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Why Great Families Run Out

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The ose of alcohol as a rneilicne may nomeiimee be neeensary. But tho evil e'T'Ctg of liabitually mbibing ït, even in s:nall (jiiantitios, - moderate drinking, for exaiuple, - are uo louger to be quea tioned. Has not the drinking of Lre;it men omething to do wit h the fact that their proieny soon dio out ? In tho work e:ititld " A Physician's Problema," pub'islied l;ict winter, Dr. Elaui, the author, asserta that the use of alcoholio drinks, without drunkeopeu, will créate an instinct aud appetite iu the child, and .of course a proclivity t drink. In casi;s ot' habitual drunkeaness the effects are very deoided, and he gives, from M. Morel, a sketch of four generations, beginning with a drunken iather, as follows : First Gcncralion - Tho futher was an habitual druukard, and was killed in a public broil. Snoond Generation - Tho son inherited luí fathrr's habita, which pavo riso to attncks of ninnia, terminating in puralyeis and dcatli. Tkird Getitralion - The grandon was stricitly sober, but was ful] of hypochondriactil aiul magiDary fcars of persocution, aud had homicidal tendencie. lourlh Generation - The fourth in descent had very limitad inteUigcuce, and hnd un attack of madness when sistcon yearsold, terminating iu stupidity nearly amounting to idiocy. In him, fortuuately, the fainily beciimo estiuct.


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