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Trains Stopped By Crickets

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Severnl times, nf late, tho train on ) lio Central Pacific Kailroad, east o Elko, liave been Btopped by-ciiokets, anc rielnyed snmotitnes uver an bour in a placo. Recently at one point, near the Wells, where there was a slifíht rL-inj. ineliiifition ia tho track, they had to back dnw;i lialf a mil, and maleo tlire trials beforo they culd get over tha particular point, where crickets Ikk piled tberásclvos to bucIi a depth on the rails a to n;ti(k-r 'lie track so greas; tbat ti; diiving wheeis flew arouud oí it :is if the locomotivo were nospendec ID tlic air. Partita unacfjiiainied wit! the faets, and who know uothing of th numboTs, size and fatness of thu blai-.! crickets of Utah, Colorado, Nevada am Idaho, can haie no eoneeptioD of the a pearanue of ar anny of crickets, or o tho vast heaps into which they m: - thcmselvcs when I hoy uioet with an ob struetion. To such the idea of cricket stopping a tncnty-ton engino must ap pear ridiculous ; yet such things happe ie the sre-brush country without ex citing any special wonder.


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