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Democratic County Convention

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A Democratie Conuty Convcutiou will be held at the COUKT IlorSE. IN THE CITY OF ANX ARBOR, Vn Wtilnestkn , August 24', at 11 o'clock, A. M. to etect delégate to the State ana Conpressicmal Convontions. Enen township anrt wan! will be en Ulied to the followiug uumber of dtlegates. A ful attendfuice Í8 dosired : Aini Arbor City- Pittsfleld, lot Wnrd, 8 Salem.J ïtl " 8 Salüie. 3rt " I S;.fo 4tb " :■ 5haro, í fith 4t " Snpcrro, 8tB " '- yíran, Aun Apbor Town, 3 Webster, Ati-rafta, 4!Tork, llridzcwater, 4 Yp-ilantiTown. uxisr. SiYpsilantiCity - Freedoni, 4 lst Ward, Urna, 3 2d " i Loill, 4 Sd " Lyndon. 8 4th " 1snchc!ster, 6 5tli " .Noi tbfield, 4 By order the Democratie Couníy Committoe, CHAS. H. BICHaONU. Ch. E. I? Pond, Secretary. Dated, Ann Arbor, Jaly 2Sth, 1W1X The anti-ard íneu setm te me to have re fasecl to go befove the people, wheu th sitiiation was more thoroughly in thei favor thaii therc is the sllgh test probability it Till ever ba agaln, upon an issue vrhicl they vvill certaiuly be compcllcd to mee sooner or later. They liad itfn theirpowe to engage their adversary with all the chances upon their owu side. They post poucU the inevitable contest until a da; when tliey will bc weaker and their enera; stronger, anrl this they rejoice over as a triumph. Plutarch records that King Pyrrhus, alter his defeat of tlië ltomans 01 the banks of the Siyis, said "Another sucl victcry and we are unctooe." 80 writes the LansiDg corresponden or Legislativo Repórter of the Detroi Tribune in his closing letter. Now the understanding at Lansing all througl the eession was directly the reverse o what the above paragraph impües. The "anti-aid men" at no time had it in thei power to país and submit a section pro hibiting aid. They could hay let the ai( men pass an amondment providing for future aid whioh was cot a part of thei programme, and would at any time have aocepted alternativo eeotions. But th aid men would have none of that. They said it was a bad time to go before the people with a prohibitory provisión, the; feared it would be ndopted, and would do riek it. They preferred a section au thoriaing future aid, with reoonstruc tion of tho Supreme Court if voted down and driven to it, or reoonstruotion with out submission. Aud it ia to that the aid men look. The writer of the cali for the coming Radical State Convention in New Yorl wag in8pircd by that trite rnaxim : "No rogue e'er feit the halter draw With good opiuioo of the law," and, therefore, in language more patbetio than cheerful he prcclaitns: "The State is illegally in the hands of the Democratie party. That party acquired and bopes to retain power through tbe agency of perjury and fraud." But ho hopcs the thing cannot "be did agin," and this is the ground of his hope : "But stringent laws have been enacted to preserve the purity of the ballot. The most effective of these laws is to be admiuistered by officers of the general govcmmeDt;" and of course those officers re expected to manipúlate the votes ia the largo oities so as to insure a liadioal majority and the consequent orerthrow of tho Democracy. We are .aware that thie plan. worked wel] ïu the ariny and procured suoh u return of the "soldiers vote" as was desirccl. We, also, have a faiut rcco'lcction that iu the military satrapies ol the Soutli it ulmost rivalled the plebiciium election of Louis Napoleon. Butthen in tho late North Carolina election, worked by Goy. Holden and God. Kikk aided by President Gkant, if ridiculously iailed, and brought the party to defoat and disgrace. As electora ia New York are suppoeed to have a hahit of votiog as they please it may fail there. So the Radical committco ühouidn't "oount their chickeos before thoy aro hatohed." Tuk Chicago Post, Rep., discussing the increaBe of tho duty on nickel from 15 to 40 cents per pound, not to put money into the treasury but to gise the Pennsylvania owners of tho only niokol miae in the country "half a miíüou dol lars aunually," innocently asks: "How long, wo aak, is thia disgraeeful legiálation to continuo ?" That conumdrum is easily answered : just bo long aa the Radical party - controlled and owned, breechcB, body, and soul, by New England mili owners, PcDnsylvania tuina owners, and Michigan iron-rnou gers - is perpetuated in power, and not a single seesion of Congress longer. That "is tho whole of it." llTni revenuo reform principia might have been moro etrongly put," 'u what the N. Y. Evming Post truthfully