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A New Complaint

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-Madomoisclle Piiurelle did not wisli to phiy ono night, and feigned siekness. The niannger sent tho physican attaohed to the thealer to aee what was the matter. On his report la belle Paurelle was obliged to appear. During all the dny the pre teodefl sick one was continually uttering little cries as of acute pain. " Poor girl I" said a companion, " are you, then, suflFeritig so muofa ?" " OlĂ­, [ aio terrihty sick !" " What does the doctor say is the matter?" " Herc is liis report to the manager: ' The sicknees of Mademoisellc Paurelle is an inadmifisible hypothesis.' "Oh, how it hurta me." A lady in Pennsylvania recetitly bad lier eyesight rcHtored by an operation, afU'r having been blind for several years. The first tliing she did after objects hecanie visible, was to sit down and read n Dumber of letters which ehe presumed liad been sent to her husbhnd hy ladics during her blindness. The feeling of the poor womaii can be better magined than described when sho found tbat her jialoupy had been occBoned by a number of coal and wasbing bilis. Napoleon hos put fifteen bundred hackmen into his army bccause their ] eharjfs are so terrible. .


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