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A Same Of Cards

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One hot afternonn in the lïionth of August, 18G7, three iuen sut around a ta ilc in a private parlor at the hotel Dinustadt at Eins, Genuany, takiog ■i:,h comfort is they could drive fioiu the juke cif Hliouieh grape and a puck of caids. The mot compicuous of ihe group WOB a largo man with a bald h _ :i d . gruyish blue oyes, a heavy light colorid nioustache, and aira abont him that would have cloue honor to tho iuiporiul purple. This peraoD liad eveu tnen achiovcd some lame, uud was lolerably well knowu to ihe retdiog peoplo by tl.e Dame of Bismarck. Nest to bim sat anoiher lm ld hended individual, iuferior to Bismarck in s'aiuro, with a border of black hitir a'iout tho base of hú ssull that looked like tlic rira if an old feit hat (rutblessly robbod of its owu orown), condenmed tu reruain thcre a a perm uent Üxluro. During the war the father of tliis ma'i figurad it the Cabinetoouociis iu 8t. Petersburg as Couut Nessolrode, bat tlio son was only known as a clever gsmesier and BO habituent tho faèhionabla European wateiing placel. Tho third membor of tho party was u litile fcllow () li'.ilo that bis feetsoaroely touohed the üoor,) wilu dark, piercing eyes, ewui tliy skin, and vivacity enough for a half a dozen ordinary At the time of nhicli we sprak he was the Consul at Stut'gart. All öf thuin had been partaking freely of wine, and euch in turu shufflad theosrdi with a vim tliat the generous grape imputts even to tho most. phlogrnat.c temperament. The Frenehman iu the interlude of the play, kept up a running tire of conversation, ikipping from topic t topic witu a faoilily wliioh ouly Frenchmen eujoy, unti!, warming as ho weut, lio ventnred tho deelaration that Frauce would oiio day mark her bouudary by the llbiue froui Baeie to the sca. " A hundred froclericks to fifty," exlaimeil Nesselrode, " that she won't." " Done," replied tho Freuchmaa, " aud let the game be fortune tellor." They shuffled tbc cards and thf Frenchiniin lost. " Another wager," said Nesselrode, with a glttnce at Biumarek, who eyed bis two companiims calmly, thoagh nevor utttering a sinj'.e word. " Auothor wager ! Two hundrtd and iifty that withio (ie jears Franco yiolds Alaaco atul tho wholu üisputed "border " " Cestimposstble " excitedly responded tho Consul. Again the cards wcre shufflad. At the fuurth play Bisuiarck aud the Frenchinan had eacli tukun two tricks. It was ttie RttBsian's lead. Ho threw the queen uf clubs apon the tablo. " King !" shouted the Frenehman in triunipSi, ;ih he i:overed Nesselrode's card aud-exten-.led liis hand toseiza tliepnze. " Hot eo fast," cnolly remarked the Praieiao l'r.iui r, " I Ijcüuvo tlio hvlva ■■■ is mino I" and oasting the aoa ho lt-aned Siack in bis chair :nd laughid beartity. " Man Dien .'" slicuted the dsc;)infited plnjer, " hut carda always were liars;' iiud unable tü conccul the i-hat;riu and cxciteinont thüt fvermasteri:d him, he rose trom tho table and quitted the room. Three years have sorcely clap?ed since the incident just narrateil (au incident which Nessfclrodo told witli hearty s utisi'iietion in tho PJtns cafes that summer), and, now the big clmid of war that lias liDvcred over Europe has buist, the result uiay provo that tho cards


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