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Secrets Of Health

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-Tirst. keeD warm ; sccond, eat regularly and s'owly ; third, mainlaio regular body habita; fourtli, lake carly and very hght suppers; fifth, keep the skin clean ; sixth, get plenty of Bleep at niglit; seveuth, keep cheeriul and respectable company ; eigbth, keep out of debt ; ninth, don't aet your mind on thioffiyoa don't neod ; tentli, mind your own business ; devcutb, don't sot yoursolt up tu be a sharper of any kinil ; twelfth, subdue curiosity ; thiitccuth, avoiil drugs. As broad as it is long A Germán skiti-uical writcr remarka the itivontion of the sewing machine had ouablcd ono wouian to sew ns much as a bundred oould sew by hand a century ago ; but, he continúes, ono roinan now demanda ai much ololhiog as a hundrtd did a 03 tnry ago - so that matter are not niu ih changed, after all. Young -.vomun re nerer ia more dsn o,-r of bcing made slavea than when the I men aro at their fcet.


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