says of the following resolution adopted by ho !a'e liepublican ïStatc Convaliden u Oh io : Bemifted, Tliat ilia tsriff tot revenue is ndUpenB&ble, anr slioulJ bfso adju steel as o be least prejmHeial te thu industrial ani trodtiCitag iotcreste otttuji elass r clon of the whole country, scenring to the ■ome producer a fair coiupelUiuu iigainst lie tbreigp producer." But not 80 poteut and trnthful is the Pozd further reninrk : "But it is clear hat the Ohio Republicatis do not moan o be cal'ed 'protectionirits,' any more han the Sloine lïepublicanB, or the lliuois Republicans, or the Indiana lie)ublicans," unless the laet clauso is what Aktkmus Wabd would vvrite dowu as "sarkasuai.14 It is most certainly an outipo ken declaration in favor of pro" teotion, and cannot fail to give sbundaot and complete satisfaction to Mokuell, McCautuy, Griswold, E. B. Ward, or ''Uur Blaik" uüd his colieagues in the Michigan delegation who always vote solid for protection. What elso enn tlio guarantoe against the "foreign producer" ie eau ? ]f sueh a resolution had beeu ndopted by a Democratie Convention in Pennpylvania we supeot that tho Pest would not have found it a declaration in favor of "revenue reform." And it is not. It is underptood that the B.ev. W. H. Brockway has a longing eye to the Indian Agency, which dropped ]ike a well ripened pluin from his open mouth nto the hands of the offioer of tlio army detailed by tbe Preyidoocy for that service, but who can not hold the position under the recent act of Congress. If Brockway sball sueceed, "Lo the poor Indian !" will be an appropriate aud timely exclamation. There isD't the least bit ot Quaker about Brockway, and under his administration we sball be mistaken if the Indians get aui more than they are entitled to, uuless i be of good advice. "Now, by the gods, the war goes bravely od" may bo said of the Hadica congre8sional squabblo in the Secon: district. And this fus3 is priucipallj about Stoüguton aod Buiuiows, ho situiaered ttogether wouldn't make a candidato of average respectability, even ia this doy of very small as well as ver; Radical Cougrassinen. If that distrio has no better timber it would be honor ed in having a vacant seal. A telegram in a áaily of last Monday is hcaded, "Gov. Holden comirig to h büdsos," the cvidenco being that he will obey ihe wril of habe-as corpus isfued by Jndye Brooks. On the principie of "sniall favors thankfully receivcrl'' the friends of Gov. Holpen are to bö cougratulated, for what smaller favor is poseible than for Gov. Holden to reeover the very few senses he ever eould have had or lost ? It is announced that "all women studying law will be admitted horeafter to the Law Department of tho University of Chicago upon the same terms as men ;" but the Illinois eoarts refuso tbem license to practico after gradúation, which will make them briefleES bsrristers, - unless they "get up and get" out of Illinois. The Coldwater RepuUicax of the I3th devotes six full columns to Stoüuuton, one in favor of his nomination and five in oppo8tion. The offioes in Stouquton's district didn't hold out, and he failed to get a new batch created. Aud "that's what's tho matter" as near as we, an outsider, can discover it. - lírs. Dickun? lias been very siok since her liusband's death, and has been vlslted by her sister Georgiana and her eldest daughter, neither of whom had met lier for yeai's. - Mr. Dickens had ten children, eiglit of whom, six sons and two dauhters, are living. One daughter is the wiic of VVilkie Collins ; the other is unmarriei, and is a novelist. - A disenssion has arisen in Paris as to which side a gentleman on horseback ourht to take when ridiug wlth a lady. - Ex. Easily enough settled. Take the rigHl side of coursc. - There is a hot spring near Blko, on the Central Pacific Raili-oad, the water of which. when saltcd and peppercd has the exact taste of flrst-class cliicken soup. A bath house for wenk stomached invalids is proposed, with nourishment by absorption. - A late number of the Rural New Yorker has a portrait of King William of Prnssia, also one of Leopolil of Holienzolleru, the " innoceut cause " of tho FraucoPrussian war. -Report has it that dear Sldllc. Christine Nillson - don't anybody cali the atteution ol our other half to the pet term we ust - " has accepted an engagement for a six months' tour in Ameriou, commencing next October." I5ut in face of the statement that she Is to receive L25,000 (or $125,000) for the six mouths engagement, we claim to be fully justifled in calling her dear.


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