the I f rom Aldo I lp oí theast corner i y, run! ■ ■ :ini ten to the place uf oc-inniu, ceiit a, Juïy Stb, I wi 9AOER, il &, OftANT, Atl'j'.-. Mortgago Sale. Don of i .1 -ü:i Ivory, of the I rk. of ■ ■ naw Couni .■ Icn the - mum of onJ hundred . thirteen oey fee I ■ ti" üctobi i. A ) . I ('itv of - jiuks ■ JAMI igec. DEF." ■ . Ion of on the . ned ut i ■ i ■ turcI . jcl Ol' I srith Chicaiï i . ■ ou tfce divUion üu b fl r 1ji and ■ - S : altíO ly lin; . ' ■ lm Ei ■iy line I . ■ recorded plat w; s:üd village ol Date PER) ,. il. WEB STEE, SAarigneee. Coüxi ie, Exeoutor'a Sülo. ESTÁTE of James . D ■ to me b in the CÏtj oJ ■ or theCouDi : Lhe honr o; w ■ i interest ■ ■■ M'). ili bli : tWO ( ) Dl raDge iweh UUÜou to the ' Aud Arbor. Jun P. TH 'ANV, Executor ; ment C.J. O'Fi.ynn, oí said d Att'y. for Kxccutor. 1279 E at at e of Róbrt Rolce Stat; ofmichi tyorwashteo ■ In the ... Anu Arbor. ou Monday, thi ,r ouc thout ui ulram J. Bi Iu tli; ui;. tobert RooUe, of the last will and ■ w prt-pared io renuer hei UUUl rt 81H Therenpon I [onday. tbetwenty nlath day ol - nt at teu i' fo -enoo and allowinc su ti accouDt, aad . t ol her por■ Probate OiUcu, iu tbe. City ol Am Arbor, ■ ■ ■ ■ - tl and cireu ..■ weeks fA truee ppy.J ' HliiAM J. BKAI S.;hi Jud-c ol r Estnte of Jaoob Sberron. STAï': ■ Connty of Waöhteuaw, holdi - In the City ol : ,-y . i ii tho yeae ono thouaand eijfht hun■ ent, Hiram J. Beal bate. -íi' Jacob ylurrman, f m ol I ■ ■ Ltc, are ■ ■ (. trne copy.) HIK ■ obate. ï IV E C TÍ1EÍ1S Ooaatantijoil ;-i:id aiiilforsalt hy BACE& ABEL. é ___ __Mja Esl i nidia Swift. Si .,„w ■ uurt for the (Joon,. ' '"' Ik e of Probate. In tl :,i.n swi'ft d.. nWr of the last win aru onrt an.i ■■-er hi, ■ Mor. ■; Ihc twctii 1 "ei io ■ nig ml a] : , ■„ a ' otate, aren! ■11 of said Cinirt, Dienta 11 e Citj u' IKTI'bf " give uut! the ten i eof u ■ ■■ In'tS '"latió ■i'JU lh iring. CAtruecopy.J H1KAM J, Judxe ol ) Estáte of Robert McCormick. STATIIÜ1-' MICHIGAN. Connty f V. ashtenaw . At ,'i sesnon of the Probate Court for the i ohm i, .,; 011 Tueeday, the twcnty-sU : ■ UuiT N ::i:d Beventy. t, Hiram J. Beaket ■bate. In th n MtCurmicl deceai ■ I of the laet wil] anj Intu Court ui ■ ■ ■ TKlrr hei .. and, . ii',, ti tut. and tin ■il o'i loei in ui Mlowit, ;.,.ca MJ I other piTsoDi laircd io .'ippcar ai. . ; i: a tu be holden at th, er Au ii .mi or h ■ i iae, il au r there bc v, cd „J nted : And i 1 UOlio 'he pet i i." t!u r of bi revloML I -lin'. PT.1 HIRAM J.BEAKES, Probate, Est Inev Gha OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Cour ■mw,u ■ ■ ce.lnui ■■.