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The Sun Spots

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The Chicago 'Iriluns réstales its theory ou th is subject as fullowa : 1. Tho preBeuce of mm spots this year causes an averago reduction f tibout iwo degrees of Fabrer.heit'in the amount of heat eupplied to the cartli by ihe sun. 2. The npcessarj effect of this will be a diminished ovapnratioi) from the ocean and tina will be evidout iu a lesscned ruin-1'ull on tlie land, 3. About two fiftlis of all tho heat received by the earth fro:n tlio suo ie earried off by evaporation, 972 degrecs of lr.'at bcing rondorüd la;et o thu oonversión of water into vapor. itti a small rain-full, vcry.little caloi o ie curried ctl in tliis way, and a mueh largor ptopurtinn ol tho salar beat than ucnal ia retuioeil in thu ground, and remaioi in the lower slrata of tho atmosplioio. Hunce tlicro will be a much greater derce of Biusiblo heat on mariy parta of ihe land surl'ace ut the eartft, as a consequeuce of a lesseued supply to ttie wbole glohe. ïhu drductions, above givcD, as well as thoso not hero gtated, have all bein accuratcly vi-rified by the facts - 80 for it is probable that the writ(-r, who e not a moro dreamer, but has niade tlxs pbysical scionces the subject!) of a lifo study, has made a discovery ia thia t.ction, which will be reoognized ns aiich ly the acientific vvorld. It is prob.'iUí tlint he will ero long put the results of his reseiirches in a moro pcrïavncot fortn thn tbat of a nowspaper column.


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