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■""WM. M. SINCLAIR, COMMISSION MERCHANT IN GRAIN AND FLOUR, KOOM "6, 154 LaPAU.E STItEET, CHICAGO. """" O. M. MARTIN, nrtÍFR IV n'RNITCREof all kind. Pudor and M Room Sets, Xirrors, fcc. 33 South Kaln Street _ ""farmers' store, gnth Main Street. Evorythlng kept In a flrstMjtOM wtll be r.iuiKl hert. " TÍaCK & SCFIMtD, oriTERH i" "ry Gnods, Groceries, Crockery, gonth Main Street. C. A. LEITEU & CO., nvlTXRS IN DBUÓ8 aml Medicine?, Pure Wines ■jnors for Medicinal Purpoaes, Cigars &c. K 1 fir gotj Block. " A. WIDENMAÑN, FOREIGX Exchange Broker. Rfal Estatp and Pire imuMnce Agent. No. 45 South Main Street. TRACY W. ROOT, OOHBWSBD Bocord of Wmhtonaw Connty, and Renl Fútate Rxchanife. No. 1 Gr' eory Block. "mi. KELLOGG, PRICTICINGPhy5lolan.!in(l L. B. KellopL PropHitor of Dr K?llogg's Celebrated Kcmcdies, Ann Arbir, Mich. MORRIS HALE, M. D RESIDENTE and Office No 1S, comer Williams and Ttiomp?nn treets Retiltir ofl'ioo lionra 1 to 3 P. M Advice nd Prevcriptloni from 6 to 7 P. 51. acli da}, free íttip to th" I""'. 1LC4 " G. E. FROTHINGHAM, M. D., FOTSICIAR AND KirníJEON. OBlce over DrnR Store. "' Hurón itreet. Rusidence, Tin. SB Tii"mpsn strect. Offlcetóurs, 8 to 11 A. M ,and T to S I'. M. ÏIULL, ROBINSON & CO. GR0CI1R?. Produce andCommission Merchaut?, To. '3Su;ilh Main Street. ELLIS fe KISSELL, DRü(iGIPTS.fiiu!lc-ílerin Paint;, Olie, etc No. 2 Soutli Main Street, Anu Arbor. JOHN KEOK & 00., ÍSALEtia Id Vuruitur of all kinde, No.33Sooth M.'.n. S'rec!, Ann Albor. J. Q. A. SE3SI0NS, ATTORN'EJ" .'id Counsellor al Law. Real Estáte on! . nuco A?ent. OonTOTandn : and (.'ollection of ■ií proicptly attent tni to on liberal term. Office one door Bouth of First National Bauk, np ■Uira, South Uain Siruet. Aun Arbor. W. H7JACKS0N, DEümar. racceseorto C. B. Porter. omcc.cornpr t '! Harón Streetfi, over th atore of ii. V,'. &Co , Ain; Arbor, Mich. Anaifitheticsadniinistered if required. W. P. BREAKEY, M. D. fÍTSICIAN ANDSÜEOEOS. Olice nt re'idence, córner of Hurón anri nivitioji Streets, flrst door Kastol Presbyterian Church. Ái2 Arbor, Mich. E. J. JOHNSON, lEAT.ra IN HAÏS and Capa Fura, Straw OoodsOents' Farniíhin Goods, &c, N. 7 South Main Street, Anu Arbor. SUTIIERLAND & WHEDON, IIFE anti Fire Insurance. Agente and dealers n . Office on Haron Street. Als.' sull firstclss Scwini; Machines. W. D. HOLMES, iurST forthe Florenrp Sewing Machine. and dealer In Pictnres, Frames, &c. No. 32 East Iluron Street lewiscTrïsdon, ÏKALER in Hardware. Stovod, Hmise Prirr-ishing GeoeU.Tin Ware, &c.. No. 31South Mulu Street. BACH & ABEL, BK4LER81d Dry Goode, Oroceries, &c, &c. No. 20 South Main Street, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & SON, 6R0CERS, Provibion and Oommisiion Merchante ma dealere n Water Linie, Land Piaster, and Flaeter Paris, No. 14 East Eoron Street. S. SONDHEIM, PHOLKSALE and retail dealer in Ready Made Clf.thlll,C]oth8, Ca?8Ímcrei. Vestini;. üiid Geuls' Furniririuj Güodn. No. 9 South Main Street. ""wmTwagner, tEALER In Ready Made Clothing. Clothe, Cassiame acd Vestmjrs, Sata, Caps, Truuks, Carpet Bigs.&c., 21 South Maia Strot. GILMORE & FISKE, BOOKSF.LLEUS and Stationeva, Medical. Law and College Tcxt Books. School and Mmcellaneona Book. No. 3 North Maiu Street, Gregory Block, nn Arbor. FINLEY & LEWIS, BAlnSB in Bootf. Shoee, Gaitera, Slippciê &c, No. 2 East Iluron Street. R. TARRANT, Í.ADIE9' Fashjonable Shoe House, No. 24 Sonth Main Street. QROC K E R Y , SLA.SSWARE & GFOCERIES. J. & P. DOIsnsrEI.IY "HaitotMlatgMtock of Crocfcery,ilaiiware, ''e4Wre,Cutlerj,Opocerie., &c, &c, all tobe "l'UtuDusuallj low pricic o.l2EiBtHuronStiet,AnnArbor. U28'f J.k I'. 0ONNELI.Y . JOHxV G. GALL X)EA.t,EH IÏST FBESH AND SALT MEATS. I.ARD, SAI S:i:s, Etc, Crt„s,„lcited ,napr0TOptly ni ifd wilh the best " '0 the raarket. 31 Eaut Washington Street . ""Arbor.Sept. 10th,18t)9. 1235tf LIVERY AND SALE STABLE. AXTELL & RA.1VIAG-E, eíon'ríáv1,1"!;,1"1 c"rinc8treet8. Horeeibo.rd trr81iCtforTa,eSeCÜnd haDd b1enManufacturer of VLnffl Oawiages, Buggies, Wagons, "Werlu''!'!?113 of cvcrJ' m"i of the best Mwiau iZ "lílf dooe pmmptlv, gg!:,i)'troit streHi[iiX Go to R. W. ELLIS & C0's ror choiceWines and Liquore for Medical Purposes.


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