-al] dij -. n tho ycai onu thousand uijiit hu tfon, !ulv vi m I S Walker, and ToIm ieymii In u'wl eslate ; M lay. the tweutj : tho hearing of mud peí ld i-stal, lid Cowi ■ . wliy'tk■ I ■ linner git, te, of ring tliun-cf.l' I fd in i'„ ruviouftosti HIRAM .I.BBAKESf Judi.-coï ProbtK .. ' Nornaan O Goofhilo. S: ' naw.u At A session of thi theCoub ■■■ iu tk r, ou Thnruday, the fourteenth dv ''■li' andeighlbuiidredtÉ I Ilirum .T. i; ■ ' Probate. I" I man U. Uoodale : ■ t Of f:li(l etiU nuw pre Mith AdrainJi i, TbatManday the filtcmi] :ai-l lllluwifil - al law uf.;i terested in wii ion of mí II .. ;.. d b -CaliK ■ ild nut bi . ibal íiiid H ■■ i:etited1] ■ n wppapei ■ I UtCtsí I (Atruecopy.) ■ i;ES, Jnd"e of l'r bate. Kearney. mu, i ■ :fCoantj '.rli dajoi liuudred '.te. Ivi-autj, On . [tloD, duly veritk'd.i Iu -:nimt!E the be udmk appoiuted li Ifly, the twenty n the fort tig of 8ald that :. : ' uurt, tlwi to be holden ai tne .ijofA Ar):. thepniT .!ii not be granted : Andit( 's to Ii - . [nterested ■ ol . lo publlshed i;i tlic B . weeks previous to=üiüdi; Ati . UIRAM.r. BEAKES, Jiidt;e oí Probate. Estáte of W'ilüatu i Sshteoaw.i . tt the Probate ourt for the Cnut: al the Probate flice.lud City of Aun Arbor. uu Friday, the ar onu umi; ud beventy. nt.Hiram J. ] Pn In th mattet of the EiUitï ol" Williiuu i' ,-,ie, Adminl ■ Ih tho w 1-1 a ,- 1 bis L'■■■ , : Mtor i Monday. the flficet; :.t ten ö'clock in the hl . Oil f t ■ law o i cquired ■■■ . ■ .: ut Trolt! . iinly to I ht i '■: - ujsted In tal ■ the hcarintf t. :l co] ) of t order tobe publiehed in the Ji ane printPd lid cficnlntlug in i.-iii] Connty.tW , : 1I1KAM J 3 adae of I T'.Vut, of Charles Mo're. QT.'ntyofWa! O Al e Court for the CottJ naw, bold a City ni Aun A:' r. "i Tnesday. tbe tinetefB &:í ofJuly, in the eMr oue tnoueand tiybt ku drt'd muí seventjr. sent, llii-.iin . '.'c of Probate. Iu matter ol' tlic Estáte of Charles Moo UiiErthepetition, diily n ,Ti, ■■ . Hi ropo prayinrthat Snlllviiu M. Cntcheon aud ï tit'mphlll mn he apppointed Adminlllrators oí1 Thcri-uuou il i■ : ten o'clock ir uoon "i aW petitw ind that tl iw of s:iiil di otbei to 0] i-u i ■ in ihc City "i Ai how ci:i-.ii' an,y thure be why r!.' . lili 1101 be !'! ■::!'■;: A I il it i? fr-' Uier ordorfd, thai .-i u i ■ stüle. "f the 1 1 ii ;iicl petilion, :il-;i ]li cnlatiog J1! r weeks previoos to saiu rllli; ( true copy.l Uir.AM J. BBAKES, 12T0 Jiule ol Jlst.ite of Williain Kei r . i the Probate ii f . City "i' Ann Art ■ ■ "" ""'""S ly, in liie. year one thoosand eight huw" Preeent, ' ■■"■. Judgn oi Probate. :,i Kelsey." . . j : j nud lilinir the petitlon, doly verin? Pn-1 ■:■ ui " that Honday, tMJ DOOU, ■ - ■ rdered. thal ■ . ,■ er, priuted au ■■■ U_ ■ Finest Assortment of Toilot ; Goods in the City, by


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