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France And The North

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The Tribune gravely says that Napoleon cannot reconcile the expulsión of Germán eitizens froin France "with the true priüciples of government." The Tribune therofore &du,its, does it, that the treatmcDt of Southern eitizen n the North by the administration of Mr. Liucolu duiing-lhe civil war could not bc "reeoncilcd with the true principies "ol government"? There bas been a curious anology thus far bctween tbc conduct and fortunes of the French governinent in this wur aud thoBe of the Federal govcrunient in the war of the secefsion. Franco et out to invade Germany just as confidently as the Norta eet out to invado the South. Weissemburg and Woerth Blartled all France into a panic, just as Buil Run startled the North. Immediately ai'ter the dtfeat of McDowell all the world cried out that the North was hopelessly beatón, just ae all the world now cries that all is over with France. The Euglish press proved the downfall of the American Union as clearly as it now proves lbo collapse of tho French Empire; and even at thourth men got to expsetiug newa of aouthern victory with every battle, just as they do of a Prussian viotory. Flanee calis out her aruied population by the half million at a time. just as the Norlfi did ; and as the North promptly issued paper money, so Franco makes a legal tender of tho notes of the Bank of France. Tfae North at oneo blockaded the South wilh a superior naval force, just as France now blockades Germany. Even in certain political points this analogy oddly obtains. The olamor of oerlain Peputies for the practical deposition of Napoleon only reproduces the shout raised by tho New York Times and other Radical [Qurnals for tho romoviil of Abraham Lineóla, that the war nv.ght be pushed with vigor. Wbethcr the parallel will hold to the end, and King William fare no better thau JefferEon Davis, remaius to be 6een. But of one thing, at least, we may be sure. If King William should be beatón and inado a prisoner ie would hardly be sent to a dungeon ,u Cherbourg, and certaiuly ha would not be maiiaelcd in a cell. - iY. Y. World. If tome of those young men with badly cultivated voice who get full of beer and go around during tbo lone watcties of the night singing that beauti ful bailad " Put me in my little Bed," could induce their parents to do so a littlo carlier in tho ovening, a great amount of good would bo dono to a ijreat number of people.


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