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The War In Europe

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.'cv York, Aug. 16. Tuo Tribune has reeeivcd the foilowing special : LondoD, Aog. 1G. "Our correepondeut rites frotn Ihe hcadtjuartcrs of the Crowu Piireo ou Tburnciay , giving i!iü fnlluniug account of the baltio of Wosrtli : ''Th swift fiiid skillful movement gainst Wissembourg, re.sulting iu the umpjete success of our arms, was bat :ie toietnsto of tha Btorm whiuh throatned tho niMthern part. of Alsace. On ha Bccoiid day Wi-sombfiurg came he battle of VVoerth, and the Crowu 'rince gaiued a grcat victory over the biest general in tho Freneh nrmy. It a admittcd that the Fronoh fought vfiih eoklesa courage, mid that they ii.Öicted icavy osscs on tbeir ojiponents, but the fact of thiá Liird tiglititig and tliis heavy loL8 shows how suvious :i defeat was sustained by McMahoo. I travened the battlefield while the dead still hiy ou tho trampled groond, aud onulcl form a good idea of bow the fight had gone by the evidenccB which remained. Woerth is at tho hotlom of a fertüe vallny, botween two ridges of (ultivated grouni). Thcro is a quantity of woodcd land in tho Deighborbood, nd espeeialiy behiod tbe Freneh position, or on 1 Lo we3terr. side of the valley, whero tbere is a strip of forest which forms a cover for retrealing troopg. The little river, JJrudcr, nofc big encugh in Biimmer to íloat a skiff, flows through the villago and tho high road comes tumbliiig down toward tho vijlage on the easteru side of the valley flanked bj trees, llere was the irruasiau position. Stretching fnr to the right and left along tliis road wero heaps of spiked helmets to be soen, snd cart loads of necdle guns collectod undcr trees. At a distance the Frcncli inusketrv firc had told more lieavüy than the PrusÉian, and I l.eird tbat the Freueh artillery had been very weil surved, but tliough bnrying partios were vcry busy with tho Germán dead on the eastern eide of Woerth, tbere waa more than an exchange of ebiughterous work on the western side. Iltre the Bavariang had pushod forwnrd in strong force, and tlieir firo had told foarfulïy apon the Frenöh. The high spirit and rigid discipline of one anpy liad been more than a match for tho desperate resistance of tho other. Wliole companies of Frenchuiea had baoa rnowad down in their wild attetnpts to check the enemy'á advance- It had been a tolerably even fight in soine places, for the ground was strewn wilh Germán dead, but more Frcnehmen had fallen in proportion. The black Turcos and vvidotrowsered Zouaves had euffered uiuch. There were steel breast-plates and bras helmets scaUered thiekiy on the line cf retreat, while dead horses in all direc . tioris might be coanted by the hundreds. And go westward through the woods went traces of increasing disaster, officers and men lying where they had fallen, soine in quite shady spots as though they were picnicers asleep, and poüla of blood where the wounded )ny hiicl been fuuad Kn;ipsncks and rifles had been either thrown awayin the fight or left by the wounded on the field. - Thcn oame the spot where the Frenoh had rallied and whore the dead of both des lay tliic-k. The Turcos, it might be seen, had elaarly fought to the last, ind triod to fire thoir pieces as they lay. Frenchmen of the lico regiments had hcre and there fallen in numbers as though havir;g been halled, aud faced ibout in regular order. But tha aspect of the fioldd beyood iho woods seemed to indicóte a hasty retreat Wagons were overturned, baggage thrown out upon tho roadside, aud inany knapsaoks were to be scen. No ono who had psssed over that battlo ground of Woerth could havefailed to have realized what a great disaster had befullen the Freneh arms, though at a tiine when most of the woundtd had been removed, and on so larga a sceno of action it would have been impossible tojudge of the exact losses sustained. However, I seo no reason to doulit tho official returns of the Germán side, which givcs about ten thousand Frenchuien and sevon thousand Germana placed hors du comlat, aud about saven thousand prisouen taken by the victors. There wero upwards of furty thousaud in the battle and thirty thoufand more in pursuit. Thesa losses, witli the furthor losses of cannon and colors, niako Woerth an evil day for France. Well might the wounded Gertnans raise themselves to checr the Crown Prince aB ho passed, and ciy that Germany was safe. There was a fierce attaok on both side.", it being hnrd to say which party began, as gradually as the Germán troops pressed round upon their oppouents' line of retreat, the Frecoh wero fqreed to m:tke so hasty a retrogrado moveinent that their retreat becanie vevy uearly a rout. The needie gun proved itself fully equal to the Chassepot,and somothing more - so at least say tho Germán soidiers, with apparently good faith. Theu, moreover, the Prussians handlo thuir weapon better, having long been accustomod to it, and ihe Grown Princo handled hia army sn as to make the most deadly fire of big infantry. üut vvo must not forget ihat the Freach ehowed ardor ikewise, aud zeal, aud the snale turned for the Gerraaus at Woerth by their intelligent underetanding of breeoh loader drill and by their steadiness in tíring These matters tako time to luarn, oud we sec the glorious results which Germany is reaping from hei" eareful preparation - Tho prisoners wero aspembled near tho Crst station of tho io-opoued raüway tbrongh Wissornbourg. 1 could ee many Turcos and Zouaves among thans, though the creater part wero soidiers of tha line. Thero wcro no songs, no laughtcr to be heard from among them, aud the few tliat were oocupying themselves with piclnng fruit in tho trees thcy had climbed, had a very lively air for Frenchmon in such a poMlion. The Germutis ncd Frcnobmen inidgled with such oppositc ideas ubout ihe lihino in tlieii' heads, aud all the whila sut together :is if they were old comrades. As we neared Woerth, thera was a constant stream of wagons bringing down woumleii mon, Pruwiaoa and J3avariaus, Turcos and Frenchmen of tho line. l'hev bore tho misery of the road in equal gilence. It was raro to hear a erv, iliough the poor fellows' facos showod rauch pain Thcy ■ w ero a sadder siht in their blood-staiued bnda:es tlian men wl:o lay iirmly on'tho hillsidc. Woerth was a mere hospital, and all the inhabitar.ts were cither nuivsiiig the wounded or burying the i'.ead. It was an evil fato for tbis picturesque little ilace, that more than 11)0,000 raon on one iind the other sitie should have pettlod thcir quarrei so noar at haod. Of ciming mnvements I must not ay a word. The ovent of yesterday was the capturo of the little fortress of Leushtenburg, whcro a large amount of military stores ure reported to havo been capturad. Tho assnilauts Cred heavily into the place, nnd wo heard their gun booming all yesterday foreiioon."


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