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Fearing That The Editor Of This

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Ml would feel hurt ii' bis absence on a pleosure trip shou'd not be annouuceil, we liereby notify tiie Argvs readers tbat such $ at present, the fact. As Chicago is so fautütis for the divorce business we wlll not jnform onr readers of his whereabouts, lest iomeof tliem should put a wrong constructioQ upoti liis lntentlODS. He is to return jjy Cold-uater, but whellier lie wlU be iu a nood of inind favorable to the support o the teniierance ticket now in the field, yon (jeponent salth not. In the meaiithne he lias left the paper in charge of tliat pürsonje who beurs tlie other name for Satan, and slioukl inything nppear in these columns this week objeclionable to those who read, we pray yon, " give the d - 1 his due," but don't try to " ralsc a breeze" with tlie editor. We ure golng tu run the paper jnst for fun this week, but hope that subscribereinarrears have had experience cnougta In life to know tliat it takes inoacy to keep up tbe fuii. At a meeting oí thö Directora of the Toledo, Anu Arbor & Northern Haüroad Company, held pursuaut to a cali by the Preddent, at tlio office of E. W. Moroan ia this city, on Tuesday, the lGth day of August, A. D. 1870, all the Directora were present except Director Bajjnuv. The object oí the meetinjr was stated by the President to be tlie cousideratlon and doption of tlie best'od of aroiding the objections made by persons unwilling to take as much stock as they therwise nould iu said company, so long as they are liaWe to Ije subjected lo taxation for the payment of any of the bonds hcretofore sowi in aid of said railcoad. liter a fuU expression of views and the consideration of different propositions and metliods, on inotionof Dr. S.umr. it was Radied, Tíiat if the rccently proposrd tmcDdmcnt to the Constitution of this State, authorizing mnniclpalities to vote uvonüie questiun of the payment of bonc'.s Jicretofure issuecl in aiil of nülroad compaules, sliallbe adoptetl at .tlie November elcctioii. And if anv towuship or city wliiclifias vutcil and issued boiids in aiil of the Toledo, An n Arbor & Northern U a i I - road Company sliall, at the request of sairt cumpany, or of the Directora thereof, vote lor the payment of such bonds, that nny lersou residlng in sueh .city or township, vlio, after May 20th, 1870, has made or eliall inakeauy subscription towards the capital stock of said compauy, sliall, upon application to the Directora of said comïany, be releascd from all his liability upon hissuch subscription. TVe have rectiived the Annual Report id Catalogue of the Saline Union School for 1869-70. It makca a showing every my credltable to tlie eutcrprising village ttekitd -working and determined Board of Trustees, some of whose obstacles are iniDiliar to us, and work has been oeof vears ; to tlie popular and nthusias tic Principal, M. V. Robe and his able assistants, Misscs Upton, Bkooks, Cobb, Talcott, Hor.K, and Pope. We give a few statistical i.tfiü;s from the report of the Principal: Tslue of School property $28,000 aiitings in schoei rooms 424 Xoraber of po pils enrolled 300 Aumberofcliildren by census 229 Per ceot. of attendacce of resident P"P1 -. 5 Aumberofforeign pupils 74 Average per cent. of attendance in High School 98 Arge per cent. of tardiness in iligliSchQol Z]Á Rumbera enrolled-; In High School, w ; in Grammar School, 55 ; in Intermedíate School, 08 : iu Primary Schools, 103. Averase cost of tuition per pupil.. 12.25 Average namber of teachers, 5} We thlnk few village schools can make better sliowing. Tlie Fali terro will open Monday, Sept. Ui, and continue 16 weeks. The offleers are : L. II. Reynolds, Jlodtr"or;W. H. Davenpokt. Director; I.. H. HittM, Assessor. The first serui-annual metting of the Washtenaw County Teachers' Association Wl be held at Saliue, commenciug August ■ft, Instant, at 1 o'clock r. m., and closing Friday, September 2d, at 12 o'clock m. Túe exercises will consist of twenty-four Pltss gnd four public lectures. Pro!sors lÍAyoEw, Pctmam, and üriffitii, ' the State Normal School, and Professor UMEof the Universlty, are among the ePekers. A Urge atteudance is urged, aod every escller In the county who proposes to tetcl1 In the future should enter their apIance. The citizens of Saline are liberal eencrous, and that they are alive to Mtional intErsts their üne schools will WV. School offleers, parents, and all stjd, are invited to atteud the meetlnsottheassociation. ta Republican Couuty Convention e d in this city yestciday, to appoint Dele to the State and Congresslonal Cou"tious, (elected as delégales : 'SíoUCmtention--E.'p. Allen, R. A f,1; M. Webb, W. 11. Waldron, J. W. WE' Clark' Jdrr cn3msioncU Convention- H. C. Walp?' 8' Post L. Fostei, (;. B. Grant, G. U. p mer, Peter Cook, Alesander BwJng, W. tch, Chas. Tripp, Andrew Robison. sav Courier wi'l not feel bad, we will ahe d'at '" hiüted that Blair is slightly n the congressional delegates. ow ia the time to order your Bill8tw Íftter--Heads, Cards, Circulars, ïhem ' etc" and thc Argus office is nc Place to Set thera. Pulicc cirebs just now aro rifo with driuiks, rlisorderlh-s, etcétera - whicli i tl'c Latín for a whole catcgory of other punislinblcofl'cnccs - and ofllcers and justices, wlio have been wwring long faces tor soóie weeks past, are putting on brlghtcr coaQtenances, just becatise sin and wlokedness are increasing, and tlic dollars as a consequence come into thoir possession with more rapldlty. The trials are not conlincd to tlie whites alone, but sevcral " gentlemen of color" Ügure conspicuonsly on the records. One poor wretch named Wit RlLET, entcred liis uppcarance at the depot one day week, InsUttng upon serenading its occupanti wlth : Jack sik) Ciül went np tlic hill, JaniU''ö ou tUu Btormj ecfl. Once I was Irippy. but now Vm forloru, tíboo tl y ! dun 't bodder uk1, with variations, and wheu an olüccr asked lilm to cease liis m'-'lodioiis strains, he replied by dra iring a knife and placlng liimself in a tragedie attitude. He was lmmediately seut to Sheriff Porïkk's boardlng house and " laid in his little bed," to be arouscd next morning, taken bofore a justice, and in default of a sulticient quanlity of " fllthy lucre," sent to the House of Cor rectlou for 80 days, in company with Patriek Guilfoyle and his wife who were sent up for ragraucy. Joseph M. Kellogg and Cassins N. JIcFarreu are the naincs of two Individuáis who came to tliis city wiili a patent stcphdder, for the pui-pose of selllng " town rights." sold the rightof threê towns to Stephen iills, who was pretty well " sold," lor instead of signing a contract he placed his signature to a note. The men wtre nrrested by offleers Coopek aud Gi.eason, of Dexter, brought back, had thcir trial, and scttled it. " Hoss" Harrison ts. Morris Lucas, grew out of a difiérenos of opinión ivhich the two tried to " settle " la?t Saturday eveuiug in frout of the posloflice, and " iloss'1 getting the worst of it, seeks aud obtalns revengo through the court. Two " sports " )vcre arrested Mondav at the saloon the depot for belng draak and disorderly, each making frieuds with tbc justice the next moruiug by contributlng liberally toward the llbrary fmul. Sevcral other c.ists are on the dockei.s of the dlfltrent justices.


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