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Attention, Girls

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-American men ;ire brought up ia boarding schools hile young, and are never allowed to romp and pJJ in the air, for fear of damaging their complexions. Instead of allowing heulthful play and exercise ot tlio muscles, they are required to epend their time ín studving music, and le&rning tho rules of ïashionalle society ; litarally staning the body while the stirrulation oimind is ooutinued. This method of odueation resulta in the weakncss of tbo muscular, aud ovtr excüed condition ol the nervous sysfem. Tlicse are the very conditions which favor the productioü of the vurious fenule diseases. Tbe treatmout to be successtul, then, must ba directed to the romoval of th?so oonditiODS, Thia can best be done by pre8uribing regular exercise in the open air, as riding, walkin?, or gymnastic exercises, nounshiog diet, balhing, and proper clothing for all parts of the b.ody. You may worm a fence around a winter's supply of summer weather, skim thn clouds h-om the sky with a teaspoon, catch a thunderbolt in a bi adder, break a hurrioane to harncss, lasso an ava lanolic, pia a diaper on the cráter of an active volcano, Live all ihe stars in a nrxil-kes;, hang thu oceaa on a rail fence to dryTput tbo sky to soiik in a gourd, unbucklo the belly bond of eternity, and paite " To let ; on the sun aud moon ; but uever - ncver for a moment - deludo yourself with ihe ideathat yo" can escupo that placo on the other sido of puriratory aud pet to heaven unlcss you pay the printer prouiptly.-


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