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- The followÍDg is the text of t'io hstructions i'orwarded from the General Land Offico to nll Registers and Recoivers, in regard to pre-empiinis under a provisión of tbc New Army lii'i : Dep of tiie Interior, } esalLahd Office, Lag. 8, ls?0. $ Gentlemen : - Tho fnllowing is the 25th eeotion of tlio Act of Congress npproved July lStb, 1870, e-i'.itied "Ar. act making approprittions for the support of the army for tho year onding June 30, 1871, and for other puiposes," viz : Heo. 25. And he if further enacted, That every privaio soldier and offieer who haa served in tho army of the United States during tho rebellion for ninety days, and reuiainod loyal tha eovernineut, and overy seaman, marine and offieer, or other persen, who has served in the navy of the United States, Or in the marine corps or revenue mnrine during the rebe'lion for uinety dys, and remained loyal to tho Governmont, shall, on payment of the foc or ooinmission to any Register or Receiver of any Land oflico rcquiied by law, te entitled to enter one quurtor sectiou of land, not mineml, of the altérnate reserved seotions of publio lands slong tho lines of any one of the railrnads or other public works in tho United States, wherever public laods have been or raay bo granted by net3 of Cougres, and to receive a patentJhercfor under anci by virtue of the pTovisions of the iet to securo homesteads to actual sottlcrs on the public domaio, and the acts amondatory thereof, a:id on tbs terras and conditions thcrein prescribed ; and 11 the provisions of said acts, except as horein moditied, siiall exteud and be applicable to outries under tliis act, and the Commiesiooer oL tho Ocneral Land OiEce is 'hcreby autl-.orized to prescribe tho nei-'cssaiy rules and regulatioiis to carry thia seetion intocÉFoot, and determine all facts neceasary therefor." By these provisión lie HoiTiestead law of the 20th of May. 1SC2, and the acts amondatory thureof, are modiücd a to allow entnes to ba made by tho partios menlioned therein of thu maximum qunutity of oii'-'-quarter soction, er o-ne bundied and sixty acres of land, ljelú at the doublé minimum price of S"2.i)ü ]'ur aore, iustead of omo km lf quarter-section, or eighty 'ros, as heretofore. In case of a party desiring to avaiï him8elf tbereoí', yon ill ïccjuire hiai to Gle the usual lioinestead application for the tract desired, if legally liable to entry, to make affidavit nceordirg to the foroj hereunto ariiipxc-d, icstca-d of tho us.ial hornette: d affidavit, and on bis doing io a!!ow him to make psyment of the 810 fee stipnlated in the act ot the 20th of May, 1862, and the usual commissions on tho price of the land -2.60 per aere, the entry to bo regularly numbered and reported to this oliice in your KXinthly iiomestend returns. Regarding the. settlement and cultivatioo, tho requirements of tho law in this class of entries are the game as in other homestead on tries. Ycry respectfully, yonr oh-J't ferv't, Jo.ïEPH S WlLSON, Coïamissioner, Reglsier and Kecciver affidavit. Land Office, at . I, , of , baving filed my applioation, No. - , for an entry uuder the provisious of au act ol Congress, spproved May 20, 1862, and desiring to avail myseif of the 25th sectlon of the aot of July 15, 1870, in regard to lnr)s held at the doublé miuirnum prico of 2.50 per acre, 4o Bolemnly swear that I ain tbe iden'ical , who was a u tho company comnianded by Cap'aia , in the regiment of , comnianded by , in the war of 1SG1 ; that I oontiuued in actual service for ninety days, and have remained loyal to the Governmont ; that said application, Xo. - , is made for my exclusive benefit and for the purpose of actual settlement and cuhiration, and uot directly for the use or benefit of any other porson or persons, and that I have not heretofore had the benefit of tho Homestead law. Sworn to and eubscribed tbis - - day of , before , Register or Receiver of the Land Office. Approved : [Signed] J. TX Cox, Secrelary. Dkp't of the I.vteuior, A ug. 4. 1S7Ü. Vhere the party was a rc-gimental or staff ofliocr, or was in a different branch of the service, the alfidavit must be varied in forra accoitling to the facts of the case.


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